View Full Version : Elan-inspired Incarnum Race (need ideas/help)

2014-01-17, 12:46 PM
I'm creating a variant on the Skarn because I like recrafting the races whenever I create a new world. In this case, the Skarn are the only race with widespread Incarnum, are more reptilian, and are really only Skarn in name.

I find their abilities don't stack up to what I want them to, so I'm recasting those as well. So far they've got +2 Str, +2 Wis, -2 Cha, and an Essentia Point. I want to give them a natural weapon (probably spines) and something to spend that Essentia point on in case they don't go Incarnum (or to give them a touch more variability with their Essentia). I'm looking at the Elan as a comparison, but I don't have a terribly good feel for what an Essentia point is worth.

Right now, they've got to compete with: Gnomes, which are basically Small Pathfinder Humans with a penalty to Str, mechanically, and Humans who have the following:

+2 Int +2 Con -2 Any

Enduring Effort: Humans are known for their ability to work longer and harder than just about every other race. Their sheer determination to get a job done is terrifying. Once per day per character level, a human may ignore an effect that would cause them to become fatigued or exhausted. In addition, they get a +2 bonus to Will Saves to resist fear effects and mind effecting spells, powers, spell-like abilities, and psionic-like abilities.

Durable Bodies: Humans can not only survive wounds that would be fatal to other races, they can keep going, pushing past the pain. As a free action once per day per character level, a human may gain a number of temporary hit points equal to his Constitution modifier that last until the end of the encounter. They also add half their character level when determining the negative hit point total necessary to kill them, and upon falling to -1 hit points, may choose to act as if disabled instead of dying as the Diehard feat, except that the human does not automatically stabilize and may continue bleeding out. However, upon reaching negative hit points equaling his Constitution modifier (if non-negative) the human will fall unconscious and be dying as normal. At the end of any encounter that the human uses this trait, he becomes Fatigued. Enduring Effort cannot be used to negate this Fatigue unless four uses of Enduring Effort are expended.

So yeah, I'm looking for interesting options that make the races distinct and provide a defining feature as well as fun options to play with, without being skill bonus tracking or anything like that, since my players are bad at keeping track of their bonuses, and even options sometimes.