View Full Version : [3.5] Feedback for some Cleric ACFs

2014-01-16, 05:22 PM
Hey playground, I was hoping to get some feedback on a few cleric alternate class features I made. Do they increase or decrease a standard clerics power? Versatility?


- Enforcer: Gain smite 1/day at 1st, 5th and every 5 (+cha attack, + class level damage). Your smite affects enemies whose alignment does not share your own moral code. Ex: a neutral good character can smite Neutral and Evil, but not Good. Hit Dice increase in size by one step.
You now cast cleric spells spontaneously, and lose access to the cleric spell list. Choose an extra domain when you gain access to a level of spells divisible by 3 (you are not limited to your deity's domains when choosing these extra domains). Your spells known are all spells available from all of your domains. You know 3 orisons of your choice at 1st level, and may choose a new one each time you gain access to a new spell level. You no longer need to prepare spells ahead of time, instead casting similarly to a sorceror (but with the clerics spells per day table). Your max spell level castable equals your charisma modifier, and spells you cast have a DC = 10 + 1/2 spell level + cha modifier. You gain bonus spells for a high charisma score. You lose the extra domain spell slot at each spell level. You gain the domain power of all selected domains, using charisma in place of wisdom wherever mentioned in the domain power.
So, you basically can smite 5/day, and you use d10 for hit dice. You cast spontaneously, but your spell list/spells known maxes out at 5 spells per spell level. You lose a spell slot at each spell level (the domain slot) per day, switch to CHA based casting, and get 3 extra domain powers.

- Faith Hunter: Gain whirling frenzy 1/day as the barbarian alternate class feature at 1st, 5th and every 5. Your rage bonuses do not increase as you gain levels like a barbarians do. Gain Favored Enemy as a ranger at 2nd level, except your bonus equals your charisma modifier. You do not gain additional favored enemies as you increase in level. You now use the 'Good' base attack progression, as a fighter. You gain proficiency in one martial weapon of your choice. You lose the ability to spontaneously convert spells into cure or inflict spells. Lose 1 spell slot (not your domain slot) at each spell level, except 0th. Lose proficiency with medium and heavy armor, as well as shields. Add survival to list of class skills, remove heal and diplomacy.
OK, here we gain a Good base attack bonus, and a martial weapon. We also gain non-advancing 'rage' and a favored enemy. We lose: spontaneous casting, medium+ armor and shield proficiency, and a spell slot per spell level. And we swap some skills around.