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Many walk the path of glory. Some choose the path of martial skill, some the path of shadow, some the path of faith, and others the path of knowledge and arcane power. Then there are those who forge their own path out of their own power, strengthed by their indominable will and, as some say, the might of gods. These are the heroes, the stuff legends are made of.

This is the culmination of a several month project, and is still far from finished.

The class is based on and inspired by the "Fighter-Hero of Legend" found at the end of this (https://sites.google.com/site/endhavenproject/gaming/d-d-3-5-fighter-analysis) essay. It's been played by my brother in the campaign I'm running, and I decided to re-work it a little. My objective was to introduce a degree of flexibility and choice in class design, unify the abilities into a coherent theme, and also maintain a fairly high (tier 3-ish) degree of power.

Many thanks for reading and (hopefully) putting forward criticism! I am still fairly inexperienced with...everything really.


Alignment: Heroes may be of any alignment, though they tend to have alignments in line with that of their deity.
Gods and Worship: Heroes nearly always revere a deity-those who do not ignore their divine heritage. Kord has many Heroes to his name, as do Pelor, Heironeous, Saint Cuthbert and Hextor.

Hit die: d10
Skills: At first level, a Hero has 4x(4+int mod) skill points. At each level up, he gains 4+int mod skill points.
Class Skills: The Hero's class skills are: Balance, Climb, Craft (all), Diplomacy, Gather information, Intimidate, Jump, Knowledge (history, local & 4 others of choice), Listen, Profession, Ride, Sense motive, Spot, Swim and Speak Language.

{table=head]Level |Base Attack |Fort |Ref |Will |Special |Mighty Blows |Mastery of Steel|Martial Masteries|Divine Sparks
1st|+1|+2|+0|+2|Martial Mastery, Sheer Might (Medium)|||1|-
2nd|+2|+3|+0|+3|Divine Spark, Unyielding, Speak with your Muscles|||1|1
3rd|+3|+3|+1|+3|Mighty Blows, Armor Mastery|2||2|1
4th|+4|+4|+1|+4|Mastery of Steel, Adaptive Combatant(1), Aspect|2|+1|2|2
5th|+5|+4|+1|+4|Armed Brawler(one handed), Heroic Stand(1)|2|+1|3|2
6th|+6/+1|+5|+2|+5|Blade Rush, Fearless|4|+1|3|3
7th|+7/+2|+5|+2|+5|Sheer Might(Large), Ever Vigilant|4|+1|4|3
8th|+8/+3|+6|+2|+6|Adaptive Combatant(2), Improved Adaptation|4|+2|4|4
9th|+9/+4|+6|+3|+6|Armed Brawler(two handed), Mastery of Body|6|+2|5|4
10th|+10/+5|+7|+3|+7|Indomitable(1), Heroic Stand(2), Unstoppable|6|+2|5|5
11th|+11/+6/+1|+7|+3|+7|Sheer Might(Huge), Greater Aspect|6|+2|6|5
12th|+12/+7/+2|+8|+4|+8|Adaptive Combatant(3), Indomitable(2)|8|+3|6|6
13th|+13/+8/+8|+8|+4|+8|God of War|8|+3|7|6
14th|+14/+9/+9|+9|+4|+9|Indomitable(3), Divine Heritage|8|+3|7|7
15th|+15/+10/+10|+9|+5|+9|Sheer Might(Gargantuan)|10|+3|8|7
16th|+16/+11/+11/+11|+10|+5|+10|Adaptive Combatant(4), Indomitable(4)|10|+4|8|8
17th|+17/+12/+12/+12|+10|+5|+10|Heroic Stand(3)|10|+4|9|8
18th|+18/+13/+13/+13|+11|+6|+11|Indomitable(5), Immortal Warrior|12|+4|9|9
19th|+19/+14/+14/+14|+11|+6|+11|Sheer Might(Colossal), Mythic Aspect|12|+4|10|9
20th|+20/+15/+15/+15|+12|+6|+12|Adaptive Combatant(5), Indomitable(6), Ascension|12|+5|10|10[/table]

Weapon and Armor Proficiency: A Hero is proficient with all simple and martial weapons. A Hero is proficient with light, medium and heavy armors and all shields (including tower shield).

