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Deus Mortus
2007-01-24, 02:30 PM
((I am aware that the previous thread over here (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?t=17663) is not yet full, but I need control of the first post to reflect the changes on the Cemetary))

This is The Cemetary, a solemn reminder of those who perishedn in the town...

Emperor Indurain, first emperor of the Town
Malmagor aka Prowl
Masked Llama
Noble Steed

The Druid
El Jaspero


The cemetary recently was taken over by Lord Riddletuck and he is planning to convert it to a larger funeral center, a large workforce of golems is currently building all that is needed.

2007-01-24, 03:03 PM
(don't forget the despoil :smallbiggrin:)

Deus Mortus
2007-01-24, 03:13 PM
(( I won't ;) ))


Lord Riddletuck and a small army of golems enter the cemetary and after a few pointers the golems start building.

2007-01-24, 04:59 PM
The mutt looks around to make sure there are still demons around. He moves a little closer to them.

Deus Mortus
2007-01-24, 05:01 PM
Lord Riddletuck looks at the dog, Shoo doggy, I don't want you to get killed due to an accident here, shoo...

2007-01-24, 05:02 PM
The mutt looks up at the man and gives a low growl. Shoo yourself, I'm here for the demons. ((How many are there?))

Deus Mortus
2007-01-24, 05:03 PM
Lord Riddletuck looks in confusement to the dog, Did you just talk?

((20-30 of them))

2007-01-24, 05:06 PM
Yes I did. The mutt continues to figure out the situation and if he needs help. ((How many Quasit vs Vrock ?))

Deus Mortus
2007-01-24, 05:10 PM
Riddletuck composes himself, I am sorry for that mistake, however I must ask you too leave, this is no longer public property and as you can see we are busy building, if you want to return later on to remember a loved one, it will be no problem, I am sorry for the inconvience, but if you see how this will look when we are done I have no doubt you will be gratefull for our effort to clean this place up.

((about half-half))

2007-01-24, 05:13 PM
I'm here to help clean up. Mainly by getting ride of those demons digging up graves. The mutt wonders if there are any other officers on. Hey anyone active enough to come and help get ride of the demons? He asks through his badge.

Deus Mortus
2007-01-24, 05:16 PM
That is a kind offer, but everything is under control, I have already send a job offer to that new warrior's guild...

2007-01-24, 05:18 PM
Sorry offical police buisness. We'll take care of it. Now if you'll excuse me. The mutt starts trying to sneak towards the demons.

Deus Mortus
2007-01-24, 05:21 PM
A few Golems stand in front of the mutt, blocking it's way, Unless you have orders to do so, I would prefer if you'd left, like I said I have things under control and I would not like if any of the graves or body's in there would to be damaged. I am sorry, but unless you can garantuee there will be no damage I cannot allow you to do this.

2007-01-24, 05:23 PM
Silas enters the cemetary.

"What's the problem, Al?"

Deus Mortus
2007-01-24, 05:25 PM
Lord Riddletuck looks at the newcomer, There is no problem and I would like both of you to leave.

2007-01-24, 05:25 PM
The mutt turns to the man and bares his teeth and growls. Listen, you. I have orders, I am going to carry them out. And if you try to stop me I guarantee there will be damage. Now tell these things to get out of my way.

Deus Mortus
2007-01-24, 05:29 PM
I shall certainly not, untill I see approved orders for this you will not take a step closer, like I said I have this under control and I will not tolerate being threatened!

2007-01-24, 05:32 PM
Listen you don't have this under control there are demons in there stealing bodies. Get out of our way or we will arrest you.

2007-01-24, 05:34 PM
Silas' hand melts into an energy cannon. He keeps it at his side.

"Whoever you may be, you've been asked to let the police through."

Deus Mortus
2007-01-24, 05:35 PM
First of all they are not stealing, true they are trying to dig up a few and they will be burried once the demons are taken rid off, however you will do a lot more damage and I will not allow it, also you have no grounds to arrest me, this is private property!

2007-01-24, 05:38 PM
Silas arrest him and if those golems put up a fight blow them up. ((Is there a wall?)) The mutt turns to go towards the demons.

Deus Mortus
2007-01-24, 05:40 PM
A golem comes running up together with 15 men armed to the teeth, Lord Riddletuck looks at them with utter relieve, You see here are the men I ordered, they are specialist marksman and will will take out that group in no time, I suggest you back down, so this may still come to a good end!

((No no wall, but there are big piles of contruction equipment everywhere))

2007-01-24, 05:41 PM
Silas pulls out a set of manacles with his left hand.

"You're under arrest"

2007-01-24, 05:42 PM
Sorry but I'm going to have to insist that I help clear out the demons.

Deus Mortus
2007-01-24, 05:46 PM
All 15 men raise their bows and ready their arrows, one of them looks at the mutt, Look doggy, this is our job and our money, so I suggest you back off and let the pro's handle it.

Riddletuck looks in horror at the manacles.

2007-01-24, 05:48 PM
Listen to me. I have fought more demons they you have ever dreamed about. I don't care about your money, but I am going in there. If I don't you don't.

Deus Mortus
2007-01-24, 05:57 PM
The 15 men release their arrows and simultaniously 15 demons drop, the men ready another batch as the demons run around scared. The man talking to the dog decided to ignore it.

2007-01-24, 05:59 PM
"Are you coming willingly, or are you going to make this difficult? Oh, and all 15 of them are under arrest too."

2007-01-24, 05:59 PM
The mutt growls a bit but watches to make sure no demons get away. It's ok Silas. As long as the demons are killed.

Deus Mortus
2007-01-24, 06:02 PM
The men release the second volley and the demons die, they pull their bows around their shoulders and look in contempts at Silas, one of them closes his eyes as he contacts the guild.

If you arrest me, I will press charges for assault, theft and make sure you pay every penny needed, Lord Riddletucks words sound fierce, but his face doesn't hide his plain fear.

2007-01-24, 06:04 PM
((No more demons right? Mutt has true seeing and scent.))

The mutt laughs a little. One how would you press charges for assault and theft since it never happened. Two don't worry about it. I just don't like people getting in the way police buisness. Next time don't.

2007-01-24, 06:05 PM
Silas doesn't step back.

"He had his warning."

Deus Mortus
2007-01-24, 06:05 PM

Simple, time away from here due to unlawfull arrest results in losses for, thus you are stealing my time and costing me money, secondly you mentally assaulted me!

2007-01-24, 06:07 PM
The mutt laughs even harder. Let it go Silas the job got done.

Deus Mortus
2007-01-24, 06:19 PM
(( So are you going to arrest or not, I have to go soon...))

2007-01-24, 06:20 PM
Silas growls. "Job done or not, he interferred with police business."

Deus Mortus
2007-01-24, 06:22 PM
This was none of your business, these were demons on my property doing things, to again my property, though I did not like it, I didn't call the police either.

2007-01-24, 06:24 PM
The mutt looks at Silas. Listen I didn't like it any more than you did. But the archers did the work quick and clean. If we had gone in there it would have been messy. And while I enjoy sinking my teeth into demon flesh well, this way worked. If he had said that the guys where coming now we could have avoided this whole mess. So drop it. The last bit sounds like an order. He turns back to the other guy. And if you interfere with police buisness again I will haul you into the station by the scruff of your neck. Got it? I have been watching these demons before you came in here claiming this place.

Deus Mortus
2007-01-24, 06:26 PM
I did not interfere with police business, as this was my business, as I said before, I had things under control and tried to reason with you. I normally have no problem with the law or those enforcing it, but do not think you can threaten me like this, because else you are no more then a common thug.

2007-01-24, 06:33 PM
The mutt shakes his head. The demons were part of an ongoing case. I have been watching them for days before you came here. And if you think I'm a thug, well tough. But I'm not going to argue with you. Right now I need to see those demon bodies. Are you going to let me?

Deus Mortus
2007-01-24, 07:44 PM
Golems, bring the police officer the bodies and escort them to the exit, Riddletuck turns around, pays the hired men the money and sends them away, after a while he starts coφrdinating the building again.

2007-01-24, 07:47 PM
The mutt waits for the bodies.

Deus Mortus
2007-01-24, 07:49 PM
The Golems return with the bodies and dump them outside the gate, after that they wait untill the mutt and Silas leave..

(( Because Silas is offline, I'll assume he moves with you ))

2007-01-24, 07:56 PM

The mutt sniffs over the bodies looking for any scents that might be on them. Right thank you. He turns to leave without taking the bodies.

Deus Mortus
2007-01-24, 08:11 PM
My lord, the non-loyal demons you summoned have been investigated by a police dog, a sentient one at that apparently, I would suggest you change your scent, there is but a small chance that your scent is still upon that filth due to the amount of time they spend here, but that dog was quite persistant so I do not know what it did smell.

