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2014-01-08, 03:28 AM
Am I making too much homebrew/day?


Spellcrafting is a class feature for wizard, gained at second level. To craft a spell, you must first find a spell that is similar to the spell that you are crafting. The DM then chooses a penalty depending on how far away the spell-to-be-created is from the chosen spell. If Mialee wants to make an Iceball spell that deals cold instead of fire damage, that's a -1 penalty. If she wants to make a Unsilent Image that is a glamer instead of a figment, that's a -2 penalty. If she wants a Baleful Teleport based on two spells, Baleful Polymorph and Teleport, that's -1 from the teleport and -2 from the Baleful Polymorph, combining to make -3. If there is no similar spell, the penalty is -5.

Next, you must make a Spellcraft check of DC 18 with this penalty and a Knowledge (arcana) check of 18 + spell level of the chosen spell without the penalty. If there are two or more spells, the spell level is highest + lowest level.

After doing so, you must then make a partial scroll using scribe scroll. Creating a partial scroll uses only 1/50 XP of the base cost and no GP.

You must then send the scroll to a local wizard's guild in some way. If it reaches the local wizard guild, you must succeed on an Intelligence check of DC 15. If you do, the scroll passes to the planary wizard guild, and if it does you must make a Intelligence check of DC 20. Finally, after doing so, the scroll passes to the master wizard guild, where no rolls are made but alterations and possibly a rejection is made.

If the master guild accepts the spell, you recieve a scroll with the spell inscribed in it. There might be some alterations, like the level being higher, or the material component being cheaper.

From there you can cast the spell in the scroll or copy it to your spellbook as desired.

If the spell has been rejected, you receive a parchment with the reasons why the spell has been rejected. It might have an Explosive Runes if the spell was way too absurd. :smallsmile:


Guess what spell I put in this post.

It's an Unexplosive Runes, crafted by a wizard using this!