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2014-01-16, 06:58 PM
Heya I will be running a game with simple items which just give an enhancement bonus for the main 3.

For the other slots I want them to be items which grant properties simular to iron armbands of power.

For the Arms slow I want equivalents of Iron armbands of power for all roles. The spellcaster striker one is obvious. Here are some options what do people think about this.


Bracers of Spellcasting
Property: You gain a +2 to all damage from attacks while using an implement.
Paragon: +4 damage
Epic : +6 damage

Bracers of Defence/Shield of Defense(Defender)
Property: You get a +1 Bonus to AC
Paragon: +2 AC
Epic : +3 AC

Bracers of Healing(Leader)
Property: Your targets recover 2 additional hitpoints when you use a power that has the healing keyword.
Paragon: 4 Additional Hitpoints
Epic : 6 Additional Hitpoints

Bracers of Control(Controller)
Property: When you hit a target they take a -1 to attack rolls until the start of your next turn.
Paragon: -1 to attack rolls and -1 to AC
Epic : -1 to attack rolls and -1 to Defenses


Assault Boots
Property:Increase Critical Dice to 1D8
Paragon: Increase Critical Dice to 1D10
Epic : Increase Critical Dice to 1D12

Swift Boots
Property: +1 Item bonus to reflex

Stout Boots
Property: +1 to attack rolls with attacks of opportunity and attacks granted by combat challenge or a similar feature.
Paragon: +2 to attack rolls
Epic : +3 to attack rolls

Boots of Speed
Property: +1 Item bonus to Initiative.
Paragon: +2 bonus to Initiative
Epic : +3 bonus to Initiative


Horned Helm
Property: +1D6 Damage on a charge
Paragon: +2D6 Damage on a charge
Epic : +3D6 Damage on a charge

Helmet of Indominatable Will
Property: +1 Will
Paragon: +2 Will
Epic : +3 Will

Healers Circlet
Property:You can spend an unused daily power to get another use of your class's heal ability.
Paragon: You can spend an encounter power.
Epic: You can spend an encounter power and get one more use of your class heal ability.

Circlet of control
Property:If a power allows you to slide an enemy you can slide him an additional square.
Paragon: 2 Additional Square
Epic: 3 Additional squares


Belt of Fortitude
Property: You gain a +1 item bonus to fortitude
Paragon: +2 bonus
Epic: +3 bonus

Belt of Resolve
Property: Whenever an ally receives healing from your class feature their next attack deals 2 more damage.
Paragon: 4 more damage
Epic: 6 more damage

Belt of Accuracy
Property: You gain a +1 bonus to attack rolls when using a daily power
Paragon: You gain a +1 bonus to attack rolls when using a daily or encounter power.
Epic: You gain a +1 bonus to attack rolls when using a power.

Belt of the Controller
Property:A target hit by a daily power takes a -1 penalty to (Save ends) effects from those powers.
Paragon: -2 Penalty
Epic: -3 Penalty


Gloves of skill
Property: You gain a +2 bonus to a skill of your choice
Paragon: +4 bonus
Epic : +6 bonus

Gloves of Resolve
Property: Get a +1 to death saving throws
Paragon: +2 bonus
Epic : +3 bonus

Are these balanced and would they allow players to fight enemies of thier level +2 and not die horribly without access to all the magic items of 4e.