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2007-01-20, 09:38 PM
Their are those special people who have in their time become attuned to other planes of existance. Primarily the Ethereal Plane but others as well. They represent living points of energy where the planes warp and bend and become closer to being one. These people are solitary and nomadic by nature. Drivin by a namless need to be home, but never finding it no matter where they look. These few people are greatly blessed and greatly cursed. Many go mad young and eventualy dissapear into the shifting energy between the planes, never to return. Despite the risk some people still seek to ascend beyond the mere material plane. These people are the Warp Wonderers.

To become a Warp Wonderer takes little skill, but it does take much experiance involving other planes. One must have personaly seen at least three planes other than the material plane. One must have encountered at least two types of outsiders of different alignments. One must have visited the Ethereal Plane. One must have a Knowledge (Planes) skill of at least 8 ranks.
This class gains no proficiancy with weapons or armor.

This classes skills are Knowledge (planes), Knowledge (arcana), Survival (Wis), Concentration (Con), Proffesion (Wis), Climb (Str), Ride (Dex), Craft (Int), and Speak Language (none).

Class skill points are 4 + Int modifier

Warp Wonderer
{table=head]Level|Base Attack[br]Bonus|Fort Save|Ref Save|Will Save|Special|Spells

+2|Ethereal Gift; Planar Companion
+4| Ethereal Gift; Damage Reduction; Planar Terrain Mastery
+6|Ethereal Gift; Planar Focus; Planar Terrain Mastery; Ghost Hands[/table]

Ethereal Gift: The Warp Wonderer has a special connection with the Ethereal Plane. He is capable of casting a 20 round Blink OR Ethereal Jaunt once per day per level of Warp Wonderer.

Planar Focus: The Warp Wonderer is a focal point for planar energy and as a result tiny tears and warps in the fabric of reality continualy open and close in the vicinity of a Warp Wonderer. The Warp Wonderers type changes to Native Outsider. The Warp Wonderer can preform numerous action as a result of this that are beyond normal people. He also suffers more peril, however. He can cast Contact Other Plane once per week by reaching his mind into these rifts. He may call from the rifts a ten round confusion spell centered upon himself once per day, He may force the rifts open to call forth a creature as though casting Monster Summon I once per day and as though casting Monster Summon III once per week, and, lastly, he may cast Lesser Planar Ally once per month. However, any time the Warp Wonderer fails a saving throw he has a 5% chance of taking 2d6 points of damage of a random element as the rifts flare up violently. Also, any chaotic outsiders within 10 feet of the Warp Wonderer get +1 to all saving throws as the feed off of the energy randomly leaking from the rifts. The Warp Wonderer constantly hears the faint whispering of hostile demons and takes a -2 penalty to all skill skill checks requiring concentration.

Planar Companion: An outsider of CR 3 or less has fallen through the rifts around the Warp Wonderer and become his friendly companion. The outsider will be of a similar alignment to the Warp Wonderer. it will obey him without question and can understand his thoughts at a range of 100ft. If the planar companion dies a new one will appear in 2d6 days to take its place.

Planar Terrain Mastery: Same as the Horizon Walker prestige class ability.

Ghost Hands: All attacks made unarmed or with a melee weapon by the Warp Wonderer have the Ghost Touch ability automaticly.

Damage Reduction: The Warp Wonderer is less affected by weapons forged upon the Material Plane. Five point damage reduction of any weapon less than a +3 as long as it was crafted of the Material Plane.