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Janus are the offspring of a being of celestial origin and a one of a demon. Although most offspring that are produced by these strange couples are humanized by the gods will. Every now and again one is missed and is born a janus... something that puts fear and hope in immortals and mortals alike. Due to either order by a higher being, shame or disgust at its beginning form, most janus are abandoned at birth.

Favored classes: with the natural need to celebrate, janus have a certain skill at being a bard, this may appease their lighter half but the inner devil inside them craves conflict often, this is usually met by becoming a monk or fighter. Very few janus try to envelop into their blood powers and become a scorcerer but in not unheard of. Janus that are born on the streets as an orphan mostly become rouges in a vain attempt to search for their lost parents. Most classes fit a janus In one way or another, but none compare to the unending might of a barbarian

Appearance: due to the two opposing sides that constantly fight inside a janus, it's form may be in flux during most of the time. When a janus has its half's under control it appears human with slight hints to its origin, a side effect of the oppression would be a single horn sticking out of the head while having a small feathered wing clinging to their back. Another example would be a faint crescent floating above a janus head while a set of demonic fangs can clearly be seen in their mouth. Unfortunately when the event arises where they lose control of the built up emotional debate, the true form is revealed. A violent mix of both radicals appear. Every janus has at least 2/4ths of its blood Relations to humans, and that is more or less showing in paches on the skin like for a rash of normality.
Alignment: due to the extreme variance to a janus' s birthright, their morality is always in question. Most janus are completely neutral, some let go and let their own chaos reign. Others follow a strict, Lawful conduct to control their rivaling thoughts In some cases they will attempt to put down one of their half's to become either good or evil. Though it is extremely difficult.

Relations: being walking conundrums, most races do not know whether to love or hate a Janus. All other outsiders beings or fey will immediately dislike a janus condemning it as an abomination at first glance, given much time they can learn to cope with each other but the disdain will always be felt at a primal level. Gnomes have a complex relationship with the janus, but in a different way than most. on one hand they are wary of the conflict that is inside them. But on the other that is the most unique thing that most will ever witness, because of this combination. Most gnomes are wary at first, but become lifelong friends to the janus as they get to know each other . The only group that accepts them with full arms are the half elf and half orcs, to the point of glorifying them as role models as to face their own conflict. elves consider them abomination against nature and due to the missed matched look to them, openly mock or haurbor resentment towards them as well for their human blood, much like half elves. Humans are the opposite of the gnomes in this situation. Showing a vast amount of respect and signs of friendship at first, but they are always ready to throw some holy water in their eyes and pull out a dagger should the moment arise.

Culture: due to their extreme rarity, the majority of Janos live their full lives not knowing about their own kind, even thinking they are the only one. In what settlements that do exist, janos in these towns have a strange hierarchy, two distinct levels of class for each person, for example a begger may be treated with the utmost respect while a king may be spat upon for no reason, or a hero of the town could be given amazing gifts for their grand adventures but be forced to pay extra for no real reason. The most famous trait that all janus share is the constant need to celebrate near all holidays they hear about, to the best of their ability. They need to do this is a inborn instinct from the potent combination in their blood of human and outsider, as they have already displeased the gods by existing, even the most benign of holidays are fully presented in hopes of regaining their favor. Some janus find it to be a better quality that is openly enjoyed by all races, other janus might think of it as a chore, going as far to comparing it to a bowel movement, most definitely, one has not lived till you have seen a janus dance a lively jig with a mixture of contempt and disgust on its face. For the janus that are religious, they are so to a comical level. Out of a combination of powerful outsider blood and the fear of losing favor of the gods. A religious janus ' s prayers are done with the intention of the utmost respect and to then it is the highest honor they show. But in actuality, they are so ridiculous to most other races (especially gnomes) that they would need their utmost "will save" to keep from bursting out in laughter. Crowds are known to gather to all laugh at the janus give thanks for their personal gods. Unreligious janus tend to preform these same speeches, but in a mocking manner that is intentional.

