View Full Version : Really more of a concept than a full-fledged thing, but whatever. (3.5/PF/Original?)

2014-01-18, 09:43 PM
Hey, so. I'm a guy who can get what I think are quite good ideas, but am never QUITE able to really use them for anything. I got an idea recently that I think could function well in multiple areas, and I've noted it away in case inspiration strikes again for a larger, more grander thing... Anyway, I'd sort of figured I could present it here, as it were. I've next to no idea how to actually make it into an actual thing, but I figure maybe some kind soul will get inspired or some such.

Anyhow, the actual idea itself: Time Pirates.
I got the idea from being bored and putting a watch over my eye. It was... Basically an eyepatch that was a watch. Then I thought, "hey, watch + eyepatch = time + pirates = time pirates".
So the basic idea would involve a rather loose analogy of time = sea. Time Pirates have found a way to sail this "time sea", moving back and forth (or even sideways, if you wanna get mind-screwy) in strange vessels that can do so.
Obviously, a Time Pirate himself would need some nautical ability, probably some fighting power and perhaps some time-related abilities, such as the ability to send an enemy forward in time, or quite literally drown somebody in the Sea of Time (I like that name, actually), resulting in all kinds of time messing-ness going on.
Now, a Time Pirate could potentially be rather story-breaking, so I've decided, on the realms of whether or not one can change the present by going to the past? Up to the DM. If you wanna have all the time-travelling have already been done in the past by the future party, go for it.
Then, of course, there's the general idea of co-operation. A Time Pirate could, perhaps scaling with level, take a certain number of non-Time Pirate members as "crew" on his vessel so that they may accompany him through time.
I've really tried to leave this as open as "Time Pirates" can be, so there's still tons of room, like for the vessel itself, what else is on the Sea of Time, etc.

2014-01-18, 11:00 PM
One the the easiest pitfalls to avoid is creating your own paradox, just as long as the pirates come backwards in time to do their piratey business, since your present (the game time), is their past, and has therefore already happened for them, but is real-time for you. That way you don't get any grandfather paradox moments unless you want them :smallwink:

2014-01-18, 11:07 PM
Yeah, no, I got that much. One could make so that there's only ever one iteration of the Time Pirate across time (yeah, 4th dimension's weird to think about), so that he doesn't travel back in time so much as reverse it.