View Full Version : Help Me Reword and Balance a "Taunt" Type Class Feature for Martial Characters

2014-01-21, 11:37 AM
Hey All:

Just looking for some help rewording an ability i am brewing for a class. Thanks for your help!

Combat Challenge
Effect: You gain the Combat Challenge combat option.
As a Standard action, make a single attack against an opponent that can see you within weapon range. On a successful attack you inflict normal damage, and the opponent must make a Will Save DC (10 + level + Dexterity Modifier) or roll all attack and damage rolls twice, choosing the lowest result as long as this effect remains active. A successful save negates this effect.
This effect does not apply to attacks, effects, or spells that target you. This is a mind-affecting ability.
Special: You may only have one combat challenge active at a time. The effects of combat challenge end if your opponent cannot perceive you for more than 1 round, if you are reduced to 0 hp or otherwise disabled, or if you use combat challenge on another opponent.