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2014-01-16, 06:37 PM
Note- You are free to modify this as you please, I do warned this isn't balanced at all yet. I must request you not to maul me over any wording or the cheesy backstory.

Silver Life
A strange substance, created by the madman Erth'rysn. No one truly understands its method of creation or even what it is, what is known though is the power it grants. The power of life over death. Renewing motion to those who should be dead, granting them a second life in more ways then one. Yet it comes at a cost that some consider to high, enough so that it is banned in many countries.

Costs 1000gp per vial (illegal Drug)
Silver life may be given to any creature that has died within the past 12 hours, upon a single dosage the creature is instantly brought to -9 hp and stable. However to any effects and abilities they appear dead, once the creature reaches 0 hp. through natural or magical healing, they are considered alive once again.

Once a creature has ingested silver life however, the following effects take place.
The creature gains an immunity to poisons and diseases.
The creature gains a +2 bonus to fortitude saving throws
The creature heals half from negative energy spells (Such as inflict)

However, a creature that has ingested Silver Life suffers new weaknesses.
Positive energy healing only heals half as much as it normally would
The creature must ingest a dose of Silver Life every 72 hours or suffer a point of permanent constitution damage. This damage may not be prevented or reduced in any way.

The Clockwork's
Clockworks are unusual, for they are artificial in their entirety. Their bodies forged from metal, driven by gears and springs that control the movements of their bodies. Their forms almost human yet nothing more then a structure of clockwork behind protective plating. Not even their souls truly exist, nothing more then crystal holding a fragment of essentia. They are the product of their creator, a madman who sought to create a new breed of life by destroying another.

The creator of the clockworks is a man known as "Erth'rysn", who deemed machines as a higher state of life then even his own being. Throughout his life he sought to find a way to create a new form of life in the machines he had built. For years he had toiled with no progress, creating body after body that despite his hardest proved little more then a lifeless construct. However this was not to last, as a traveling adventurer, a wielder of the Incarnum took interest in his work. It was through this adventurer that Erth'rysn would finally discover what the machines lacked. a Soul.

While work with the adventurer provided him with the answers to what he needed for bring machines to life, he still saw imperfections within this. It wasn't just enough to bring them to life, they needed to be alive. To be living. From his research he discovered the substance that would eventually become known as "Silver Life", able to bring a state of life even to those that should of long sense died. As the adventurer worked with him he also saw the madness that Erth'rysn was devolving into. In an attempt to prevent this decent, the adventurer retired himself from the aid.

This proved to be the final strike though, as without the Incarnate adventurer, Erth'rysn knew he would be unable to continue his work. It was then that he made his horrible discovery that brought the clockworks to life. A Crystal made from the substance "Silver Life", able to hold just a sliver of Essentia. Enough as Erth'rysn hoped, to bring life to the machines. Before the adventurer left, he was greeted to one last experiment, one involving the adventurer's own soul. The adventurer found his very life giving way as every piece of essentia was pulled from his soul, bound to the first batch of crystals Erth'rysn had made.

These new "Soul Shards" were quickly placed within bodies. Creating the first of the Clockworks. These new clockworks while unstable proved that this madness had created a new life. Though as Erth'rysn soon discovered, these clockworks had retained just enough of the essence of the adventurer to understand what had happened. What exactly happened to Erth'rysn is unknown, it is however known that he still lives. As new clockworks appear from time to time, always in groups of 12, all with the fragmented feelings of a past life.

Physical Appearance
Clockworks tend to be built to the same general guidelines. A frame in a rough humanoid shape with extensive internal mechanisms. The "Heart" of these mechanisms is always their Soul shard. Over this each new group of Clockworks differs slightly in the plating over the frame. For some it is bulky and crudely built, while others have such elegant plating as to appear as a piece of art. In some cases the clockworks are even stylized towards one gender or another.

The only thing that remains the absolute same on each clockwork is a number etched on the bottom of their left foot. This number references which of the 12 clockworks it is from a group, along with which "Batch" (Ex, 5-13 would be 5th clockwork of 13th batch)

Ability Scores: Clockwork's have no ability score modifications
Type: Construct (Living Construct, Incarnum)
Movement Rate: 30ft base land speed
Metal Form: Clockwork's have a +2 bonus to Natural armor, coming from natural inbuilt armor. However due to the nature of their form, they are unable to wear normal armor. As this would hamper their internal workings. This plating however may be upgraded, for 100 gold and 1 hour's work they increase this bonus by one. a Clockwork may only do this four times.
Self Correcting Parts: Clockworks have one notable exception to a normal living construct, the mechanisms that drive their clockwork parts are self correcting. As such a clockwork can become dormant for 8 hours, restoring a number of hit points equal to class levels.
Anchor Points: Clockworks have Six anchor points, these are Left and Right forearm, Shoulders, Legs, Head and Back. Modules can be attached to these anchor points for various effects, Modules are detailed bellow. Attached modules may not be sundered unless stated otherwise.
Soul Spark: a Clockwork's soul is a spark of life brought forth from the incarnum and shaped into a crystal. This direct connection to incarnum grants the clockwork's a single point of essentia, though dose not grant the ability to shape soulmelds.
Iron Fist: Due to a clockwork's nature, their fists may deal lethal damage.
Self Winding: As a Clockwork, at least once every 24 hours, a clockwork must become dormant for one hour. Allowing the various coils and springs to rewind themselves, Failure to do this causes the clockwork to suffer a stacking -2 penalty to strength and dexterity for each 24 hours without "winding". This penalty vanishes once the clockwork has gone dormant for at least an hour.
Favored Class: Incarnate
Level Adjustment: +0

Modules, They are upgrades a Clockwork may mount. Sufficient modification is done in mounting them that they are considered weightless to the Clockwork, they are an extension of their body once installed. Any module takes 10 minutes to remove and 1 hour to mount.