Age: although it was once assumed that a child of the two outsiders as these would become an immortal... The exact opposite occurs, due to the constant stress of dealing with the conflict within themselves the age in process is as long as a humans. Even the Physical appearance of aging begins as early as their 20th year, Grey hair or even wrinkles. Due to this they usually start their adventuring early in life, as young as 15 years.

Height/weight: a janus has the same size as a human, but due to the compact energy inside, the janus are usually embarrassingly heavy, despite their apparent flimsiness, they are usually 200 pounds while their maximum can go to 300.


((Half tiefling half aasamir))

Speed: 30 ft

Darkvision: janus have darkvision 60 ft.

Size: medium

type : a janus is a Outsider (native) subtype

Languages: all janus begin knowing common. Janus with a high intelligence can learn celestial, infernal, abyssal, dragonic, sylvan and gnome
+ 2 cha, -2 int.
"They are social butterflies due to their inborn need for celebrating and strong from their physical control, but are slow learners from their strain to keep the thoughts controlled."

Cursed Arm (Ex): Due to their strange dimensions caused by the warring heritages, one hand is considered large and may equip a Large one-handed weapon normally. Any two-handed weapons must be specially made or modified at double the cost or suffer a size penalty for it being too small. At creation, a janus has either a cursed arm or it blessed complexion (see below).

Blessed complexion(Sp): by pure luck, your looks are gifts from a grand mix of succubus and particularly fair celestial ancestors. members of this race gain the apility to use charm person or charm animal once per day as a spell-like ability (caster level is equal to the user's character level). Due to the uniquely good looks that it has, the janus with this trait suffers a penalty of -2 on any disguise or stealth check. A janus may select this trait or Cursed arm

Crooked Halo (Su): Members of this race are born with a physical halo that floats above their head. This halo can be donned or removed as a standard action. If the DM allows it, the halo can be used as a chakram with the fragile trait. Stats for chakrams can be found in the Arms and Equipment Guide and in the Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting. Should the halo be lost or broken it will take 24 hours for a new one to be formed. A janus without his or her halo takes a -1 morale penalty to all saves until the halo grows back. A janus takes either crooked halo or dual blooded.

Dual Blooded (Ex): You gain a +2 bonus on saving throws against effects with the Evil or Good descriptor and on Constitution checks to stabilize when you are reduced to negative hit points (but not dead). Furthermore, each time you take bleed or blood drain damage, each creature with either the Good or Evil subtype that is currently adjacent to you also takes 1 point of damage. This counts as having the angelic blood feat, This trait replaces crooked halo.

Celebratory addiction (Ex): in addition to the need for food and sleep, a janus must also celebrate in some manner, it can be setting up a feast, listening to a bard song or praising a deity. Celebrations cost around 15g to set up and lasts 1 hour. If not done, they will suffer the same downsides as moderate addiction.

Outsider duality (Ex): May select any feat from the aasamir or tiefling special feat list as their own at each feat selection as long as they meet the prerequisites.

Coin Toss (Su): Once a day as a standard action, a janus may flip any coin that it has in its possession to gain a ranged touch attack at its normal attack. The attack has a maximum range of 30 feet. The attack deals 1d6 points of damage plus 2 points of damage for every 3 HD the janus has. If the coin lands heads side up, the target takes the damage as positive energy. If the coin lands tails side up, the target takes the damage as negative energy. Crafty januses have been known to carry trick coins (both sides having the same face) for this purpose. The coin need not be magical and are often cheap copper pieces that are easily replaceable, in order to use the trick coin, the janus must have a intelligence of 15 and preform a sleight of hand check of DC 10. (If no coin is available, role a d4, 1-2 is heads, 3-4 is tails). A janus may have either this trait or Shoulder Companions.

