View Full Version : Swapping ad hoc channels: Any noticeable change?

2014-01-18, 03:36 PM
I sometimes travel between my mum's house and my dad's house for things like visitation and house-watching duties. I use the Wi-Fi often, and one thing that I was looking at whilst configuring my wireless driver is the Ad Hoc Channel 802.11b/g.

After running Command Prompt under netsh wlan> show all , I saw that the channel for my dad's router is 11, and my mum is at 2. For whatever reason beyond my puny comprehension of wireless drivers, I can connect to these two without an issue and get my Internets.

I suppose my question is if there is a notable difference when swapping channels on my driver? I assume it's something like tuning an FM radio when trying to get maximum stability of the frequency without background noise, but would it improve my speed?

2014-01-18, 10:30 PM
Well, if I remember correctly....

b < g < n < ac

in terms of speed. Probably wrong though :smallbiggrin:

2014-01-19, 02:22 AM
The WiFi base station will generally pick a channel to use that it determines to be the most free of interference, so if you were to manually fiddle around with it, odds are you'd make things worse, not better. Changing channels doesn't affect anything--that's purely on the hardware side, and if you have a WiFi adapter that doesn't work as well on one channel as another, you have a garbage WiFi adapter and should change it if you can.