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Purpose and Motivation

Its very hard for me to just open up word and start writing so i figured if i was writing AT people then it might be more motivating. I was wanting this to be a big conglomerate of the expansive information for the Homebrewn (*shrug*) D&D 3.5 campaign.

The entire thing is a work in progress and I've already have a LOT worked out in my head. I'll say now I dont see anything resembling "Well that X kinda sucks." But I enjoy any brainstorming ideas and legit suggestions. In fact i've tripled the map in order to accommodate my players wants. That is to say it was a very fun process of them asking me if Y is in there and "what is the deal with M" and since I had not worked that out I had to compare that to the information i have and figure out things such as "well THIS version of M exists but they are all the way over here and there are S and Q significant difference between them and their standard stereotypes". And then the rest sort of fills in as i work out the details.

The theme of this campaign started while listing to some new songs on my MP3 Player and everytime this one track that i think is from the opening level of Turok 2 (some sort of "We are Being Invaded" level) and even before knowing that i couldn't help but imagine this siege of a great city.

Anyways, though I use some base races as template and the names of various already created Gods, that is mostly just a matter of the Gods I want basically already exist. I mean if you want a benevolent Sun God all you need to do is take Pelor and change one or two things to match right? Whatever happens with the players or my future I plan on fleshing this out completely. And no doubt will have to replace many names with original ones if It ever ends up as book, comic or campaign setting.

Anyways, I'm hardly going to have much information to begin with and am first going to track down what files i already have written up to start off. Furthermore the second post is going to be where I have any special "DM only" information and other such horrific surprises that aren't immediately made known to the players.

The Heavens

The Shining One, The All Father

The Death of Godess

In the beginning Pelor and his love Jorda lived radiant in the universe. Such was their love and joy that they traveled the cosmos and forged many children. Though not as radiant as Mother and Father each was just as pure.
However, after many aeons of exploration Jorda came upon a great beast which struck her down. Pelor avenged his beloved but it was too late and far too quickly her Being dissipated into the universe.

Such was his grief that Pelor burned brighter than ever before and his children fled to the far reaches of the universe. Some sought to stay and try to comfort The All Father, but their presence reminded him of his Jorda anew prolonging his grief. Some of the younger children turned away in disgust and sought to defy their own radiance lest the see themselves as “weak” as their father.

New Life

After many eons in which Pelor’s grief subsided ever so slightly, he began to hear soft cries. Alone for so long in his grief Pelor had long ago stopped receiving visits from his children, and so sought out the cries. As he listened he heard weak voices cry out for mercy. An uncountable amount of spirits lay all around him, unnoticed before. “Please, your radiance burns us!” they cried.
To save the small ones Pelor sought to control his divinity, if for a time. And he was glad to, for as he looked closer at these spirits they seemed all too familiar. Whatever they where he could tell with utmost certainty that they were what was left of his Jorda.
Given new purpose, Pelor molded for the small ones a great home, and encased them each in the very elements of the verse. He started with greater vessels using the largest of the small ones creating powerful children that almost matched those he made with Jorda herself.

New Children
Each one unique, some of his first children where Corellion the Eldest who immediately looked to his cousins in the sky and wondered at his Elder Cousins, of which Pelor spoke little.
Distracted by Corellion’s questions it was too late before he realized he had molded his second child much more squat and thick. This one he named Muradin. Not seeking to be in his elder brother’s shadow, Muradin instead turned his eyes to the home Pelor created, immediately seeking to improve it.
Amused by Muradin’s shorter frame he then created Yondalla. When he did he envisioned Jorda and the young lady was almost as bright and cheerful as her father’s love.
For a time, Pelor was so engrossed in this creation of new life that he created many more children, until Yondalla herself spoke. “Our home is grand, yet we are still few. Each new face and smile brings me joy, thus I say we must have more.”
So then did each of Pelor’s children began to create their own children and the world was quickly populated.

This text is the Human version of the creation of the universe and their planet. A unique aspect of this tale is the fact that identical versions exist in all cultures. Key differences exist based on culture such as the "universe" is a forest and the elven tales or Pelor being described as vengeful and hateful among the races of the Underdark.

Celestial Bodies
As it stands some of the more powerful clerics and magi among human settlements, elven towers and the Dwarven Empire have managed to use science aided by magic to view the universe and each deity is directly viewed as a celestial body. The Sun is Pelor, while the Great Ringed Giant is Obad-Hai, one of Pelor's first children who felt responsible for his father and decided to stay close. Pelor's original children with Jorda are the most powerful being created by two of the most powerful entities in existence and are the Stars and Gas Giants of the universe. A majority of these are Pelor's original children who were went out into the universe on their own after Jorda's death ( and make up the other galaxies and solar systems).
After creating the children from Jorda's essence (the Solid, smaller planets) who stuck close to their father many of the original generation created children of their own. Almost all of the lesser celestial bodies are racial deities who's numbers account of the wide range of races on the planet, each one modeling their own children after themselves.



The Elves
Habitat: The Elves live in the great forest Elsdrassil which is currently almost as large as the great sea. Elsdrassil was previously three times the size of the great sea, but 600 years ago during the Third Blood War a majority of the forest burned to the ground by unstoppable divine-arcana fires and finally stopped when it reached the trunk of Elsdrazeel the Great Tree on the now northern border of the forest within The Regrowth. This horror ended the war and a most elven children of the newest generations aspire to help regrow the forest.
Elven Nature: The elves as a whole are a primitive people by choice. They revere The Wild One, a beautiful and terrible maiden protects and even conquers nature with natural strength. Most elves are smart enough to understand basic technology, numbers, and arcane theory but willingly forgo it believing that harmony with nature is hindered by such dreaming. The Elves are impulsive and emotional as well as cunning. A common right among young adults is to catch a deer both without weapons or tools, but also without one’s own limbs, thus having to use the forest around him to hunt. All elves are free and disdain the notion of borders. Family, friends and neighbors travel from village to village or even outside the forest at their whim and the only one’s who’s passing is noticed are those of import, for good or ill.

The Star Touched: An enigma inhabits the elves of this realm, genetic in nature as it continues even in offshoots hailing from the forest such as the desert colony Elsdaher. Any elf couple seems to be able to give birth to a child that is known as “Star touched”. One in five elves are star touched. Though at first appearing exactly like their kin, star touched become physically and mentally different. From as early as 8 years of age it can be determined through tests both physical and magical that a child is different. A curiosity for the complex is present in all Star Touched and they seem to be at least mildly interested in every subject that Wild Ones have not. The Star Touched form conclaves and build tall stone spires (the only stonework in elven society) where they teach the young ones philosophy, history, arcane theory, divine lore, fencing, strategy, and the Math and Sciences. Most act as advisors, diplomats and story keepers. Two-Thousand Three-Hundred years ago the Star Touched sought to rule their Wild kin for their own good seeking to bring them into “civilized” society. Once their Edicts went too far the first Blood War began.

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