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2014-01-12, 06:49 PM
Maybe more to come soon?

The idea is that they all should be a bit stronger than PF races. Also, I don't like that an elf is only 5% more agile than a human.

An elf should be substantially more elfish than a human, and the difference should get progressively more relevant. That's why I'm also suggesting higher level race bonuses too. I'll stop at 6th level because I play E6, but if we come up with higher levle racial progression, they shouldn't be subtle.

Also, I don't like sheer numbers as much as I like unique abilities. Let me just show the first draft of humans, elves and dwarves, then.

(If the entry has an asterisk, it's a new or modified feature, compared to 3.5)


Humans don't have a single racial identity; and what other races have to tell about them is that it is hard to say what to expect from an unknown human.

*+2 to an ability

+4 skill points, +1 skill per level

One talent

*+1 to a single save.

*Choose two Str, Des or Int based skills as class skills.

3rd level racial bonus: +5 skill points or +1 to a single save

6th level racial bonus: choose two of the following: +5 skill points; or +1 to a single save; or + 3 class skills; or a bonus feat with lessened requirements. Also, +2 in any ability.


Elves are gracious and keen. They see the world with senses that are very different from those of mankind. This made them related to their own bodies, war, nature and magic in a very particular way.

*+4 Des, -2 Con

*Immunity to sleep, +2 against mind affecting spells and spell-like or supernatural abilities.

+2 to Listen, Spot and Search, secret doors etc.

*Eidetic memory: Can actively Search something that has seem up to 1+(Int bonus) days ago.

*All Spot penalties (including distance) are halved.

Low-Light Vision

Use weapons: long sword, saber, short and long bow

*+2 in Spellcraft and Knowledge (Nature). They can use those skills untrained.

3rd level racial bonus: +2 Initiative; or Wild Empathy like a druid

6th level racial bonus: choose 2 of the following: +1 attack with all bows and swords; or +2 in all Charisma and Cha based skill tests; or +4 in Concentration checks when casting spells; or an additional +2 bonus in Spellcraft and Knowledge (nature) checks. Also, +2 in either Dex or Int.


Dwarves are survivors. Not only their bodies are prepared to resist the harshest environments, but their very culture was shaped by long lasting wars. Their culture focus on the earthen element like no other.

*+4 Con, -2 Cha

Base speed 20 feet, unaffected by armor or encumbrance

Darkvision 60 feet


*+4 in saves against poison and magic

*+4 in their AC against Large or bigger foes

*Hatred: +1 attack vs two chosen races

Stonecunning (as usual)

+2 in Appraise checks related to metal or gemstones.

*Weapon Familiarity: proficient with battleaxes, heavy picks, warhammers, any "Dwarven" named weapon and any tool used in a Craft or Profession they are trained at.

3rd level racial bonus: ignore 2 points of Armor Penalty or Darkvision 120 feet

6th level racial bonus: choose 2 of the following: once per day, after failing a roll against poison or magic can roll again next turn; or +1 hit point per HD; or DR2/-; or double the Stunecunning, Appraise and Hatred bonuses. Also, +2 in either Con or Wis.