Well doen Nagrash, but might I ask what they were doing there.

Riddletuck quickly sends through the story.

I want you to press charges and make sure you win the trial, I will try to get it to react another time, so it will get driven from the police force. Most likely that will stop the threat, otherwise killing someone outside of the police force is easier. I want you to go to the police station tomorrow and press charges, will this cause any problems?

Perhaps if they have an truth field installed, but I have an agile tongue, for now I will continue working on the project, half of the golems is busy making the tunnels for the lich.

Well done, we'll see what I can get out of that flying talentless skull, I have no doubt he wants these corpses seeing the power some of them had in life. Make sure no one notices, when this comes out, you were outside of it and I'll find someone else to blame, if needed me. I want you to stay hidden, remember this in all your actions. I will ask for the warriors guild to send some extra troops your way.

That will not be needed my Lord, that will only attract unwanted attention and most of all, bad PR, I already had to badmouth the dog so they wouldn't accidently find out about the tunnels, I will press charges, but I will do so low profile.

Very well, the men will be on backup though, contact them and they will come as fast as they can.

Thank you my lord, it is appreciated.

2007-01-24, 08:14 PM
((Well did they have Tinderhall's scent on it? Just wondering it is up to you, the mutt has a very good scent so he would be able pick up an old scent.))

The mutt and Silas head to the station leaving the demon bodies.

Deus Mortus
2007-01-24, 08:17 PM
((Nah, not specifically Tinderhall, but perhaps the scent of a powerfull wizard or something like that, I'm trying to place small clues around this, so it will all end up in a big climax, also if you have any other questions or thoughts about this, PM me and perhaps we can make this even more interesting...))

2007-01-24, 08:42 PM
The mutt and several strong NPC's come and pick up the demon bodies the NPC's head back to the station. The mutt goes to Inari's.

Deus Mortus
2007-01-24, 08:43 PM
Ten robot's who seem like angels with large wings and golden armour fly down and protect the Cemetary.

2007-01-24, 10:48 PM
"Whoa, heavy metal album over here..." Floyd says, strolling into the cemetery.

Deus Mortus
2007-01-24, 10:50 PM
Sir, may I kindly ask you to step outside, you may enter again when the building is done, but untill then I'm afraid you being here poses a risk to yourself and I cannot allow this.

2007-01-24, 10:53 PM
Floyd looks at the person indignantly, but then he remembers that he's in a flocking cemetery.

"Okay, whatever." He says, leaving.

Deus Mortus
2007-01-25, 12:39 PM
Lord Riddletuck and one of his bodyguards leave.

2007-01-26, 06:19 PM
Xerillum walks in, and picks up his shovel. He begins digging graves.

Deus Mortus
2007-01-26, 10:07 PM
Two of the golden plated bodyguards walk towards Xerillium, What do you think you're doing?

2007-01-27, 08:32 AM
I am the owner of this cemetary, as well as chief gravedigger... so back off... His ruby glows, and he metamorphoses into a Balor.

Deus Mortus
2007-01-27, 10:27 AM
The two bodyguards quickly become nine and they all aim their guns at the Balor, Don't think so buddy, this is private property of Lord Riddletuck, if you want a job for him or if you want to get rid of a few corpses, ask him when the building is finished, untill then I suggest you leave.

2007-01-27, 04:52 PM
Ten hooded demons appear behind him, each riding a red dragon. Ha. your bullets cannot touch me. I am the rightful owner of this establishment. Even ask the God of Death. A hooded lich rises from the ground, and points a bony finger at the bodyguard. You are trespassing on the Dead Realm... Leave now... *divine suggestion*

2007-01-27, 04:53 PM
(The mayor agreed to give the cemetary to Deus Mortus' character.)

2007-01-27, 04:56 PM
((Ok. But Xerillum doesn't know that.)) Xerillum... you are in the wrong here... I hereby banish you to the Dead Realms! Xerillum flies into a time space rift.

Deus Mortus
2007-01-27, 07:55 PM
((Ah damnit, I wanted to enslave the little cute demons :( ))

The guards look a bit confused, shrug and continue their duties.

2007-01-27, 07:56 PM
The Ten Riders of the Apocalypse disperse.

2007-01-27, 07:58 PM
((What're the extra six????))

2007-01-28, 10:27 AM
((Well, when they made a note of four, Harry, Jack, Sam, Jim, Bob, and Frank were sick.

2007-01-31, 01:51 PM
((Drat it))

Fus glares at the cemetary in disgust.

No bloody place around here was right except for this bloody place, and someone just had bloody ruin it.

He curses and leaves.

2007-02-03, 01:40 PM
Natalie comes to the cemetary and looks around for someone in charge.

Deus Mortus
2007-02-03, 06:05 PM
Lord Riddletuck walks towards Natalie, fully aware he actually isn't here, but he currently is no where, so the universe decided this would be a good place to put Riddletuck.

2007-02-03, 06:17 PM
Natalie sees Riddletuck? "Hello there."

Deus Mortus
2007-02-03, 06:21 PM
Greetings, how may I help you?

2007-02-03, 06:24 PM
"Well I need to arrange a... a funeral." She talks in a quiet voice.

Deus Mortus
2007-02-03, 06:28 PM
Ah yes, well the Funeral Center is almost done, only 2 or 3 days and we will be able to help you, but until then I am more then willing to hold a small service if there is a rush.

2007-02-03, 06:30 PM
"I well... I don't really know. Um how much does it cost?"

Deus Mortus
2007-02-03, 06:39 PM
Well we have a basic funeral package for free, in which the deceased is cremated and you are given an urn with the ashes, this is also combined with a modest ceremony, offcourse we also have different kinds of burials, but these are mostly custom tailored and prices vary on that. If you have any wishes or believes that you wish to see abided, please tell me and I can give a price.

2007-02-03, 06:41 PM
"Well he wanted to be buried, something with a simple headstone. I have some gold so..." She looks down at the ground.

((Got to go, D&D time.))

Deus Mortus
2007-02-03, 06:44 PM
Riddletuck puts a hand on her shoulder, Don't worry, I'll make sure that that will be arranged, don't worry about the payment, he smiles at the poor girl.

2007-02-03, 08:04 PM
"Thank you. I should go. I'll be back though." She turns and leaves.

Deus Mortus
2007-02-07, 08:21 PM
The golems have finished with the walls and roof and are now busy with the interior, riddletuck leaves for his (finally finished) mansion

2007-02-11, 12:46 PM
Several clerics of Inari's come carrying a wrapped dead body. Natalie follows behind them dressed in black formal military garb.

Deus Mortus
2007-02-11, 12:56 PM
Two golems in solemn black robes with a single white tear embroided upon it walk towards the clerics, offering to take up the corpse.

Shortly after that Lord Riddletuck arrived, dressed in a black outfit and walks towards Natalie.

2007-02-11, 12:57 PM
The clerics give the golems the body and with a small bow to the golems and then Natalie leave.

Natalie bows back to them slightly, and waits for Riddletuck.

Deus Mortus
2007-02-11, 12:59 PM
Ah my dear lass, I see the time has finally come, my golems will bring the deceased to a small preparatory room where the body will be embalmed, Have you made any decisions on how you want the funeral to be?

2007-02-11, 01:05 PM
"Just a simple burial. I'd like his headstone to have his name "McBish" and the inscription "He lived life well, and died loved." I'd like to invite a few people as well."

Deus Mortus
2007-02-11, 01:11 PM
Very well, now I am afraid the main building is still under construction, but I can have a part of it cleared out to be used for the ceremony, do you have any wishes as to where he would be burried? We have a few options, a crypt where he would share one crypt with multiple persons, a patch of land on the edge of burial grounds, to the middle of it or near the chapel.

2007-02-11, 01:15 PM
Natalie thinks for a second. "On the edge of the grounds should work. I think he would like that. When... when can we have the funureal?" For a second her calm composure seems to slip.

Deus Mortus
2007-02-11, 01:22 PM
Riddletuck wraps an arm around the girl and pats her back, There there girl, after this your friend will be in a better place and in time you will meet him there, this isn't a farewell, just a long time before you'll see him again. We can have the funeral whenever you want.

2007-02-11, 01:24 PM
"Thank you." She takes a deep breath. "I want to get this done with. I'll go invite some people and then come back later today. Ok?"

Deus Mortus
2007-02-11, 01:30 PM
That's fine, I will make sure everything is ready when you are.

2007-02-11, 01:31 PM
"Thank you." With a small bow she turns and leaves.

Deus Mortus
2007-02-11, 01:35 PM
Riddletuck answer the bow and orders a few golems to prepare for the funeral.

2007-02-14, 11:28 PM
A stag goes into the cemetary and goes over towards McBish's grave. Huh... this is a little weird.

He then turns and heads towards Inari's.

