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2014-01-10, 06:48 PM
I will post my WRM homebrew here. Don't let me have all the fun, post what ever homebrew you want.

Vampiric weapon: Upon a successful attack roll, gain 1/2 the damage delt in hp.
Sacrificial dagger: Upon a successful attack roll, gain 1/2 the damage delt in mana.
Spellsword: This sword may be used as a implement for touch ranged spells. The spell stored can be released on a successful attack roll stacking with the attack.
Goblin Crusher: This 2 handed war hammer does an extra 1d6 damage to goblins, In addition, on a natural roll of 6 this weapon knocks goblins back 1d6 yards.

Talents: Nimble Hunter: When this talent is taken you may substitute your rogue attribute on an athletics, awareness, or herbalism check (chose one). This talent may be taken more than once.
Ki warrior: You may use your mana to convey a +2 bonus to a melee attack per 1 mana spent.
Pugilist: Your unarmed attacks get a +1 bonus. May be taken more than once.
Weapon Mechanus(Clockwork only): You may buy weapons at double cost or pay the cost of a previously acquired weapon in order to have it attached to your body. Weapons attached in this way may not be knocked away from you or be separated from you. If you start with this talent you may have one free weapon attachment.
Arcane Adrenaline: You may spend 2 mana anytime to gain 1 hp. This takes no time.
Mechanic Mind: You may not cast spells, however spells may be stored in you as if you are an implement. You have A storage capacity equal to your mana and any spells stored in you can be activated at will.
Necromage: Once per encounter you may cast a raise dead or summon undead spell as if it were one circle higher.
Poor Attribute: Like the reverse of exceptional attribute.
Alchemist: When ever making an alchemy roll add 1/2 more of your Mage ability, also poor attribute(Mage) does not apply on them.

Races: Clockwork: A race of intelligent golems imbued with life by the mages of the old empire. Many would think them cold and emotionless. In reality they can be quite protective of their charges. (Outcast, Natural armor 3, Weapon Mechanus, Mechanic Mind)
Troll: Big dumb and ugly, trolls are almost universily hated. Their one saving grace is their talent for alchemy. (Exceptional attribute[Warrior], Poor attribute Mage, Alchemist.