Arm Blade, Costs 15gp. Functions as the weapon "Short Sword". This is a blade with a casing mounted onto the left or right arm. The blade can be extended or withdrawn as a free action that dose not provoke an AoO. The blades may be crafted and enchanted as normal. Enchantments upon the blade are conveyed to the Clockwork's fist (if applicable)

Collapsing shield, Costs 15/20gp. Functions as either a "Buckler" or "Heavy Steel shield". This is a device mounted onto the left or right arm. Expanding and collapsing into the specific shield. The Heavy steel shield can be extended as a free action, the buckler however may be deployed as an immediate action. Neither provokes an AoO. The shields may be crafted and enchanted as normal. However the Clockwork may only have a single shield.

Climbing Claws, Costs 250gp. These are a pair of retractable claws on the arms, climbing claws must be mounted on both arms and mountain boots must be mounted on legs. When the entire set is worn, the Clockwork has a climb speed of 15ft.

Alchemist Flamer, Costs 200gp. This is an unusual pipe mechanism connected to a small mechanical bellow. As a standard action that provokes an Attack of opportunity, it may be filled with one to three flasks of alchemists fire. Once loaded it has two functions, as a swift action it may apply an extra d6 of fire damage (per flask used) to an unarmed attack the clockwork makes that turn. The second option is to fire it as a standard action, allowing a ranged touch attack with 30ft range that deals a d6 of fire damage per flask used. once used it must be reloaded again. However, for each additional flask past the first, the clockwork must wait 1 round before reloading.

Grappling Winch, Costs 500gp. This is a small device mounted on the shoulder that functions as a crossbow. It has a range increment of 120ft and may only fire a special grappling hook that is a part of the launcher. This hook is attached to a reel with 300ft of Silk rope. Further rope may be attached to this reel from any container on the back of the clockwork. Once the Grappling hook is secured the Clockwork may operate a winch, which may carry the clockwork and up to a light load at a speed of 40ft a round.

Shield Brace, Costs 300gp. This is a "Third Limb" that may be mounted on the left or right shoulder. It is a Thin skeletal brace that may support a buckler or light shield. Providing the normal benefits just as if the clockwork was wearing the shield. However while in use the Clockwork suffers a -2 penalty to attack rolls.

Shoulder Crossbow, Costs 150gp. This Functions as a "Light Crossbow" that may be mounted on the shoulders. It is modified such that it may be reloaded as a swift action as long as there is another bolt in its hopper. It is not effected by Rapid reload, it may be fired in addition to any attack although it takes a -2 penalty to hit.

Mountain Boots, Costs 500gp. These are braces mounted over the feet that provide additional anchorage. When mounted with a pair of climbing claws the Clockwork has a climb speed of 15ft.

Enhanced Momentum gears, Costs 4,000gp. These modifications to the clockwork's legs provide a +10ft enhancement bonus to the clockwork's base land speed.

Swim Jets, Costs 750gp. These are small pumps mounted onto the legs, while underwater they provide a 20ft swim speed. However the Clockwork must have 5 ranks in swim to use them correctly.

Sight Lock Eyes, Costs 1,000gp. These secondary eyes, embedded into the clockwork's head enhance the clockwork's vision. They provide a +2 "Racial" bonus to search in addition to allowing a clockwork to do something unusual, the clockwork as a standard action can lock an image in one of the eyes. this keeps a perfect image of the scene until the clockwork chooses to release it. A clockwork may store two images in this manner at any time. Further still though a Clockwork may as a standard action pull one of these eyes out, the eye retaining any image held. they may then mount any other sight lock eye, even ones from another clockwork. Additional "eyes" may be purchased for 250gp each.

Arcane Lenses, Costs 1,500gp. These Lenses provide a special function to the magical clockworks. Sacrificing a 1st level spell slot allows the arcane lenses to highlight (for the clockwork's vision) any magical objects and markings. in addition to providing a "See Invisibility" effect. This lasts for 10 minutes.

Mounted Container, Costs 10gp. This is a backpack unit mounted onto the Clockwork, it operates the same as a normal backpack. However the Mounted container is sealed against extreme environments, such as underwater. it may also only be opened and closed at the clockworks discretion unless they are dormant, disabled or otherwise helpless.

Soul Barrier, Costs 5,000gp. This is an unusual device that was developed specifically by Incarnate Clockworks. Under normal conditions it dose absolutely nothing, However the clockwork may invest essentia into it, for each point of essentia the device grants a +1 deflection bonus to AC.