Martial Mastery: No two Heroes fight the same. Over their journey they gain martial skill that puts common warriors to shame. At every odd level (1st, 3rd, 5th, etc.) The Hero chooses one Martial Mastery, a special talent representing the Hero's physical prowess and skill.

Divine Spark: While their skill at arms is impressive, Heroes are renowned for their divine blood, and the supernatural power it grants them. At every even level (2nd, 4th, 6th, etc.) The Hero chooses one Divine Spark, an ability drawing power from his divine heritage.

Aspect: Heroes gradually build a connection with the primal, driving forces of reality, taking upon themselves the qualities of these aspects. At 4th level, a Hero chooses one Basic Aspect. At level 11, the Hero gains the Greater Aspect power of his original aspect, and chooses one additional Basic Aspect. At 19th level, the Hero gains the Mythic Aspect power of his original aspect, the Greater Aspect power of the Basic Aspect chosen at level 11, and chooses one additional Basic Aspect

Sheer Might(Ex): Heroes are more powerful than those around them. Heroes are destined to butt heads with Dragons and live. When you gain this ability, you gain a size bonus on all strength checks where a size bonus/penalty applies, and are treated as being that size category for the purposes of weight limits and carrying capacity. However, your size bonus on opposed strength checks is limited depending on the size of your opponent. Your size bonus on opposed strength checks cannot exceed your enemies size bonus +4, unless your natural size bonus exceeds this limit. For example, a human Hero with Sheer Might (huge) would gain the full +8 bonus on opposed strength checks against an ogre (size large), but would only gain a +4 bonus on opposed strength checks against another human.

Unyielding(Ex): Heroes do not back down. Beginning at 2nd level, a hero may add his Constitution modifier to will saves in place of his Wisdom modifier, if it is an improvement.

Speak With Your Muscles(Ex): Heroes are exceptionally persuasive, possibly due to the air of power that emanates from them. Beginning at 2nd Level, a Hero may add his Strength modifier to charisma based checks in place of his charisma modifier, if it is an improvement.

Mighty Blows(Ex): Steel, bone, flesh and stone crumble beneath the unbridled might of a Hero's blows. Beginning at third level, you bypass 2 points of damage reduction/hardness with your physical attacks. The amount bypassed increases by 2 every third level (6th, 9th, 12th, etc.).

Armor Mastery(Ex): As a Hero gains strength, once heavy armor becomes little more than a nuisance. Beginning at third level, a Hero reduces armor check penalties imposed by armor and shields he used by an amount equal to his Strength modifier. He also increases the maximum dexterity bonus of any armor he wears by an an amount equal to his Strength modifier divided by 2. If the Hero's Strength bonus is greater than 3, he treats all armor he wears as being one size category smaller than it is, and if his Strength bonus is greater than 6, he treats all armor as light armor.

Adaptive Combatant(Ex): A Hero can change tactics at a moment's notice, drawing on his inherent ability to accomplish feats of skill that take others years to master. Beginning at 4th level, Once per encounter a Hero may assume a number of feats drawn from the fighter bonus feat list equal to his Hero level/4, rounding down. This ability is a swift action. He may ignore ability prerequisites of feats, but must meet all other prerequisites. He loses the benefits of these feats at the end of the encounter.

Mastery of Steel(Ex): Any weapon, from a masterfully crafted sword, to a simple club, to a brick can be a deadly weapon in the hands of a Hero. Beginning at 4th level, all weapons wielded by a hero are treated as magic for overcoming damage reduction, and all weapons, armor and shields wielded by him gain an enhancement bonus equal to his Hero level divided by four, rounding down.

Armed Brawler(Ex): Heroes were born for the chaos of battle, and have learned to use their weapons while locked in the throes of melee. Beginning at 5th level, a Hero may wield and use any one handed weapon while grappled, as though it were a light weapon. He cannot wield it in two hands. At 9th level, this ability improves, allowing a Hero to wield two-handed weapons while grappled.

Heroic Stand(Ex): Heroes throughout myth and legend have held the line against impossible odds time and time again, fighting on where others would fall. Beginning at 5th level, once per day when a Hero takes damage that would bring his hit points below zero, he is healed to half normal hit points, even if the damage would have killed him. This effect requires no activation. At levels 10 and 17, this ability can trigger one additional time per day.

Blade Rush(Ex): Heroes are capable of bringing their full might to bear on the move. Beginning at 6th level, a Hero may make a full attack as an attack action.

