View Full Version : Let's play the craziest goddamn game we can think of. [TEST]

2014-01-14, 11:35 PM
System: (e.g. D&D 3.5e, 4e, GURPS, etc.)- 3.5 SRD basic rules, since they're the only ones I really know. With several exceptions (noted below)
Player Count: Dunno, I guess we'll see. 6, maybe?
Style of Play: (Type of Game, e.g. Hack & Slash, Roleplay, Sandbox): Test out players in a mainly combat setting, for now
Allowed Content: (List of Allowed Content, Character Creation: (Character Sheet Generation), Backstory: (Required?). So here's where it all changes. Ok. Basically like this: Think of the most interesting character you want to play as. Doesn't have to be DnD related; in fact it shouldn't be DnD related (necessarily, to an extent at least). For example, I want to be... a Cthulian gunslinger with two heads, eight tentacles and severe schizophrenia and OCD. Or a hobbit astronaut who's an alcoholic and a has a gambling addiction. Or just a simple alien, come to this weird planet from his own, trying to make rent.
Get where I'm going? We start at level one, with each of us making our (balancedish) skills. More accurately, I'm game for DMing, though I never have, and everyone would submit their characters to the DM, and he'd make monsters to scale. Completely new loot, obviously. As for alignment, who cares? As long as it's chaotic.

Basically, it's Make Stuff Up as You Go Along, the game.

Oh, and as for where... I dunno, wherever anyone wants.

Alright. Sound fun? Good.
Who's in?