2007-10-25, 02:20 PM
The halfling Gretta bent down on one knee to lay a single white flower on a lonely grave in the cemetery. She said a short prayer to Thor and then stood, gathering her white robes around her. Gretta shuddered as a cold wind blew out of the north; she was past her fiftieth year, more than half the lifespan of most halflings.

The grave belonged to a man she had once attended as a priestess; he had been a pitiable creature — his skin was scorched black from head to toe, and he could barely rise from his deathbed. The man, who called himself "Gunther," was from a tribe and a place she had never heard of, but he requested that a priestess of Thor give him last rites, even though he was not a follower. When she asked, he replied, "It's the only god I can recognize in this place," and smiled weakly.

He died shortly after, and his body was cremated. He requested an urn be buried with his ashes in the cemetery — "near my family" he said — along with a strange object wrapped in black silk.

The cemetery was empty except for her and a few caretakers attending to diffferent graves, ensuring that prayer charms were still in place to keep the dead in their graves and tending to wear and tear on gravestones.

The wind picked up now. Gretta whispered a quick spell to bring up her temperature, but it seemed to do no good; the icy wind still chilled her bones and sent her shivering.

And then Gretta heard it: a rumbling. She looked northward to see a mound, just beyond the line of graves in the far corner of the cemetery, begin to heave upwards as though the earth were trying to dispel something from its gut. She said a prayer to Thor and clutched her holy symbol; if the undead were rising, she would be there to confront them.

Suddenly a blackened hand burst from the earth, followed by another. Soon, three pairs of hands were reaching out from underneath the ground, and three figures began to crawl out of a mass grave and into the world beyond. They were followed shortly after by a clambering grey shape that wiggled out of the hole the same way a mole would emerge from its den.

The first was a man Gretta thought to be well over seven feet tall. He was wearing animal furs caked with dirt, and in one hand clutched a long, metal object Gretta recognized as a harpoon, one end of which was attached to a long chain. The man had skin as blue as a clear sky and thick icicles lowered themselves from his eyebrows, beard, lips and the edges of his coat as well as his thick mitts.

The second was a woman that Gretta judged to be five feet tall. She wore furs the same as the man. Her skin was a pale grey and long white hair flowed over her shoulders and down to the small of her back. Her eyes were a frozen white, blind and unseeing. Icicles did not cover her as they did the man, except on her hands, which sheathed in blocks of ice.

The third had the shape of a man but could tell very little else about him. He wore no clothes like the others but his skin was charred black from head to toe, while his feet were curled-up stubs and his hands were gnarled claws. Gretta felt a sickness in her stomach — he looked just like the scorched man, although the build was slightly different.

The fourth was nothing more than a shaggy grey dog, although it was almost the size of a dire wolf. Its eyes pulsated too with the blue light, and when it breathed in and out from its huge jaws, Gretta could see the fog of its breath in the air, although it was not nearly yet cold enough.

Gretta readied her holy symbol and advanced on the creatures. The one with the harpoon flung it out, spearing one of the attendants through his stomach; the ice-covered giant then pulled hard on the chain, and in the act nearly separated him in half. The hound loped forward, attacking another; he went down with a scream as the thing pounced on him, tearing at his throat.

Gretta extended her holy symbol, shouting a prayer to Thor. She thrust it at the three humanlike wraiths, commanding them to flee in the name of her god; the creatures seemed to pay her no mind, and instead advanced on her.

Pocketing the useless symbol and thinking quickly, the halfling instead clasped her hands and prayed for a magical circle of protection against the creatures. A ring of light surrounded her, and the frozen four stopped at its edge. And stood still.

And, a few minutes later, Gretta realized that she was doomed.

At first, Gretta did not feel it, but that was because her skin was already numb from the wind. But then her flesh began to burn, and Gretta knew she was freezing to death, because the creatures emanated cold the same way some undead emanated fear.

They didn't need to cross the circle. Their very presence, over a long enough period of time, was deadly. And the more that were gathered together, the more intense their aura of cold.

Gretta said a final prayer for Thor, finishing it just as she lost her strength and fell to the ground on top of the burned man's grave. Her vision was darkening. Her last thought, as she watched the creatures shamble slowly through the Cemetery, were three words spoken by another voice inside of her mind, a voice full of menace and hatred.

Winter has come, it said.

2007-10-26, 03:55 PM
Everything in the cemetery now dead, the four creatures gathered at the gates. The first of the creatures, the large man covered in drooping icicles, stepped forward and placed his hands around the metal bars; with a grunt, he pulled the cast-iron gates off their hinges and cast the now useless gates aside.

Now unhindered, the first stepped out into the street beyond, followed close behind by his frozen companions.

(OOC: The creatures have now left the Cemetery. People are still welcome to post here — they may wish to start following the creatures' tracks at this point, or do some sleuthing — but the "frozen four" will no longer return to this venue.)

2007-10-26, 05:02 PM
The Fat Magician, still holding onto the book, makes his way up to the cemetary gates.

Chilling place...

Wrapping his cloak tighter, he pushes the gate open, and waits just inside, rubbing his arms to try to keep warm.

2007-10-26, 05:21 PM
Gunther's ghost floats into the Cemetery past the gates. It floats over to the corpse of one of the attendants, and the Fat Magician can hear a loud sigh.

Then, a moment later, it begins wailing in despair as it hovers near the body of a halfling woman.

2007-10-26, 05:25 PM
Only now does the Magician see the corpses... The fresh corpses, that is. He looks at them, not getting too close, frowning. At the sound of the wailing, he looks up.

What's the matter?

2007-10-26, 05:32 PM
The ghost points at the corpse of an elderly halfling woman slumped over a grave (which is marked by a crumbling gravestone). There seems to be ice built up around her in a wide circle. She appears to have been frozen to death a day or two ago.

"Knew her," the ghost moans. "Priestess. Last rites. My deathbed."

2007-10-26, 05:34 PM
A cloaked figure walks into the cemetary, stooped against the blowing winds and holding on tightly with one hand to his feathered hat. Spotting the Fat Magician he shouts. "What in the world did you call me out here for?! And why do you need a cheesecake in a cemetary?"

2007-10-26, 05:34 PM
I'm sorry...
He looks around anxiously, at the other bodies, too.

What happened here?

He turns when he hears Raril arriving.

I found a ... book. The spirit bound to it says we need to 'stop the winter from coming', and we needed a shovel. I'm not cut out for hard labour any more, and you sprung to mind. As for the cheesecake... Well, I got a bit hungry.

His voice is raised slightly, so that he can be heard above the old wind, although he's not quite shouting as he walks back towards the drow.

Rex Idiotarum
2007-10-26, 05:38 PM
"only if you share some with me." Rex growls as he enters. "Hm... a place of the dead, hardly anything needing to be killed."

2007-10-26, 05:39 PM
Fat Magician: "They awoke," the ghost says, and points to a place in the graveyard where the earth is disturbed. "Theo. Sara. Rhygar. Fang. Winter has come."

He points to the grave where the halfling woman lies. "Dig."

Raril: As he enters the graveyard, the drow will note the Fat Magician is standing near a grave with a dead halfling lying on it. He will also note that a ghostly figure is floating in the air not too far from the Magician that looks almost exactly like the frostbitten creature he fought in the Streets yesterday.

Rex: Ditto. :smallamused:

2007-10-26, 05:40 PM
"Well, that's too bad. I didn't bring the cheesecake. But I do have a shovel...Wait you were going to have me dig something, or someone, up from this cold frozen ground? why should I?!"

Rex Idiotarum
2007-10-26, 05:43 PM
"I guess I was wrong." Rex draws his fiery sword and points it in the Magician's general direction.

2007-10-26, 05:44 PM
He nods in greeting to Rex, as he arrives, before addressing Raril, looking a little dissapointed at the lack of cheesecake.
According the this diary, this spirit was the last member of some kind of expeditionary group, who all froze to death. He says... That his companions awoke. It was them who killed the people here, and, presumably caused this cold weather, and this was the way to fix it.
He turns to Gunther.
Where do we dig?

Rex Idiotarum
2007-10-26, 05:46 PM
"So that thing claims to be friendly?" Rex says, still holding the blade.

2007-10-26, 05:47 PM
"Grave," it answers back. "No body. Cremated. Just box. Answers inside."

The spirit eyes Rex fearfully. "Sword burns," it says, floating away a little. "No kill. Helping."

2007-10-26, 05:48 PM
Raril notices the ghost. "You nearly killed me yesterday! Why should I help you?!"

2007-10-26, 05:49 PM
I see no reason to mistrust him. I read his journal, and I want answers, as much as anyone. I suggest that the sooner you get digging, the sooner we get them.

Rex Idiotarum
2007-10-26, 05:52 PM
Rex doesn't move, not even to put away the blade.

"Get digging, Raril."