Fearless(Ex): Heroes know that fear is not the mind's method of self-defense, but the mind's method of escape. At 6th level, a Hero becomes immune to fear effects.

Ever Vigilant (Ex): While his companions rest their weary bodies, the Hero stands guard, protecting his comrades. He needs no such rest. At 7th level, a Hero no longer needs to sleep, and becomes immune to magical sleep effects.

Improved Adaptation(Ex): Heroes are not simple brutes; they are capable of adapting to just about anything. Beginning at 8th level, a hero may use his adaptive combatant ability to assume any feat that he meets the requirements for, but non-fighter feats count as assuming two feats.

Mastery of Body (Ex): Legends tell of Heroes who would go days on end with no sustenance of any form, sustaining themselves on willpower alone as they fight onward. At 9th level, A Hero no longer needs to eat or drink, and can survive without air for a number of hours equal to his constitution score multiplied by three.

Indomitable(Ex): Heroes cannot be stopped. Fate itself intervenes on his behalf, shifting the currents of fate to better suit the Hero's wishes. Beginning at 10th level, a Hero may expend a use of this ability to ignore the effects of any spell or ability acting against his interests. This ability starts with one use per day at tenth level; another daily use is gained at every even level after 10th (12th, 14th, etc.)

Unstoppable (Ex): Nothing can hold back a Hero's movement. At 10th level, a hero may ignore any effect that would directly impair his movement as though continuously under the effects of Freedom of Movement, except he can still be grappled as normal.

God of War(Ex): Heroes are born to rule, and their kingdom is the field of battle. At 13th level, a Hero gains a number of combat related benefits. All extra attacks gained from having a high base attack bonus are made at a minus 5 penalty, rather than at -5/-10/-15, as shown in the class table.

Divine Heritage(Su): Long dormant divine power now surges to the surface,

Immortal Warrior: Death is trivial by comparison to the glory of a Hero. Beginning at 18th level, a Hero cannot die. Should he take damage that would kill him, or suffer from any effect that would end his life, he enters an inert state during which he cannot be harmed, but cannot take any action. He remains in this state for 24 hours, after which time he returns to life as though effected by True Resurrection.

Ascension: The Hero's long dormant spark of divinity ignites. At 20th level, a Hero sheds the bonds of mortality, steps off the path of glory, and begins to walk the path of Godhood.
Stuck again. I'm not sure what to do here. I want it to be sufficiently awesome, yet unique. I thought about the frequently used "you become an outsider" idea, but I found it lacking the degree of "awesome" I would expect out of a capstone. I could really use some help on this one.

To be continued! Again, I am far from done here! :smallbiggrin:

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Martial Masteries

Martial Masteries are special abilities representing a Hero's outstanding combat ability. All Martial Masteries are Extraordinary abilities unless explicitly defined otherwise. A hero must meet all prerequisites of a mastery before taking it

Some abilities reference Effective Hero Level (EFL), which is your hero level+1/2 levels in other classes.

Guardian's Sword
Prerequisites: Shield Proficiency, Hero level 3
When wielding a one handed melee weapon and a shield, you may treat the one handed weapon as a two handed weapon for all purposes, gaining 1.5xSTR mod to damage, increased power attack returns, and so on. You do not gain this benefit if two weapon fighting or if the weapon is a light weapon.

Insurmountable Bastion
Prerequisites: Guardian's Sword, Hero level 7
Whenever you attack an opponent, whether or not the attack hits, the opponent is "marked" until the beginning of your next turn. If a marked enemy that you threaten attacks an ally, it provokes an attack of opportunity from you, and takes a penalty on the attack roll equal to EHL/2, rounding down. A single enemy can only provoke one attack of opportunity in this way each round, though the penalty on attack rolls applies to all attacks against allies.

Wrath of the Wardancer
Prerequisites: Two Weapon Fighting, Hero level 3
When dual wielding, you reduce two-weapon fighting penalties by 2, and may add your full STR bonus to damage on off-hand attacks.

Furious Storm of Steel
Prerequisites: Wrath of the Wardancer, Hero level 7
When dual wielding, you may make an attack with your off-hand weapon at any time you would make an attack with your main-hand weapon, at the same base attack bonus. This ability replaces the effects of Improved Two Weapon Fighting and Greater Two Weapon Fighting. If you have taken either of these feats, you may retrain them for free upon taking this ability.

