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2007-01-20, 03:57 PM
Has anyone ever heard of this new system? I've got a few emails from this guy, Lord Mythus, claiming it's pretty much finished except for a few play tests, and it comes out September. Sounds a bit retarded to me, but I'll ask you guys anywho.

Here's the first email I received:


I am looking for new people to join our role playing group. Due to circumstance that is life, some of our members have recently had to move, or will be moving, and we have a great need to have more role players.

We are roleplaying a new and radical system, that is about to his the market in September of 2007. Being a former free lancer for Chaosium, I, and several others have branched off and formed a new publishing company. The game we play, Legacies of the Artificer is the product of our work. Though game testing is virtually complete, as the release is not slated until September of 2007, you still have the chance to make an impact in the game's mechanics.

We offer a unique and exciting gaming experience which is story focused. We role play on Friday nights, and sometimes on Saturday if desired.

Until our paths cross again,



I responded generally saying I was vaguely interested, but restricted via low gas money. He told me in return, this time handing out a website:


It has been in closed play testing up until just recently, so it does not surprise me that you have not heard of it yet. There is a website set up for it, but the website needs a little updating. It is http://norovia.com.

The game is a d% based system, which offers greater customization than the d20 systems, and is still easy enough to learn and use. The wold we use the system in is similar in setup to D&D, being a fantasy world setting. However it is not wholly swords and magic, as there are flint lock versions of guns and such. I could go into more detail of the system, in another email if you would like.

<He revealed where he may be located here, of which I will not disclose>

I am leaving from a meeting right now, and will respond in greater detal, if you are interested.