2007-10-26, 05:53 PM
"Not me," the ghost replies. "Theo. My brother. Herald of Winter. Slave to the Temple."

It points again urgently with a ghostly figure at the grave where the halfling woman is buried. Anyone who spies the gravestone will note that it says "Gunther," and the date of his death is listed as five years ago.

"Dig," it begged.

2007-10-26, 05:56 PM
Raril glares at Rex before pulling his bag off of his back and after a little searching he pulls out a shovel. The drow leans on it casually, asking. "Where do I need to dig?"

2007-10-26, 05:56 PM
A temple was mentioned in the journal... The group was trying to reach it, but all died in the attempt, it would seem. We should try to get to the, ah, bottom of this, Raril.
The meaning is obvious - Get digging.

He looks down, and tries to carefully move the halfing's body aside, so that Raril can get at Gunther's grave.

2007-10-26, 06:00 PM
The drow sighs and starts to work.

2007-10-26, 06:02 PM
The Magician watches, flicking through the journal again, to one side, occasionally glancing at Rex, or the spirit.

Rex Idiotarum
2007-10-26, 06:08 PM
Rex relaxes a little bit, but still keeps his sword out. By now the spirits should realize not to mess with his fire.

2007-10-26, 06:10 PM
"Good," the creature says. "Dig. Box below.

As the drow digs, the ghost floats a little close to him. "Thank you," it whispers. "Don't blame you. Better dead ... than this."

After a half-hour of digging in the hard earth, the drow's shovel eventually strikes metal about three feet down.

2007-10-26, 06:11 PM
Hearing the shovel striking something, Thalof looks down into the hole.

You got something?

2007-10-26, 06:12 PM
Raril's puts on his best piaratey accent, much to his player's displeasure. "Ahoy! Cap'n we've found buried treasure." he climbs out of the hole whisteling 'yo-ho-ho and a bottle of rum'

Rex Idiotarum
2007-10-26, 06:16 PM
"Excellent, card player, help him with it." Rex says. Who else would protect the group if the spirit turned on them if Rex and Raril handled the box.

2007-10-26, 06:17 PM
((OOC: I don't think many pirates buried their gold in graves within spooky Cemeteries. :smalltongue:))

Raril has uncovered a small metal box. It is featureless and doesn't appear to be covered in any magical runes.

"Open," the ghost whispers.

2007-10-26, 06:19 PM
The Magician would probably struggle to actually get into the hole, and definately to help carry anything out.

Surely a younger, fitter body such as your own would be more suited to heavy lifting, Rex?

Only now does he notice that it's just a smaller box, not a full coffin. He motions to Raril to open the box, as the ghost says.

2007-10-26, 06:27 PM
((Nope, but he's digging a hole, looking for a box. Definately piratical))

Raril sighs and jumps back into the hole and lifts the box out, setting it on the ground, before trying to open it.

Rex Idiotarum
2007-10-26, 06:28 PM
"I agree, I'm over a thousand and dead. You lift." It's clear what he means, part of his face is missing. Torn out by the demon like the one floating there now.

2007-10-26, 06:32 PM
Well, it looks like it's a moot point, anyway.

He moves over to where Raril put the box.

2007-10-26, 06:38 PM
((Can I just assume someone opens it? It doesn't appear cursed or trapped or even locked; the only thing holding it closed is a simple clasp.))

Inside the box are three items: what appear to be a silver urn that has spilled slightly, casting ashes all over the interior of the box; a bundle of black silk that appears to be wrapped around something, and a rolled-up scroll tied with a ribbon.

2007-10-26, 06:42 PM
Thalof looks at the spirit.

What now?

Rex Idiotarum
2007-10-26, 06:42 PM
Rex reaches for the Scroll.

2007-10-26, 06:46 PM
Raril picks up the silken bundle.

((Well, we say 'tries to do...' a lot here to avoid godmodding. Raril tried to open it, but it might have been stuck or something, so I can't say for sure that he opened it. Understand?))

2007-10-26, 06:49 PM
"Read," it says, pointing to the scroll, and then to the silk. "Unwrap."

((:smallwink: OK, I get it. No worries.))

2007-10-26, 06:50 PM
Seeing as both of those objects have already been picked up, The Fat Magician looks at the other two, waiting to see what happens.

Rex Idiotarum
2007-10-26, 06:50 PM
Rex unwraps the scroll, he uses Detect Magic on it.

2007-10-26, 06:57 PM
Raril unwraps the silk package.

2007-10-26, 06:58 PM
There is no magic attached to the scroll, only a very lengthy letter written by hand in what appears to be ink.

It is another matter, however, with the object uncovered by Raril: a round orb, about the size of a man's fist, which appears to be made of glass or some form of crystal. It is perfectly white without a hint of a blemish, and even under the silk covering it, the orb feels incredibly cold to Raril. The thing practically screams magic, even to the Fat Magician and the drow.

2007-10-26, 06:59 PM
The Magician looks over at the letter, trying to read it, if Rex will let him.

Rex Idiotarum
2007-10-26, 07:01 PM
Rex drops the scroll. Nothing really useful there. He goes to grab to look closely at Raril's object. "Hand that to me."

2007-10-26, 07:03 PM
The Magician goes to grab the letter, and reads through it, taking it all in as quickly as possible.

2007-10-26, 07:03 PM
Raril frowns and holds the orb by the silk.

2007-10-26, 07:09 PM
Rex sees that the orb has a similar aura to the creatures in the Streets, but it is slightly dissimilar. If he's capable of reading complex energy patterns, he would guess that it has disruptive properties.

Here's what the Magician reads ((forgive the length)):

"Friend, if you are reading this, a sudden cold will have descended on the Town, brought forth by four 'creatures' who are no doubt wreaking havoc and turning the place into an icy wasteland. Obviously the magical symbol I had inscribed in my journal has done what it was supposed to — I find it difficult to wrap my head around the notion of 'sorcery' that comes so easily to the people of this place — and you are likely staring at my frost-burned spirit hanging before you."

"Forgive me for leading me on this chase, but I needed to assure that this orb and this letter fell into the right hands. If it did not, it could mean doom for the Town."

"What you see has been my form for five horrible years, ever since I and my comrades were transported to the place known as 'The Town.' I can only guess how much time has elapsed since my death."

"The community was in its infancy then and I'm sure much has changed — likely I have been forgotten. I have made arrangements for this journal to be stored somewhere that, when the time came (and if it came), my spirit could be called back from the netherworld to warn the Town's residents of a grave danger to their community."

"If you have read the previous entries, you will know that I was a member of an expedition to the Arctic to discover what I and my companions believed to be a lost temple belonging to a race that preceeded mankind. My last entry before this notes that we discovered the temple, and I was heading inside, dragging the corpses of my companions behind me. They had died the night before in a fierce snowstorm; I only survived by slicing open poor Fang and crouching in his innards. I was lucky that he was such a big dog, though luck is a poor word to describe the situation. Poor Sara and Theo; God I miss them."

"The interior of the temple was vast, and in the ice-covered walls I could see the shapes of massive, inhuman creatures of the like I had never seen, or likely anyone else on Earth. But otherwise the cavern was completely bare, except for a great icy altar and a fifty-foot tall statue of a woman. The statue had hair that trailed all the way to the ground, and she was naked except for what appeared to be a massive worm-thing that wrapped around her like a snake. Her face had a look of cold contempt etched across her features."

"Her icy eyes stared down at me as I dragged my companions before the altar, one by one. After I did so, I sat down and wept. As fantastic a discovery this place was, I was beside myself with grief for the deaths of my siblings. I knew too that I was going to die in this place."

"And so I took the most comfortable option of death open to me: I went to sleep."

"I don't know when it was I woke, but when I did, I found myself kneeling before the statue of the beautiful woman. My companions were kneeling beside me, their arms raised in supplication; even Fang was there, staring upwards."

"I tried to call out, but I could not. I could not move my body; it was though I were a puppet on a set of strings. I had stripped myself and was completely naked; my brother Theo had done the same."

"And then the pain came, the most terrible pain I have ever felt. My skin began to blacken as though I was burned. The same happened to Theo, and the others underwent similar transformations."

"But eventually the pain fled, and I was completely numb. I cannot tell you how horrible that feeling is, to be alone in your mind without the smallest hint of sensation. Suddenly, I found myself standing, and there was a terrible, rasping voice in my mind."

"'Go,' it said. 'Be my heralds. Make them fear. Winter shall come and with it, I will rule once more.'"

"And then we began walking outside, where a circle of strange blue energy had appeared. No matter how hard I tried, I found myself stalking through the energy, and suddenly I found myself and the others in this strange Town, which in truth was just a hamlet back then."

"We were in the Town only a moment before the portal closed before us. And suddenly, all five of us toppled over, and moved no more."