Mighty Thews
Prerequisites: Power Attack, Hero level 3
While wielding a two-handed melee weapon or a one handed melee weapon in both hands, you may add 2xSTR bonus to damage instead of 1.5x STR bonus.

Perfect Shot
Prerequisites: Point blank shot, Hero level 3
You may add your dexterity modifier to damage on ranged weapon attacks. In addition, you gain precise shot as a bonus feat.

God's Fist
Prerequisites: Improved Unarmed Strike, Power Attack
You learn a special unarmed fighting technique focused on delivering a small number of powerful blows, rather than a flurry of weaker attacks. When fighting unarmed, you may attack as though your unarmed attacks were from a two handed weapon, gaining 1.5x STR Bonus on damage, increased return on power attack, and so on. Your unarmed strikes deal damage as indicated in the table below.

This ability cannot be used if two weapon fighting, or during a flurry of blows.


Heroic Skill
You gain 5 skills of choice as class skills, and gain extra skill points equal to 6+2xHero level. You also gain 2 additional skill points every time you take another level of Hero.

Hold up the Sky
Prerequisites: Hero level 9
Your strength and constitution scores are treated as being twice their normal value when calculating carrying weight, bonuses to Strength and Constitution checks and skill checks (but not cha-based checks based off STR due to Speak With Your Muscles). Also, your are treated as being the size category listed under your Sheer Might ability for calculating carrying capacity. At EHL 14, your strength scores are treated as 4 times as high as normal.

Monumental Power
Prerequisites: none
You gain the powerful build ability. You are treated as being one size category higher than you would be normally in all situations where such would be beneficial, except for reach. At EHL 9, you are treated as 2 size categories larger.

Rite of the Wanderer
Prerequisites: none
You are never hindered, slowed down or harmed by natural terrain, except for extreme conditions like lightning strikes or the effects of lava, though you only take half damage form such effects. This allows you to move through rough terrain and thick undergrowth at full speed, ignore hot or cold conditions as though under an endure elements spell, and breathe underwater. At EHL 9, you no longer take any damage from any natural terrain or effect, and can share the endure elements effect as well as the ability to not be slowed down by natural terrain with up to EHL other characters.

Impossible Leap
Prerequisites: Hero level 5
You may, as a move action, jump up to your full land speed in any direction. You also never take fall damage. At EHL 11, you gain

Shatter the Air

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Divine Spark

Divine sparks are supernatural abilities the Hero learns over his career. They do not provoke attacks of opportunity unless specifically stated. A hero must meet all prerequisites of a Divine Spark before taking it.

Some abilities reference Effective Hero Level (EHL), which is your hero level+1/2 levels in other classes.

Mantle of the Hero
Prerequisites: none
You gain spell resistance equal to 10+EHL+Con mod. You may lower or raise your spell resistance as a free action, even if it is not your turn. If you already possess spell resistance from another source, you gain spell resistance equal to 13+EHL+Con mod instead.

Soul Forge
Prerequisites: Hero level 4, Craft (weaponsmith or armorsmith) 6 ranks
You have watched arcane practitioners imbue mystic power into weaponry, and have discovered that the secret lies not in the spells, but in the soul. You gain Craft Magic Arms and Armor as a bonus feat. You are considered to meet all requirements when making magic weapons and armor, and are treated as having a caster level equal to your EHL when crafting magic arms and armor. In addition, you craft magic weapons and armor twice as quickly as normal, and only pay half the normal experience cost for making magic items. However, you may only enchant weapons and armor that you have crafted with your own hands. As a final benefit, you gain a bonus on all craft checks equal to your EHL, and craft mundane items twice as fast.

Soul Blade
Prerequisites: Soul Forge
Having mastered the art of imbuing steel with magic power, you have learned that the steel itself is unnecessary. You gain the ability to create a magic weapon out of your own soul. By taking one hour in quiet meditation to mentally construct the weapon, you can create a magic item of your choice. The weapon has an enhancement bonus equal to your EHL divided by three. You may add weapon effects to the soul blade totaling a bonus equal to your EHL/3. Once a soul blade is created, it can be summoned into your hands as a free action, and un-summoned as a free action. The soul blade dissipates one round after leaving your hand, and cannot be wielded by anyone other than you. If you have the Two Weapon Fighting feat and your soul blade is a light melee weapon, you can summon two identical blades, one in each hand.