Shoulder Companions (Ex): The constant rivalry of a janus's good and evil heritage manifests as a miniature angel and a miniature devil that reside on the janus's shoulder. Once a day a standard action, a janus can manifest a pair of shoulder companions. These appear for for 1 minute per HD of the janus before disappearing back into the janus's subconscious.
Shoulder companions cannot stray far away from their host, going a maximum of 10 feet plus 10 feet extra per host's HD. If they move out of range, they are dragged back to the host as though connected by a chain. The two shoulder companions take the place for summoner epoch or an animal companion for any class that uses them.
These beings are very opinionated and cannot keep their mouths shut. A host gains a -4 penalty to Bluff checks and a -2 penalty to Stealth whenever they within 20 feet. However, a host also gains a +2 bonus to Perception checks and +2 bonus to Diplomacy when shoulder companions are within the same square as their host.
As they are part of the same subconscious, should ones health reach negitive the constitution score, so will the other. Instead of becoming dead, they are sent back into the hosts mind and must rest for 3 weeks before regaining their ability to exit the mind, a host who houses these wounded shoulder companions suffers a penalty of -4 to knowledge checks and a -2 wis.
If the host becomes unconscious or dying, both shoulder beings disappear into the subconscious of the host. They remain there until the host is awake or stabilized from dying. If the host should die, they must find a new host within 24 hours or they will fade away.
The host of a shoulder companion must have Outsider heritage and be willing to be bonded to the shoulder beings. Once this bond occurs, the shoulder companions shape themselves to their newest host's subconscious.

Shoulder Companion (angel), CR 1/2
Diminutive Outsider
Init +as host; Senses Listen as host, Spot as host
AC 10, touch 11, flat-footed 15
(armor, deflection, Dex, natural, size, etc. alphabetical)
hp 8 (1d4+3); fast healing 2 (while in same square as host)
Fort, Ref, Will, same as host
Defensive Abilities
lightning immune; Resist fire +5;
Spd 15ft, 20ft fly (good),
Melee type (1d4) heavy aspergillum
Ranged type (1d4) long bow
Space 1 ft.; Reach 0 ft.
Spell-Like Abilities:
1/day, (see parental remnants), bless
Str -1, Dex 5,Con -8, Int 0, Wis 0, Cha 0 + same as host 2 (rounding up)
Base Atk +3
Feats: weapon fineness, weapon proficiency ( long bow, heavy aspergillum) lunge
Skills: perception+7, fly +14, Sense motive +10, diplomacy+6 stealth +16
Languages: same as host; Telepathic link to other shoulder companion
Paragon empowerment(Su): should the host knowingly attack a evil creature, this shoulder devil gains a +1 moral bonus on attack rolls and on saving throws per successful attack, should the host knowingly attack an good creature, it receives a -1 penalty on attack rolls and on saving throws per successful attack. This bonus ends when returned to the hosts mind
Parental remnants, angel (Ex): select a aasamir heritage, you gain those stat bonuses as well as the spell like ability of that heritage. This can never be changed. Only one shoulder companion can use this spell like ability a day.
Will bound (Ex): if the host fails a will save to a mind altering effect. Both shoulder companions are effected as well.

Shoulder Companion (devil), CR 1/2
Diminutive Outsider
Init +as host; Senses Listen as host, Spot as host
AC 10, touch 9, flat-footed 15
(armor, deflection, Dex, natural, size, etc. alphabetical)
hp 8 (1d4+3); fast healing 2 (while in same square as host)
Fort, Ref, Will, same as host
Defensive Abilities Immune fire; Resist lightning +5 amount
Spd 15 ft, 20 ft fly (good).,
Melee type +X (1d4) trident
Ranged type +X (1d4) light crossbow
Space 1 ft.; Reach 0 ft.
Spell-Like Abilities:
1/day, (see parental remnants), bane
Str 1, Dex 5, Con -3, Int 0, Wis 0, Cha 0 + hosts scores 2 (rounding up)
Base Atk +3
Feats: weapon fineness, weapon proficiency( light crossbow, trident), lunge
Skills perception: +7, fly +14, sense motive +10, Intimidate +6 stealth +16; add general conditional skill modifiers here.
Languages: same as host; Telepathic link to other shoulder companion


Parental remnants, devil (ex): select a tiefling heritage, gain all stat bonuses from it as well as the spell like ability. This can never be changed Only one shoulder companion can use thus spell like ability a day.

