View Full Version : What is the newest V:TM LARP edition?

2014-01-15, 02:49 AM
My friend invited me to a vampire LARP this weekend. He doesn't know which edition of the rules we're using, just that it's"the newest one".
So I ask: what is the title/edition name for the most recently printed V:TM LARP edition?

2014-01-15, 03:30 AM
Why don't you just ask the organizers which rules they want to use?
I suppose that would be the easiest way and also the best way get the right thing.

2014-01-15, 09:57 AM
Mind's Eye Theater (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mind's_Eye_Theatre) is probably the name you are looking for. As for what edition... yeah, just ask. The "newest one" would be the one involving card-drawing and based off Requiem, I would assume, but I'm not sure which book that would be.

Zero grim
2014-01-16, 04:20 PM
They may be using vampire the masquerade 20th anniversary that has some larp rules at the start of the book, i think that's the most recently printed one though i may be wrong.