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2007-01-21, 04:20 PM
A while ago, I wrote up a 3 level PrC for a game I starting in.

I currently have a level (or two? forget...) in it, and was wondering on others opinions of it.

Di'An Runner

The Di'An runner is one who has been schooled in the arts of Ki Running. He loves the thrill of running, the feel of wind on his face, and the sound of his feet hitting the ground. He lives for these things.
Virtually anyone can be a Di'An runner. However, the order of monks who teach the technique are well, monks. Usually, they only accept monks of the Di'An school. However, the Di'An school was burnt and ravaged by barbarians a long time ago, and the monks of Di'An (who are mostly elves) which remained were scattered. There is another Di'An school somewhere, but there are also many Di'An monks who still teach the art.

Hit Dice: d6

Feats: Run
Special: To be a Di'An runner, one must be taught by a master of Di'An, either a solitary one or one in a group, who has three levels of Di'An runner.

Di'An Runner
{table=head]Level|BAB|Fort Save|Ref Save|Will Save|Special|Speed

+2|Monk Abilities, Ki Sprint|+10 feet

+3|Endurance, Improved Run|+10 feet

+3|Great Ki Sprint, Endless Run |+10 feet [/table]

Skills: As monk, 4+Int
Weapons + Armor: A Di'An runner gains no proficiency with any sort of armor or Weapon
Monk Abilities: A Di'An runner has the unarmed damage, AC bonus, and speed bonus of a monk with as many levels as his Di'An runner levels plus his monk levels. Additionally, a monk and a Di'An runner may freely multiclass.
Ki Sprint: Once an hour, a Di'An runner may focus his Ki to run at 10 times his normal speed. After sprinting, a Di'An runner must rest for 10 rounds, during which he may not move faster than a normal move, as if he had failed a constitution check to continue running.
Speed: A Di'An runner gains a bonus to his normal speed equal to his Di'An runner levels x 10'.
Endurance: At second level, the Di'An runner gains the Endurance feat for free.
Improved Run: At second level, the Di'An runner runs at six times his speed. Additionally, when making a running jump, the total distance is increased by one-half, up to the maximum.
Great Ki Sprint: At third level, the Di'An runner may Ki Sprint once per minute, instead of once per hour. Additionally, he no longer has to rest after sprinting.
Endless Run: At third level, the Di'An runner has no limit to the rounds he runs, and no longer needs to make constitution checks to continue running.

Again, not really criticism (though I suppose it's welcomed...) so much as thoughts.
Would you take this PrC?
I mean, it fits my character quite well, especially the low-combat style of play the game has, and I like it.

I originally had this set up as a 5-level one, and even had a 10-level one (with, yes, 100 feet at the end, in addition to the normal monk improvement).
I think the 10-level one actually had some strange stuff going on with haste and a x10 or something run modifier, in addition to some Ki Sprint mojo, which all combined to give him an upper speed of... 3,400 mph? Something ridiculous like that. Only once a minute, though. He could keep a constant speed of... 230ish mph. As in, forever, with no need to stop. Ever.
The point was to replace all of the special abilities of the monk (abundant step, timeless body, etc.) above 10 with a completely off-the-wall speed.
Slightly under 4 and half times the speed of sound, in this case.
Yeah, I know. That's why it's a 3-level PrC, and not a 10.
Then again, if that was the only thing you got out of it, would you go through 10 levels of a PrC to get a speed like that?
Yeah, me neither. :smallwink:

Also, the Di'An order of monks is a somewhat alternate school of monks, who have some archery training, and a bit of shuffling with the monk abilities.

Aaannd... this was originally (and still is, I haven't changed it) designed for 3.0.

2007-01-21, 09:43 PM
...dude could flank with himself.

2007-01-21, 10:27 PM
I like it. Personnally, I would use it simply for the sheer thrill of the high speed and the capacity to move like that. I mean, who wouldn't want to run around the battlefield like that, especially with fun movement related feats.