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Lix Lorn
2014-01-23, 11:53 AM
Mindstars of Maj’Eyal
Mindstars are based on Tales of Maj’Eyal and remain the property of the creator.

The mindstars of Maj’Eyal are strange objects, that grow naturally from gems when flooded with natural energies. Excellent focuses for natural and psionic energies, they are powerful weapons in the hand of a knowledgeable wielder.

Mindstars are used like normal weapons, requiring a melee attack using strength (they are valid targets for Weapon Finesse). They suffer a -4 penalty if their wielder is nonproficient, and can cause a critical strike for increased damage.

They are light weapons, and do not suffer penalties in the off-hand. In addition, they reduce all Two-Weapon Fighting penalties made with them by one, and one attack may be made with the second mindstar whenever the first makes an attack alone.
So, you may TWF on standard attacks, charges, and AoOs.

Mindstars are strongest in the hands of psions*. A proficient character with a manifester level may treat any level that gives him an increase to his manifester level as if it gave his BAB an equal increase. In addition, these characters deal bonus damage equal to their class ability modifier (Usually Wisdom, sometimes Intelligence) on every attack with a Mindstar.
Channeling this energy is difficulty for those not trained in their use, so a character only receives the number of iterative attacks with Mindstar that they would receive if their BAB was equal to the total manifester level they have from classes which grant Mindstar proficiency. The Psiblades talent makes all Talent-using classes count as proficient with mindstar for this rule.
Mindstars are for Mindstar classes, not full casters. An Oozemancer 1/Psion 19 only makes one attack. An Oozemancer 6/Psion 14 would make two attacks. (But would be really, really suboptimal.)

Other wielders may still use full attacks to benefit from Haste, Speed, or similar effects.

However, they do have weaknesses. They do not function in an antipsionic field, and are affected by power resistance.
A pair of mindstars can be enchanted as a normal weapon for the cost of a single weapon. Its wielder must be as free to act as someone wielding any other weapon.
Mindstars are usually Psychokinesis or Telepathy effects.
Crafting a Mindstar is a difficult task, and while some are extravagantly beautiful, this has no effect on their abilities. Mindstars are always considered masterwork, but do not gain a bonus for this.

Proficiency Feat

Mindstar Proficiency
Prerequisites: Int, Wis, Or Cha 15, Knowledge (Psionics) OR (Nature) OR Psicraft 2 ranks
Benefit: You may use Maj’Eyal Mindstars without a nonproficiency penalty. If a psionicist, you may use your manifester level in place of your BAB, and deal bonus damage equal to your casting modifier.
Normal: attack roll is whut.

Mindstar Mastery
Prerequisites: Proficient with Mindstars, not entirely dead to nature and psionics.
Benefit: You may take the Psiblades, Thorn Grab, Leaves Tide and Nature’s Equilibrium talents whenever you may take a talent. If you already have access to these talents, you may choose one of them you do not possess but qualify for and take it now.
Psiblades (Su)
You may use your highest class ability modifier instead of your Dexterity modifier on attacks with mindstars. You increase your damage with mindstars by one size. For the purposes of using mindstars, all talent using classes you possess are considered to grant mindstar proficiency and manifester levels. In addition, you gain Two Weapon Fighting as a bonus feat, and may use Wisdom or Intelligence instead of Dexterity to qualify for any feat with TWF in its chain of prerequisites.

Thorn Grab (Su)
As a standard action, you strike out at a foe, dealing normal damage plus 1d3 nature damage per second ECL. The foe must make a fortitude save, or be slowed to half speed for (wis mod) rounds, suffering 1d4 nature damage each round.

You may use this ability once every 15-Con mod rounds, minimum 3.

Leaves Tide (Su)
As a full round action, you strike the ground with your weapon, causing an eruption of swirling leaves that tear at your foes and shield your allies.

For the next 1d4+wis mod rounds, foes within 5ft+5ft per second ECL suffer nature damage equal to your ECL. A successful reflex save negates this damage. If the weapon you use is a mindstar, you may add half of its damage to the damage dealt.
Allies within this range, including you, add your Wisdom modifier as a deflection bonus to AC.

You may use this talent once every 20-Wis mod rounds, minimum 5.

Nature’s Equilibrium (Su)
You strike a foe, touching an ally with your other hand.
As a full round action, make an attack against a foe within range. One adjacent ally (not you) is healed for an amount equal to the damage dealt.

This talent may be used once every 15-Wis mod rounds, minimum 4.
Normal: Gemstones are ineffective weapons. Unless you take my first ever PrC.

There are five basic ranks of mindstars. Basic mindstars are by far the most common, and can be wielded by anyone who knows how. More advanced mindstars require a certain manifester level, or have the effects of the most basic mindstar of their type.
As a rule, mindstars always weigh 2lb.
Their damage is unaffected by the size of the wielder. If an effect would increase a mindstar’s damage by one size, increase the die size by one. (d2>d3>d4>d6>d8>d10>d12.) If already at d12, add bonus damage equal to the number of dice instead.

The raw stats for each rank of mindstar are as follows.


Mossy Mindstar

Vined Mindstar

Thorny Mindstar

Pulsing Mindstar

Living Mindstar

Mindstar damage dice are either d8s, dealing Mind damage, or d6s, dealing Nature. Mossy mindstars are an exception, dealing d4s/d3s respectively.