"We laid there for hours before someone discovered us. My companions were judged (and in truth they were correct) to be dead, but I was taken to a healer; somehow, I regained control of my body, and my slight movments convinced my rescuers — creatures I have now learned are called 'elves' — that I was alive."

"I do not know why the portal closed, but I believe that whatever transformed us must have needed it to maintain some connection to us in order to control us."

"So the others were buried and I lived, although I would hardly call it living. I have survived on the charities of others; the smallest of movements requires incredible effort."

"In the five years since I stepped through the portal, I have used that time to inscribe this page, and thanks to a generous benefactor, I have paid a necromancer to tie my spirit to the journal you no doubt hold. More importantly, I have worked to give you a weapon; the orb you now carry will weaken the connection between the portal and Sara, Theo, Rhygar and Fang. Not enough to kill them, mind you, but enough to weaken them, and you can use it to track them. It may also allow you to manipulate the portal itself, though I can't be sure. Do not ask me how I came about it: the prices I have paid and the bargains I have struck are too terrible to contemplate."

"I urge you to destroy Sara, Theo and the others. While I do not know why this was done to us or why we were sent here, I think that it wanted us to kill, as the voice in my mind dripped with pure hatred. I can only imagine the havoc my poor brother and sister have wreaked in the Town already. Do not delay; the longer they are here, the stronger I fear they will grow, just as I have grown stronger in these past few years."

"I assure you, from someone who knows firsthand, you will be doign them a favour — living in these bodies with ice water in our veins is a fate worse than hell."

"As a last request, destroy the symbol in the journal; it will hold my spirit to this plane until it is erased. My body is ash; there is no hope for me to return, and I would not wish it."

-Gunther Halvorson

2007-10-26, 07:16 PM
The Magician reads this... It might take some time.

Rex Idiotarum
2007-10-26, 07:19 PM
"Read it out loud." Rex says, even if the Magician refuses, Rex will attempt to listen to his mind to hear it anyways. It's as much for Raril.

"Give me the orb, it could be useful for my hunt."

2007-10-26, 07:22 PM
The Magician sighs, and complies, starting from the beginning.

2007-10-26, 07:24 PM
Raril shoves the orb into Rex's hand before pulling himself out of the hole again.

Rex Idiotarum
2007-10-26, 07:25 PM
((I think we all read it anyways, at least it prevents metagaming.))

Rex goes to remove the silk from the Orb.

2007-10-26, 07:33 PM
As he finishes, the Magician looks at the other two.

Raril, did you say you encountered one of the others mentioned, earlier?

He deadtimes, although he'll allow Rex and Raril to read the book or letter again, if they want.

2007-10-26, 08:02 PM
"Yeah, Rex saw them too. We managed to bring two down."

2007-10-26, 08:09 PM
When Rex holds the orb, he can feel its considerable power ebbing out in waves. It is immensely cold, or would be if Rex could feel cold, but the energy contained in the thing is stinging his hand(?) a little.

"Theo dead," the ghost whispers, and touches what used to be its chest. "Feel it ... here. But others still alive. And stronger now — fewer puppets, easier for puppeteer ... to control."

The ghost looks at the Magician and, with a hint of hope in its voice, asks, "Kill me now. Want death."

Rex Idiotarum
2007-10-26, 08:17 PM
Rex is too interested in the orb. ((Would it be safe to say that it doesn't hurt Rex, as Rex doesn't feel pain, just that numbness. Instead, he marvels as his hand freezes over. As Ice starts forming on it, he can only wonder what this power means when coupled with his sword.)) He doesn't even acknowlege the creature.

2007-10-26, 08:25 PM
Raril raises an eyebrow at the ghost. "Now why wouold I do that? For all I know killing you will just give them more power."

Rex Idiotarum
2007-10-26, 08:32 PM
"Choose the wrong people to bring you peace." Rex goes to grab the journal.

2007-10-26, 08:43 PM
The ghost suddenly flies in between Rex and the Fat Magician.

"Not help?" it says. "Why?"

2007-10-26, 08:48 PM
Raril pulsl himself to his feet. "We have no reason to. I just dug up all this junk for you fo no reason. Now, you want me to end your existance? No, I don't think I will. I am going back to the tavern, getting a nice warm drink, and staying otu of this frozen mess!"

Rex Idiotarum
2007-10-26, 08:55 PM
"I will need your help even more than you think. Your brother is dead, but the others... I'll need to find more about. And maybe, with my help, I can restore you to life."

2007-10-26, 09:00 PM
"Life?" it says incredulously. "No life. Life is pain. Suffering. Guilt. Remorse. Want death."

Rex Idiotarum
2007-10-26, 09:01 PM
"I won't give you death. I will give you choice, help me and live, or stay in purgatory. Up to you."

2007-10-26, 09:02 PM
"You haven't seen the afterlife have you?" Raril remarks, scratching the right side of his head.

2007-10-26, 10:53 PM
The ghost looks fiercely at Raril, and he waves a hand over his gnarled, blackened flesh.

With some effort, Gunther stammers, "C-could it b-be any w-worse than t-this?"

Rex Idiotarum
2007-10-26, 10:59 PM
"Yes, permanently. Have you ever been to Caina? Cause that place sucks a lot worse than what you have right now. The dead aren't actively punished, it's just a vast wasteland of breezy bone cutting winds and ice."

2007-10-26, 11:00 PM
The Drow scoffs. "Yeah, it could, trust me. Depending on the life you've led, or the curses placed upon you, you could be in for an eternity of torture."

2007-10-26, 11:09 PM
"Hurts now," it moans. "Every second. Always cold. Always pain. And guilt. Led family to deaths. For nothing. This is hell."

Gunther's ghost hangs its head. "Can't help. Just a ghost. Just want to rest. Please ... destroy the journal."

Rex Idiotarum
2007-10-26, 11:38 PM
"Sucks to be you."

2007-10-26, 11:45 PM
"Is there anything useful in the journal, Rex?" Raril asks, weighing weather or not it would be in his favor to remove the ghost.

2007-10-27, 12:01 AM
((The journal describes how Gunther, a noted scholar in early human civilization, discovered an accounting of a lone survivor from a ship that attempted to find the Northwest Passage through the Arctic in the early 1800s. The ship was ultimately forced to turn back after the cold inflicted heavy casualties, but not before they spied an unusual structure in the cold north that resembled an elaborate temple in the middle of an icy plateau.

After finding this temple, Gunther surmised that it may belong to a long-theorized pre-human civilization. He spent over six years enlisting backers to set off on an expedition. He was accompanied his sister Sara, his brother Theo and a man named Rhygar. During the journey, Gunther bonded with a sled dog he named Fang, and adopted it as his pet. All of these people roughly fit the description of the ice-wraiths.

Gunther describes the Arctic as literally 'the most hellish place on earth'. His journal entries become sparser and sparser, and his last entry describes coming across the frozen temple with the bodies of his family and friends in tow.

The last page contains a magical symbol that ties Gunther's spirit to the book, which was his way of ensuring that he would come back one day and warn the people of the Town about the coming of Winter.))

((OK, I'm deadtimed for the night.))

2007-10-27, 03:52 PM
Rex had the journal and the orb, Raril had dug the hole, and had no real reason to stay in the cemetary in the freezing weather. His minds made up he packs away his shovel and walks out.

2007-10-27, 04:36 PM
Well, I've got some other, uh, problems to deal with, now. Will you be able to manage sorting this out, Rex?

Rex Idiotarum
2007-10-27, 04:48 PM
"Sure I'll do it." He wonders if there's a way to get the orb into more useful position. ((How big is it?))

2007-10-27, 04:53 PM
In that case, good luck. If you wouldn't mind, could I perhaps keep the journal, or at least what's left of it?

Rex Idiotarum
2007-10-27, 04:55 PM
"No, I'll need it." He's not letting the Symbol be destroyed before he wants it to.

2007-10-27, 04:57 PM
Yes, of course, that strange symbol in there. But the rest of the book, I'm sure you'll have no need of. Could we not tear that page out?

Rex Idiotarum
2007-10-27, 05:02 PM
"Tearing the page out might risk the symbol's destruction. Hm... If you find me when I'm done, then you can have the book to do whatever you like."

2007-10-27, 05:05 PM
Alright, then. I'll see you later, I guess.

He nods farewell, and walks out of the cemetery.

2007-10-27, 11:32 PM
((Interesting development. I expected Gunther to be destroyed. Oh well, just shows how PCs can surprise you. :smallbiggrin:))

"Damn you," Gunther's ghost curses, hanging in the air helplessly. "Damn you to hell." He cannot do anything as long as the symbol exists.

The orb fits in the palm of your hand and could in theory be attached to the pommel of a sufficently-large blade. No matter how much you try, Rex, the orb has no power to lend you strength; Gunther designed it to be for a single purpose. Its powers can be used to weaken the ice-wraiths by being in close proximity to them and to track them.

