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2014-01-20, 08:44 PM
A class I worked on while playing a bunch of 3.5 D&D with my group. Wanted something that was more focused on undead. Kind of like the necromancer in Diablo 2.

Undead Master (https://www.dropbox.com/s/vailcqmbbdebib6/UM-class.png)

Thoughts? Ideas?

2014-01-21, 12:17 AM
To be perfectly honest... it's boring. It gets a bunch of feats as class abilities, and while the undead are fun, this just doesn't seem all that interesting. It might mechanically be interesting (I don't have the books on hand to look up all of the feats), but without the wow factor it's just boring.

I would add in some options. Every couple of levels give a choice from a pool of abilities. That adds some interesting aspects to the whole thing. Maybe something that adds more HD of control, something that allows options when raising simple undead, something that alters your own negative energy absorption abilities... something.

Also, does it draw its spells from the Sorcerer/Wizard list? I didn't see where it was listed.

Just to Browse
2014-01-21, 12:31 AM
Since it's a fullcaster, I can't judge it's usefulness unless I look at a spell list (as Domriso has noted).

Also, it gets spell-stitched familiar despite not having a familiar. It also appears to be missing skill points per level, and I (assuming it uses sorc/wiz or cleric spells) I'm confused why it gets Corpse Crafter despite not being able to animate dead until 5th level.

2014-01-22, 10:29 PM
Actually, since it's an arcane caster, it won't get animate dead until level 7 (it's a 4th level spell for wiz/sorc.) I could be wrong, but I don't think so.

Everything this class does can be accomplished with a dread necromancer, minus the full arcane casting list. It's pretty much a wizard or sorcerer with a bonus of built-in bonus feats.