Rare Mindstars
Of course, some famous weapons have specific rules. These rules may be added to new purchased or crafted weapons at a price, but do not easily coexist. Each of these rules added after the first adds 10% of the total price to the final cost.

Oozing Heart
A strange mindstar prized by Oozemancers, the original Oozing Heart was a +2 Pulsing Mindstar dealing nature damage. It also allowed the user to use the talent Slime Spit as if they knew it.
Slime Spit (Su)
As a standard action, you spit a vicious globule of slime that deals 1d6 nature damage per second ECL to a foe within 50ft+5ft/ECL. You must succeed on a ranged touch attack to hit. If you hit, you may make another attack roll at a different foe in range of that target. You may do this until you have struck (Wis mod) targets, or there are no targets left in range. Each foe may only be struck once.

You may use this ability once every 10-Con mod rounds, minimum 2.
Oozing Heart has an ML requirement of 15, and costs 15,000gp to buy, not counting any sentimental or historical factors in the price.

A more powerful or different mindstar could exist with the same slime affinity, adding 6,000gp to the price for a Nature mindstar, or 8,000gp for another.

A beautiful mindstar that is both pristine and gentle, the original Bloomsoul was a +1 Vined Mindstar dealing nature damage. It also allowed the user to use the talent Bloom Heal as if they knew it.
Bloom Heal (Su)
As a swift action, you gain a regeneration effect for eight turns. Each turn you heal HP equal to your wisdom modifier plus your ECL.

You may use this ability once every 25-Wis mod rounds, minimum 9.
Bloomsoul has an ML requirement of 7, and costs 5,600gp to buy, not counting any sentimental or historical factors in the price.

A more powerful or different mindstar could exist with the same healing blooms, adding 3,000gp to the price for a Nature mindstar, or 4,000gp for another.

Crafting Mindstars
Crafting a mindstar requires an ML equal to that needed to wield it (1 for Mossy Mindstars or 13 for Pulsing Mindstars), and requires half their base cost in materials. It takes four hours, plus one hour for each level of the base mindstar. Abilities that enhance the crafting of magic items enhance this too. A mindstar's statistics, including name, power and damage type, are determined when the mindstar is crafted. The school is also decided then.

*ToME Canonicity
In a game using the fluff of Maj’Eyal, psions stand as the guardians of nature, opposed to magical power. Thus, only manifester levels can fuel mindstars. In a game using these rules as an add-on to a normal setting, there is no reason caster levels or other supernatural effects couldn’t power mindstars.
Similarly, Maj’Eyal does not canonically contain mindstars dealing other types of damage, as they are associated only with nature and the mind. Similarly, expanding them to other damage types could open up new plot points. Physical, Cold, Electrical, Fire and Acid would have ten sided damage dice, Darkness and Light eight sided, and Blight or Arcane six sided.

Yes, this is ALSO mostly the same as my Fire Emblem Tomes. Yes, this means I’m working on a conversion for them too. Yes, this is useless until one of those classes exists. Oh well wheeeeee!

2014-01-24, 07:21 PM
This is interesting, definitely provides a better option to the gish side of psionic characters. Don't have enough time to consider the balance of it right now but I'll definitely give my thoughts later.

Lix Lorn
2014-01-27, 06:24 AM
Thanks. :)
I can totally recommend the game they're from, too.

2014-01-27, 10:07 AM
While I'm sure this is faithful to the source material, standard D&D doesn't use nature or mind damage. What you substitute for those?


Lix Lorn
2014-01-27, 10:52 AM
Hmm. Mind would probably be best as untyped, looking at things like Mind Thrust, while nature... really has no analogue. Some kind of physical damage, perhaps...

2014-01-27, 09:23 PM
The talents are too much of a direct conversion. ToME works much better with a cool down mechanic than D&D does (as the computer tracks it), and D&D rounds are way shorter than ToME rounds in the first place. It would probably work better to have the feat work like a tactical feat in CWar, with all of the 'talents' being options, and the power reflecting that. Similarly, healing is dramatically different between games, and makes Bloomsoul kind of ridiculous - it basically gives full out of combat healing, plus giving fairly substantial regeneration for all of most fights.

Nature and mind damage have similar issues. Given that nature is used for poisons in ToME the obvious analog is untyped damage with a critical effect that deals constitution damage. Mind can be similarly untyped.

The damage increase is also kind of iffy, as other weapons don't get the damage increases the way mindstars do, and they already benefit by being easy to dual wield. Connecting the types of mindstars to enchantment levels (and requiring psionic enchantments only) on top of a base damage is probably needed - unless you alter the other weapons to match the mindstars.

Lix Lorn
2014-01-28, 05:07 AM
I've been using cooldown mechanics in my classes for a while now, as it fits a couple of goals I've been trying to meet in my homebrew. (It provides you with more interesting things to do than 'I attack', and it means you do something different each round)

On healing, I absolutely agree. There's not really any way to convert healing from ToME without making out of combat healing easy. For DMs who dislike infinite out of combat healing, I'd change the 'rounds' in anything that heals to 'hours'.
(This will be made as a note when I do a cover sheet for the talent project)

As for the damage types, you're likely right, but that makes them much stronger.

All weapons will progress in the same way.