Suddenly, Gunther's head jerks up. The others, he whispers. They have risen again.

Rex Idiotarum
2007-10-27, 11:35 PM
"Bring me to them." Rex looks up with as good a smile that he could with his decaying face.

2007-10-27, 11:43 PM
Gunther points to the air. "The orb ... will let ... you see," it manages to stammer. "Strands of energy ... connect ... the portal. Go ... leave Cemetery."

If Rex looks up while holding the orb, he can see strands of glowing blue energy, invisible to the naked eye, stretching out from what appears to be the Junkyard to different points around Town. (The Beach, The Public Park and the Stable.)

Rex Idiotarum
2007-10-27, 11:46 PM
With his hand frozen over, Rex can't seem to drop the orb. O! Well.

"C'mon, then, we have killing to do." Rex says, walking out of the graveyard.

2007-10-31, 12:18 AM
((This next post takes place some days after Rex and Gunther have left.))

Gunther Halvorson floats into the Cemetery, still sobbing a little and swearing under his breath. He floats over to his grave and kneels down beside the corpse of poor Gretta, the halfling priestess of Thor. He tries to brush her hair, but his hand only passes through her, and where his hand touches, her flesh freezes over.

For a while, Gunther sits on the ground (partially phasing through), crying. He can shed no tears because of his horrific deformity, but he still heaves and sobs as best he can.

Then, after he gains control of himself, his head perks up. "Sara," he remembers. "Sara's body is still at the Temple."

2007-11-03, 01:43 AM
Gunther briefly stops here to determine that Gretta's body is still lying near his grave before flying towards the Temple of Thor.

Later, a young priestess of Thor and Gunther Halvorson return to the Cemetery. Weeping, the young priestess wraps the halfling's body in a red cloth and lays it on top of the mule. Gunther silently watches, unable to help, and then they depart the Cemetery for good.

((This thread is available for anyone's use again, by the way.))

2007-11-05, 04:46 PM

The red cloud briefly departs the Town (see the Streets and Slums) to float through the Cemetery. It lingers there briefly before quickly moving on to other parts of Town.

Suddenly, the ground rips on on several fresh graves around the Cemetery, and the undead corpses of several zombies rise out of the ground. Although their flesh is grey, they have strange red blotches emerging on their skin.

The zombies lurch out of the Cemetery and into the Streets. But although the red cloud has left a number of people unable to defend themselves — easy meals for a flesh-eating zombies — the undead ignore everyone and shamble towards a destination within the Slums.

And unlike most zombies, these creatures do not chant the word "Brains" over and over. Instead, they moan a different word in eerie unison: "Help."

((NOTE: This portion of a recent Plot is now finished. People may use the cemetery freely.))

2007-11-09, 07:03 PM
The spirit and the dwarven priestess re-appear in the Cemetery. It is early evening now and foggy, but despite the chill Marta seems to ignore it; the amulet around her neck provides her with more than enough protection.

Marta brings out her holy symbol and looks around the Graveyard. "Alright, Estone, what should we do next?" she asks.

2007-11-09, 07:06 PM
Estone opens his mouth and lets out a creepy wail.

There. I've called any undead in the general vicinity. They'll be here in a second, try to turn them when they come.

2007-11-09, 07:15 PM
Marta begins to shiver, but as she is protected from the elements, it is more from fear than anything. The tiny snowy owl perched on her shoulder gives out a low hoot.

Somewhere, in the distance, a wolf howls ((as they are wont to do on occasions like this)). Suddenly, there comes the sound of footsteps, punctuated by bones rattling. Bleached-white bones glint in the moonlight, and it becomes apparent that Estone's wail has attracted a skeleton. The thing is unarmed, but its bony fingers are flexing in and out as it stretches its arms out towards the pair, as though preparing to wrap its hands around the soft flesh of Marta's neck.

"Sweet Thor," Marta whispers as the skeleton shambles forward. She holds out her mistletoe and aims it at the creature. "Should I cast Protection from Evil just in case?" she wonders.

2007-11-09, 07:27 PM
No, don't waste time. Try and turn it. If you fail, I'll destroy it.

2007-11-09, 07:42 PM
Taking a deep breath, Marta steps forward and thrusts her holy symbol at the skeleton. "By Thor's hammer, HALT!!!" she shouts, determinedly, and the mistletoe gives off a slight glow.

But the skeleton does not stop. For a moment, it hesitates in mid-stride, as though pondering whether or not to move forward. Sure enough, it does, and its bony claws stretch out towards Marta as she stares at the undead in wide-eyed fear.

2007-11-09, 07:45 PM
Estone raises a hand and a silver light shoots out, turning the skeleton to dust.

2007-11-09, 07:47 PM
One moment the skeleton is there; the next, it vanishes, leaving behind a little pile of dust. Marta blinks and turns to Estone.

"I'm sorry," she says. "I guess I failed."

2007-11-09, 07:49 PM
For a first try, it was very good. Would you like to try again, or should we head back?

2007-11-09, 08:04 PM
Marta doesn't reply. Instead she aims the holy symbol in Estone's direction and yells loudly, "By Thor's Hammer, TURN!" The shout startles the owl on her shoulder, and it flutters over to a nearby branch.

2007-11-09, 10:10 PM
...I'm not dead you know.

2007-11-09, 11:27 PM
The holy symbol has no effect on Estone. But it's not intended for him. :smallamused:

Estone is suddenly aware of the crunch of footsteps, and if he turns, he can see another skeleton stumbling away as though struck, its bony arms lifted in front of its skull as though it were blocking an attack. The creature finally stops and begins to back away.

"Second time's the charm, I guess," Marta says.

2007-11-10, 01:20 AM
Good job. Keep practicing, and you'll start destroying them in no time. Now that you've done it, do you want to go back to the temple?

2007-11-10, 01:34 PM
"No! Let's stay a while and turn some more undead!" Marta says, a little too excited.

Suddenly, the sounds of footsteps comes from all around them in the fog, which parts to reveal approximately two dozen skeletons surrounding them. Most are unarmed, but some are carrying spades used for grave-digging and one or two of them wield rusty knives.

Marta looks back at Estone. "You know, maybe we should go back to the Temple."

2007-11-10, 02:29 PM
Estone raises both hands, and all the undead glow white hot, and disintigrate.

OK then.

He teleports them back to the temple.

2007-11-16, 10:04 AM
How he came upon the cemetery was unknown to him. He had only found himself wandering about and his trailess step had lead him here. It was a place where quiet was heavy on the currents of air. It was so fitting.. He longed for this sort of quiet when he was crowded into one place or another but he wished for the feeling of others around him when he was alone. Under his feet were several good listeners and not one of them would go out of place. Ironic it was that he had only found such joys of being while sitting around those dead. He idly took out that small pocket-watch like object and toyed with it as he walked among the graves.

The quiet was almost pressing upon his ears....Perhaps some conversation would be in order.
Sitting upon a marble headstone, he began to sift magics into the ground that would gently animate the corpse below... That was certanly odd. The usualy free flow of arcane energies was... Well it certainly was not working for him at the moment. Had he exhausted himself? That was impossible, not unless the plane consumed it and that was highly doubful. He tried to force it but he only felt a buildup of potential. No.. it was still there but... Why would it not be cast? Now he was worried, the buildup was growing rather quickly with no outlet for it to stop. And there it was again. It was a pair of needles jabbing into the back of his eyes as a crushing force ripped it's way through his mind. That friendly old migrane of his. Blindness set in much sooner than it usualy did, he would have guessed that it would have anyway from how quickly the potential was gathering. He dug his nails into his temples as he curled up slightly, his body refusing to stay upright and fell aside upon the grass. There he lay, shaking as if he was cold and ill upon the grounds in the chill, overcast morning.

2007-11-16, 10:12 AM
Lucian enters the cemetery followed by 5 figures in plate armour and red ornamented robes and armed with longswords with silver runes covering the blades and wooden hilts.
One of the figures looks more feminine than the others and is carrying a sack with something.

They aproach an old toombstone

2007-11-16, 10:25 AM
It was hard for him to tell much of anything, let alone react. His mind was filled with agonizing static while he felt a rolling fire rush through his veins. It came in throbbing waves, the endless space between each crest of pain filled with unspeakable dread for the oncoming rush. Yet he moved little outwardly, his golden hair was fanned out upon the ground as he lay half-curled in the middle of an aisle... It was ironic that fate would thrust him in full view but leave not a person around. Well... He did not seem to notice the hunter party was there at the moment as more personal happenings dominated his perception.