Renegade empowerment(Su): should the host knowingly attack a good creature, this shoulder devil gains a +1 bonus on attack rolls and on saving throws per successful attack, should the host knowingly attack an evil creature, it receives a -1 penalty on attack rolls and on saving throws per successful attack. This bonus ends when returned to hosts mind.

Will bound(Ex): if the host fails a will save to a mind altering effect. Both shoulder companions are effected as well.

Level adjustment: +2
Janus special items
Janus back mask
A increadibly detailed mask that looks identical to the wearers face. Worn usually during the celebrations janus often have, this mask is put on behind the head, making it appear as though there are two faces. While equipped, the janus can walk backwards 20 feet and preform normal actions at a -1 reduction. Any enemies that see this must have a intelligence of at least 12 or think that the mask is the actual face, while like this, a janus cannot be flanked.

Janus calender:
at the beginning of every week, role a d 8, if it lands on a 8, then nothing occurs. If it lands on 1, the janus must fast until he is famished. the If it is a 2-7 that week is devoted by the janus to prepare for a holiday, the date of which coordinating with the day of the week from the role (2=monday, 7=Saturday etc.) During off time the janus devotes its time preparing for the holiday, they must spend at least 1 hour a day doing this. on the corresponding day. The janus ' s party acts as a inspire courage performance that lasts for the entire day. A janus that has this item does not suffer from celebratory addiction.

Humanizing bonds
A leather bracelet or necklace, there are two strange jewels fitted in swirling metal brackets, one that creates a light and another that absorbs it. With this equipped on the wrist or neck, a janus fully gains control of their form. This allows them to appear humanoid (human) instead of humanoid monsterous. This is the Same as a change appearance spell except it only counts as human transformation, anyone who has already seen a janus in its normal for will recognize them.
If a janus uses let loose with Humanizing bonds equipped, They will break under the strain.

Racial class archetype
Unleashed Blitzer (barbarian)
Although some janus chose to repress their twin sides. Some embrace it fully, gaining the power to release them equally at their intentional level.

Let loose: as a quick action, while in your rage you can release both your bloodines true power with some hefty effort and remain in control. For use of rage powers, you are still considered in the raged state. for 2+1 round per barbarian level you can stay in the janus let loose form, if attempted to stay longer in the state you must preform a will save equal to your own str, if it fails, your character becomes under the control of the GM, who may chose to act as though confused or act out through any alignment they choose. This rage continues for 2 turns and after reverts back to its original state, but unconscious. At any time the janus may revert to its original form, exept when out of control, this takes a full round action, the user exits the initial rage, becomes exhausted afterwards for 3 rounds, then fatigued. While in this form gains the listed abilities
+2 intimidation +2 per barbarian level
Anyone within 10 feet is fascinated for 1 turn, due to the sudden and strange transformation
+1 str +1 con, + 2 to all stats for every round in this form
For Every round the janus is in this form, it takes 2 damage and an additional 2 damage per each janus level, if hit die reaches 0 or below from this effect. The janus reverts back to its original form, becomes unconscious but stable, if the hit due reaches 0 or below in any other way in this form, normal dying effects apply. This replaces uncanny dodge and improved uncanny dodge

True heritage (Su): Starting level 1, Roll a d6 twice, one for the demonic and Celestial heritage traits, you gain those traits whenever you are in this form. Every 4 levels afterward, Role a d% twice, one for the celestial veritable ability and one for the demonic, take the veritable trait and add them to your traits whenever you are in your let loose form. This replaces trap sence

Blood rest (Ex): every day, a janus must meditate 2 hours in order to gain restraint to their conflicting sides. If their rest is interrupted at any time they receive double the penalties of lack of rest and lose the ability to control the let loose skill that day, if used by the janus, he will automatically will lose control and become confused.

blood letting (Ex): At level 17, when a janus uses let loose, he will get fatigued instead of exhausted. This replaces tireless rage

No other totem may be selected other than the demonic totem. Demonic totem greater deals damage to both good and evil alignments