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2014-01-11, 09:29 AM
I'm a HUGE fan of the Runaway Guys, a Let's Playing trio comprised of three of the most famous and acclaimed examples of the practice: ProtonJon, Chuggaaconroy, and NintendoCapriSun. I have this idea for an epic JRPG style PC game involving them, but I lack the skills to program it myself and the funds to try and do it through RPGMaker. The basic idea is that the Biological Eradication Network, or BEN, (yes, THAT Ben) (http://creepypasta.wikia.com/wiki/BEN_Drowned) has gathered power inside the internet and merged the video game and human universes into one, creating the new world of Gamelot. Then, he starts "removing the biological components" of humans, turning them into robots. (NOT a la Borg, I mean with NO human flesh whatsoever) After narrowly escaping that fate, the Runaway Guys have to find a way to defeat BEN and put the worlds back to normal. Along the way, they can add other LPers to their party, like Lucahjin, Superjeenius, JoshJepson, and AttackingTucans by liberating them. (When you defeat a robo-zombie, the robotic bits of them come off and the human being is alive and unharmed. Why? Because wizards, (http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/AWizardDidIt) that's why. <_<)

The main plot revolves around collecting Summon Stones that will allow NCS to summon famous video game heroes. You will always have a minimum of 7, but if you collect all 10 and unlock their ultimate attacks, you face BEN's true form instead of the usual final boss and get to see the True Ending. I won't share many more details right now, but I'm thinking this is how you unlock all the Summon Stone Ultimates and what they are:

Bros (read: Mario Bros.): Power of Family
Unlock: Use "Star Driver" 5 times or more (When using this Summon, you usually get a Mario attack called Flurry of Fire or a Luigi attack called Green Thunder, but sometimes you get an attack with both at once called Star Driver that's MUCH more powerful)

Link: Power of Courage
Unlock: Run away from battle ten times or less between the start of the game and the end of Chapter 2(The chapter where you get the Master Cap, Link's Summon Stone)

Yoshi: Power of Joy
Unlock: Complete at least 5 Help Board sidequests(self-explanatory)

Peach: Power of Love
Unlock: Have Lucahjin and NCS in the same party for 100 battles or more (NCS x Lucahjin OTP FTW ^_^)

Samus: Power of Will
Unlock: Defeat the Arena of Hundred in Gamion IV(Think Pit of 100 Trials)

Kirby: Power of Friendship
Unlock: Unlock all optional party members(self-explanatory)

Zelda: Power of Wisdom
Unlock: Solve all puzzles in Palutena's Temple(Palutena's Temple is an optional, hidden dungeon, beating it also nets the Codex Heroica, which tells players how all the Powers are unlocked)

Meta Knight: Power of Honor
Unlock: When Fake Ravio offers to sell you a cheat code, refuse, then defeat him.(After you complete the Zombaway Charm quest for the real Ravio, Fake Ravio will show up and offer to give you a cheat code. Accept, and the Zombaway Charms, which give everyone in the party immunity from being turned into a Robo-zombie, will be destroyed and you'll get the bad ending. Refuse repeatedly, then Fake Ravio fights you. Defeat him, and when/if you find the Halberd Charm, Meta Knight will be able to use Power of Honor.)

Olimar: Power of Teamwork
Unlock: Unlock B Tier class for all possible party members(Class system advances from E to S, starts with E at level 1, D at level 10, C at level 20, etc, so basically get all possible party members to at least Level 30)

Pit: Power of Hope
Unlock: Fulfill requirements for all other Ultimate Summon attacks(self explanatory. You get the Angel Wing summon stone by clearing Palutena's Temple.)

I would LOVE to hear any thoughts anyone has on what I've revealed so far. Please, I've been giving a lot of 2 cents from my pockets, let me have some of yours! ^_^