View Full Version : Are there any wand specialist base classes out there?

2014-01-23, 10:29 AM
I couldn't find any on the HB section. :smallfrown: Seems like it would be a great thing to try and I might even do it!

2014-01-23, 11:32 AM
What are you looking for that artificer doesn't do? That would be a good place to start

2014-01-23, 12:50 PM
Something that is sort of like the incantarix,but also grants a lot of special class abilities similar to the dual wanding feats, but improved the usages of spells for using wands.

Realms of Chaos
2014-01-23, 02:18 PM
So you want a class that is all about using expensive expendable items (minimum price 750 gp) from level 1? :smallconfused:

Outside of prestige class, you really kind of have to contend with the problem of having someone who can basically spam spells like sleep or color spray basically at will at level 1, which seems to be what you're after (even if you force them to "reserve their charges", the capability of going nova like that can really just break entire adventures in ways that normal low-level mages can't).

And that's not bringing up the other issues of magic item dependency. A campaign may not give you time to craft your own wands, meaning that you either need regular access to a "magic-mart" or need your DM to keep giving you every single wand you'd need.

Yeah, item-category-based classes aren't too common.

2014-01-23, 02:21 PM
Well, then I guess I better get to work :)

Realms of Chaos
2014-01-23, 02:33 PM
I recommend giving your class a limited spell list and charges per day to imbue onto "blank wands" that serve as foci, letting you keep the wand flavor at level 1 while ignoring the need for outside magic items and keeping the spell output reasonable. kind of a soul knife approach.

2014-01-24, 05:07 PM
That's what I was thinking as well. It would be horridly broken if they had access to everything across the board.

2014-01-29, 02:27 PM
Ok, I've been dabbling in this with my spare time, and I think the most important part to nail down before I go into anything else is the spell progression, before I get into anything about how this class goes into dealing with wands, and possibly rods/staves/scepters ect.

I was thinking of using the spell lists from Cleric and Wizard, to start. As the class increases in levels, perhaps at particular intervals, the class gains access to addition class spell lists, such as Wu-jen, Ranger, Paladin, and so on and so forth. When isn't important at this stage, just the path.

I think it is important to go with a "spell known" type of progression as well to control the access this class will have. We can leave the "per day or spell point" equivalent to the class features in relation to charges of the item it self.