2007-11-16, 10:56 AM
Suddenly Lucian starts to sniff around.
He turns around for a bit before his gaze stops on the golden haired person on the aisle

2007-11-16, 11:02 AM
A long white cloak was half upon him, half upon the grass and letting his black clothing show forth. Person was possibly the best way to put it as it would take some study of his form to tell if he was either male or female... And the waist long hair did little to help that. His eyes were closed as his body shook with it's inner tremors as the overload of energies struggled to get out yet found no way to leave. In turn, it was like fire consuming him from the inside out in some sort of ritual immolation.

As such, he would be hard pressed to notice much of anything around him.

2007-11-16, 11:06 AM
One of the cloaked figures turns to Lucian, and ask in an eager, boyish, yet very cruel tone:
Food, my sire?

2007-11-16, 11:13 AM
There was little he could do. All he wanted was some sort of stop to this. Every muscle in his body was straining and locking up, effectively immobilizing him. His hand was clutched at the watch-thing in a claw-like grasp as he lay there fully unaware of anything. An outlet... Any outlet would be welcome.

2007-11-16, 11:25 AM
Lucian turns towards the robed figure:
William, my boy, how can you hope to aspire to rankof an elder, if all you can think of is the pleasures of the flesh?
You know very well that it's not for hunting we are here.
Still, since you're knowledge of magic leaves much to be desired, you can take with you Tomlir and check on that person.

William and Tomlir walk towards the androgynous person

The lowes robeclad person turns to Lucian and speaks with a very feminine voice:
The spells are ready, my lord. Now we only wit for the southbound star...

2007-11-16, 11:29 AM
Just to drive it home that he was inable to move, His joints felt like they fuzed together... but that was only a feeling. He cared little about feeling much at the moment. He was open to any sort of examination that they wished..

The irony would have struck him about his current situation had he been in any sort of thinking state.

2007-11-16, 11:31 AM
William bends down to see the face of the lying person and speaks in a clearly mocking voise:
Are we in pain? Maybe a bit? Can't run, can we? I think I 've got the cure just for you!

(ooc: Oops. I have to run. deadtime for 2,5 hours Sorry)

2007-11-16, 11:37 AM
Auditory senses had failed him some time ago, trapping him in his own body quite nicely. Outwardly, he seemed like he may be sleeping.. but his shallow panting and the throbbing of his veins dictated otherwise. As the pair came upon him, it would be something to notice that there was a faint yet persistaint scent of lilly flowers in the air.
Inwardly, he felt like a contained explosion... The constaint buildup of arcane energies never ebbing it's flow.

((It is fine, I have something to go to also... See you back in about three then.))

2007-11-16, 02:29 PM
Tomlir puts a hand on Williams shouler:
There's something wrong here. I can smell it!

2007-11-16, 04:58 PM
The stars are in position

Lucian casts several powerfull necromantic spells, and arcane symbols form on the ground around the tombstone, and the earth clears up inside them, revealing a black sarcophagus with poerfull runes.
The lid opens, and a man clad in black armour steps out

Zhar Bloodsbane, have you reconsidered my offer? Will you join the strong side this time, or do you want to taste the bitterness of defeat again?

2007-11-16, 05:48 PM
The vamp from the streets casually strolls into the cemetery and looks around.

2007-11-16, 06:05 PM
The knight in black armour looks angrily on the head of the Court of the Eternals:
Why should I join you?
Your order is in town. And I'm shure they came here for you. So you might either face them and fall alone, or defeat them with us
Zhar sighs heavily
I guess I have no choise then

2007-11-16, 06:11 PM
Drake waits and wanders around the cemetery.

2007-11-16, 06:14 PM
Lucian gathers his retinue and together with Zhar walks towards Drake

2007-11-16, 06:18 PM
Drake crosses his arms and waits.

2007-11-16, 06:25 PM
William draws a longsword with silver runes, runes forged to kill vampires, and adresses Drake
Bow before the lord of this land, his lordship Lucian!

2007-11-16, 06:49 PM
Drake gives a small sarcastic bow.

2007-11-16, 06:52 PM
Lucain lifts his hand:
No need for such drastic measures, William. In time he will realise himself, that the place of power here is the Court of the Elders, and he will pay me the respect of his own free will, which you have to admitt is much more worth.
So, stranger: what is your name and who is your sire?

2007-11-16, 07:04 PM
Drake. And many knew him as Dracula. he smirks. Looks pretty cocky for a brown haired vamp looking no more than twenty.

2007-11-16, 07:07 PM
Well, I wouldn use the last name here. After all, of the 25 that joined our court with that name, not one managed to rise past initiate.
One of the robed persons, a woman, break in:
Well, the 2 last was Williams fault, so they don't count

2007-11-16, 07:14 PM
Drake chuckles. I refuse to accept failure.

2007-11-16, 07:20 PM
The woman turns now to Drake:
So, you will join the Court of the Elders then?

2007-11-16, 07:24 PM
What exactly is this Council of Elders?

2007-11-16, 07:29 PM
Court, not counsil. It's like a kings court, only seniority is based on your own merit rather than lineage

2007-11-16, 07:32 PM
Sounds interesting. Why would it benefit me?

2007-11-16, 07:35 PM
Good question. Since I don't know you, I really can't tell. But ansver me something: when you sleep, who is then guarding your body agains attacks?

2007-11-16, 07:39 PM
Who said I needed sleep?

2007-11-16, 07:43 PM
Lucian speaks in a really grand-fatherly, cozy voise:
An unresting soul then... And I guess you never get seriously injured either, and never need to hide?

I suggest you give that some thought, my boy. And if you deside that you don't want to fight the whole world alone allways, only a part of it, and not all the time, you are allways welcome to the house of Lucian

The robed woman cast a spell and opens a portal

(ooc: deadtime soon)

2007-11-16, 07:46 PM
He thinks for a moment. I'm in.

2007-11-16, 07:49 PM
Thought so says he with a sly smile, just like a grandfather on first fishing trip with his grandchild.
He takes out a neclase with a golden shield with a crimson rose on from a pocket in his robe and reaches it to Drake
You have to wear this if you want to pass through the portal with us. Or you can just enter my house through the front door. It has a sign stating that it's the house of Lucian on the front

Lucian and his retinue walk through the portal. If Drake follows, he has gained a new item, a neclase of the Court of the Elders
If not, then Lucian kept the nenclase.

OOC: deadtime most likely until sunday :smallfrown:

2007-11-16, 09:09 PM
Drake wraps the necklace's chain around his left hand as he follows.

2007-11-18, 04:43 PM
It was a searing thing now, that was all he could feel. If he could look down upon himself, he would have likely scorned his state. He may ask what caused it but those things were null at the time. Most things were null to him at the moment anyway. He had lost all senses, the pain becoming an ideal of pain, rushing through his formless being. And yet, he moved not. The dead below him would have had an easyer time.

2007-11-18, 04:58 PM
There's a flash of silvery light, and a dark haired woman appears sitting casually sitting on a headstone near Terumitsu. She glances down at him. "You seem to be in a bit of trouble." Artemis remarks, a feral grin growing on her face.

2007-11-18, 05:15 PM
Trouble would just about describe it. But there was little responce aside from a slight twich of his fingers. It may even be that it was just his pulse was giving the shake but it was far too irregular for that.

2007-11-18, 05:23 PM
She stands and walks around him, almost stalking him. "Now, should I help you get back on your feet," Artemis wonders. "Or put you out of your misery?"

2007-11-18, 05:30 PM
There is little that he could say. His body would move little and there was only an occasional twich of his fingers. The pulse-like shake most noticable in the fingers cluched around a small golden pocket watch. Anyone even slightly inclined to magic would notice a certain strangeness to him. There was a sort of pressure in the air yet there was not any change in the actual atmosphere... it was a sort of projected dread seeping from him.

2007-11-18, 06:02 PM
"Poor thing, you can hardly move. You'll not survive long out here." A silver bow and a single arrow appear in her hands. "It's best to get this over with quickly." Artemis speaks soothingly, as she takes aim and fires, point blank, at the man's heart.

2007-11-18, 06:20 PM
There was no movement on his part when the arrow buried itself into his heart. Golden translucent ichor spurted from the wound in a small fountan as the pressure drove it out. It smelled unlike the usual iorn forged liquid, the scent of lillies permeating the areas it landed on. There was nothing... except a very sudden and opressive quiet. The sort of imposed noiselessness that choked words before the breath even spoke them. The pocket watch began to shake of it's own accord, seemingly trying to escape his grasp.

2007-11-18, 06:22 PM
"Curious." The goddess remarks, leaning closer to watch.

2007-11-18, 06:54 PM
The watch seemed to struggle but was held fast, a small bit of gilded blood splashing upon it's surface. There was a sound of an over tight spring breaking and the shaking stopped. That was the least bit of interest as the silver arrow began to just melt away. Not the sort of melting that was from heat but the sort that dissolved the point, shaft, and feather into the air.
For a moment longer.. Quiet..

