View Full Version : Plane of Life Alternate Class Features [3.5]

2014-01-16, 05:37 PM
Some alternate class features to go along with qwertyu63's Plane of Life project (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?t=314698). If I mention something you don't know about, you can probably find it there.

Healing Helper (Su)
Some wizards call energy from the plane of positive energy oy serve them, rather than a familiar. A wizard with this alternate class feature gains a Mender's Sprite, as the mender class feature. When they get it the sprite acts as if it is a 1st level mender and advances to 2nd level when the wizard reaches 6th. From then on it advances as if they were a mender of their wizard level, though they never get more than one sprite.
This replaces the wizard's familiar class feature.

Positive Song (Su)
Some bards draw on the energy of the positive energy plane to heal their friends, rather than bewitching their enemies.
A bard of 6th level or higher with 9 or more ranks in a Perform skill can create an effect equivalent to a mass cure moderate wounds, using the bards class level as the caster level. At 18th level this upgrades to Mass Cure Critical Wounds.
This replaces the bard's suggestion and mass suggestion class feature.

Positive Connection (Su)
Some barbarians have a connection to the plane of positive energy and simply heal faster, rather than taking less damage. Starting at 7th level they gain fast healing equal to 1/4 of their class level (round up), not to exceed their constitution modifier.
This replaces the barbarian's damage reduction class feature.

Life Sight (Su)
Some Rangers mastered the ability to see other's life force as a way to gauge their strength, rather than getting animals to be friendlier to them. They gain the Mender's Mender's Eyes class feature, except as a supernatural ability.
This replaces the Ranger's Wild Empathy class feature.

Positive Strike (Su)
Some rogues learn to channel positive energy with their attacks rather than how to avoid traps. As a move action, a number of times per day equal to their charisma or wisdom modifier, a rogue can choose to make their next attack a positive strike. If they attack an undead before the end of the round it is a sneak attack, regardless of whether they normally could sneak attack or not, even if the undead isn't flatfooted, because they are not striking at vitals, and are instead sending a shock of positive energy through them.
This replaces the Rogue's Trap Sense class feature.