Terumitsu could feel a sort of ebbing to the ever mounting pressure. There it was... the block was gone. Letting it out, he did not even try shaping it into a spell, just letting the overfull amount of potential flow out from him

To anyone that was watching, his body erupted into a violet inferno, the immolation peaking from the wound. It grew ever higher, not giving out heat but an obcenely potent opressive force. It was like being crushed on the inside for all who cast eyes upon it. A few birds and other creatures that had been unfortunate to stray near the ever growing flame were consumed from the inside out with small flares of black and indigo fire. Suddenly, the flames stopped growing out and with a mightly rip of thunder that would rival the sound of Zeus' own heavanly javelin, the burst drove upward in a massive pillar of violet light, parting the clouds and shattering earth. The very foundations of the local terra warping from the sheer amount of pure potential.

It would be wise to get far away...

2007-11-18, 07:24 PM
In a surprised flash, the goddess dissappears, reapearing in a tree a safe distance away. "Well this is certainly interesting."

2007-11-18, 07:58 PM
Indigo drops began falling from the skies like drops of shining rain. The earth rippled like water when it was struck by one. There was a twiching and melding underneath the grass yet instead of shaking loose like soil, the earth was streaching out like a parasite burrowing out from underneath skin. A few headstones sank into the ground and there was a clawing motion from some unseen thing as a limb of bone and marble burst out of the fleshlike earth. A second and third limb followed before a head arose from the ripped out hole. A curled horn of half rotten bone portuded out of the side and on it hung a lesser formed head. both had three gaping toothless maws while five eyelike holes sat at odd angles upon the chin and neck. Pulling itself out with it's clawlike limbs, three more came into view attached to a rounded chalky body. These three looked more like meathooks upon ends of grey flesh and bone. Across the brown and chalk body were a number of small twiching half limbs that occasionaly clenched in upon itself while every so often, a sickly yellow green pus would seep from boils across the thing's body. Coating it with a slick sheen. It began to drag itself away as soon as it was free from the earth, a hollow pained cry erupting from it as the rougher parts of the ground rubbed the thing a raw liquid-yellow.

And still the pillar stayed and so continued the falling indigo rain.

2007-11-18, 09:27 PM
Watching from her perch, Artemis frowns. "What did I just do?"

2007-11-19, 09:58 AM
Whatever the action lead to be, it was still horrific. The colossal thing struggled to pull itself onto the smoother grass as it seemed to be in a hurry to leave the area.

The tower of light had begun to change. Strings bent and twisited from it while chords and whole sections split and contorted. There was a rippling to the air as the pillar of violet light changed in form to appear like an enormous, leafless tree. The end of each branch still reached Into the sky but now at angles where it was a perfect line before. And now the root of the tower began to unravel. Strings of power shed into the air layer by layer, uncoiling its length to the uppermost branches. Each chord seperated from the body and yet still held between the earth and heaven before shattering into a cascade of floating lights falling upon the rent earth. It took a small while but eventualy the final strand of the great tree scattered itself into the winds and began to float away. The strands appeared to be in the shape of feathers.

Where the tree once stood was now a glowing crater at such depth that it would be impossible to see the source of the light unless one came closer and looked down

2007-11-19, 11:25 AM
In another set of silver flashes, Artemis stands at the edge of the crater, looking down into it.

2007-11-19, 11:43 AM
In the bottom of the crater was a figure laying upon the ground. He looked just as he did before the great blast of magic yet now he had something more. From his back were a triple pair of great, regal, translucent wings laying half folded upon him. Every so often one would move slightly in a pattern that seemed to be in time to his breathing. Apparently, he had survived the shot directly to the heart although it seemed he had lost an unhealthy amount of golden ichor as told by the puddle around him. It had stopped flowing at least...

2007-11-19, 12:12 PM
The goddess grins and drops down into the crater. "Well, well, you're a lot tougher than I though you were."

2007-11-19, 12:26 PM
There was a sound. It felt like a reply but it was hard to place the exact wording. It wasn't even a language though it still had meaning. The musical chord was like a ghostly, echoing sigh of a cello playing a somber note. It felt like a question of wonder and bewilderment but held a sort of dignified tone to it. At the same time, the feathered tips of his wings glowed just ever so mildly brighter. Then he blinked his eyes open, the crimson irises seemingly clouded and unfocused. There was another note, this one long and quiet as if the player was exhausted. Terumitsu obviously shared that feeling.

2007-11-19, 12:32 PM
Artemis sits back and watches. He's alive and seemingly recovering, although a few moments ago he had been spiraling towards death. "You are a curious little creature, aren't you?" The goddess asks, speaking more to herself than Terumitsu. She tries out a minor healing spell, unsure of what it would do, but wanting to keep him alive, if only for her own amusement.

2007-11-19, 12:51 PM
The healing spell closed up the wound in his ribs but did nothing else. Another note seemed to answer the low question, this music much like a wooden panpipe playing the longer reeds with the same slow tone. And then he blinked again, a shocking awareness shining forth from the once cloudy eyes. But that faded back just a little as his vision blurred again.

He could feel the last vestages of the burning sensation leave him. It had never been a physical burn but one of the mind and soul. He could feel the cold earth below him and he could feel a person there before him. Whatever had happend was nil as he was merely greatful for the fact that the searing was gone. It would have been quite a torture to feel that for an eternity. He asked a question to the person nearby.

And a noise of a timpanic beat rose up in the wind. A patter of sound that slowly became a sort of echoing rattle. It seemed like an inquiry.. but it was rather difficult to ascertain the exact nature of it... it was something peraining to whom the other was though...

2007-11-19, 12:55 PM
In reply, Artemis casts a full strength Heal. The answer was simple enough. She was his savior.

2007-11-19, 01:31 PM
Physicly, he was perfectly fine. His was the exhaustion born of stress. Much like a tortured prisoner that had been just given freedom, he seemed to be taking time to relize it. The whistling panpipe sound continued. This time, it was a definite question... But that was all that could be told of it.

Why did she not answer? He was asking who and why but there seemed to be no recognition. His dulled mind was grating through what it could but it still hung from the lingerings of the burn. If it had been working correctly, he would have disputed the idea of savior. But that would mostly be due to his own pride.

Something odd did happen to the spell though. It refracted and scattered into the surrounding earth. They were now surrounded by some very healthy soil.

2007-11-19, 02:05 PM
Artemis takes note of what happened to her spell and smiles, this one was interesting to say the least. She listens to the sound of the music and asks. "You want to know who I am? Very well. Here I go by Artemis, Goddess of the Moon and the Hunt. Now who, or what, are you?" She asks, stepping closer.

2007-11-20, 10:28 AM
A tone of ringing chimes, falling from a high pitch to low, echoed as it touched the wind. Not a statement or much of anything but a sound of amusement. One born more of an ironic circumstance than any actual jest. Terumitsu put a hand upon the ground and pushed himself up to a sitting position. It was strange though, his blood had spilled all over his clothing but there was no sign of such. In fact, the pool itself had gone. There was a small rest and suddenly the air was filled with a slew of hollow, off-tones with a quiet yet maddening static underlaying it. Upon his face was an expression of mild concern before there was another static-like noise. He noiselessly exhaled as a band of light rippled from the base of his translucent wings to the tips of the feathers. Perhaps a sigh?
But then came a single sound, long and clear. It had no other sound to relate to yet all other sounds could relate to it as like a common ancestor or a mark that each note strove to be. It was abominable and yet beautiful, touching more than the simple things as ears as it could be felt and tasted and caressed and smelt and even evoked images of far spanning stars before one's eyes as it lightly echoed off one's soul.
It was impossible to misjudge.

2007-11-21, 11:20 AM
What a strange being. Moments ago, he was helpless, but now? No mortal could create such sounds, Artemis knew, this one was powerful, but how much so was a mystery to her.

2007-11-22, 02:48 AM
The single sound echoed pleasently and horribly away, the last holds of it filling the mind before fading away. She had gotten an answer. Though it was now he was fully coming back to the present. The music lingered just long enough for it to rebound and reach his own ears and he tensed at the sound of it. Had he been doing that? This thought was interrupted by the sight of a translucent wingtip just out of a corner of his eye. That was all the answer he needed. It would be foolish to ignore it all as it was now a matter of what to do from here... And all of the drastic ideas could be discounted right off. He knew he was ruined for magic for days at least. Or rather, he would rather not use much for a while. Overloads often do that to those who survive them... Which was a reminder, he needed to put up another tally for this one... And the watch had been working so well... Ah, it couldn't be helped.

And then there was what to do about his benefactor. His thoughts ran their course from there as he now gave Artemis the focus of his attention.

2007-11-24, 12:56 AM
Artemis tenses, wondering what his gaze could mean for her. The goddess stands proudly, although it was little more than a facade, as she did not understand who or what she was dealing with.