Wings of Glory
Prerequisites: Hero level 8
You gain a set of wings that grant you a fly speed of 40 feet (average maneuverability). The wings may look however you like, but their appearance never impacts their function. At EHL 12, the speed increases by 20 feet and the maneuverability improves to good.

Divine Inspiration
Prerequisites: None
You gain the ability to call upon your patron for guidance. By spending 10 minutes in quiet prayer and meditation, you can produce an augury effect, as the spell. Your deity is generally willing to help and will answer with a meaningful reply 90% of the time, but using this ability more than once per day causes your god to become impatient, decreasing the probability of success by 20% for every use beyond the first. At EHL 8, this ability instead provides a divination effect, as the spell.

Perfect Destruction
Prerequisites: Hero level 16
As a standard action, you may attempt to annihilate your target with a single blow. As part of this ability, make a single attack. If the attack hits, the targeted creature must make a Fortitude save (DC 10+1/2EHL+Str mod) or be destroyed instantly, regardless of creature type. living creatures die, undead are destroyed, constructs collapse, and so on. Even if the save is successful, the target takes normal damage from the attack plus 8d6 extra damage. This ability can be used a number of times per day equal to your constitution modifier.

Flash Step
Prerequisites: Hero level 6
As a move action, you may instantly teleport, with no chance of error, to any location within 50ft + 5ft/EHL. At EHL 12, this ability can be used as a swift action, and the range is doubled.

Fortune of the gods
Prerequisites: none
You gain a luck bonus on all saving throws equal to your highest mental ability modifier, to maximum of EHL/2

Voice of the Master
Prerequisites: none
You may speak and read any language, even secret or hidden languages, as though effected by a tongues spell. At EHL 6, you gain the ability to communicate freely with any creature with an intelligence score.

Awakening of Steel
Prerequisites: Hero level 4
Choose weapon and armor enhancements totaling an effective bonus of EHL/4. These bonuses are automatically applied to any weapon or armor you wield/wear, so long as that enhancement is compatible with that weapon or armor, and are removed 1 round after leaving your possession. If an enhancement is incompatible with a weapon or armor, it gains no benefit. These enhancements can be re-picked with 30 minutes of meditation and focus, requiring the same conditions needed for preparing spells (quiet, free of distractions, etc.).

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Aspects are powers gained from a strong connection with the fundamental forces of reality.

Aspect of Flame
You can feel the power of fire coursing through you, empowering your spirit and body with its power.
Basic: You gain fire resistance equal to your Hero level divided by 2, and gain a bonus on CHA based checks equal to your Hero level divided by 3
Greater: Your fire resistance improves: you gain fire resistance equal to your Hero level instead. You can also imbue your attacks with fire. All physical attacks you make deal 1d6+1/2 Hero level additional fire damage, half of which is unaffected by fire resistance, as the fire is the manifestation of your will and not strictly fire.
Mythic: You gain immunity to fire, and can summon a greater fire elemental once per day as a full round action. The elemental stays for 8 hours, and follows all commands given to it. If the elemental is slain, it can be summoned again the next day.

Aspect of Sky
The wind blows through you, coursing through your body and granting you the speed and grace of the wind.
Basic: Your base land speed increases by half your hero level multiplied by 5. Also, your ref save progression for Hero levels improves to good.
Greater: You gain a fly speed equal to 1.5x your land speed, with average maneuverability. If you already have a fly speed from another source, you can choose to loose that speed and gain the above speed, or increase the other fly speed by 30 ft and improve its manueverability by one step. You also gain a bonus to initiative equal to your highest mental ability modifier.
Mythic: You can dissolve into the wind as a swift action. This is treated as the gaseous Form spell with the following differences. Your fly speed is equal to your normal fly speed, not 10 feet. Your damage reduction is 15/- instead of 10/magic, and you can act on objects as a powerful gust of wind would be able to.

Aspect of Stone
Your skin is hard as rock, your bones are hardened granite, your mind stubborn as the hardest stone.
Basic: You gain DR/- equal to your constitution modifier.
Greater: All physical attacks you make bypass damage reduction and hardness as though made of adamantium. Also, you gain Powerful Build: You are treated as being one size larger than normal whenever it would be beneficial, except for reach.

Aspect of Ocean
Even if the gargantuan expanse of the limitless ocean is far away, you can still feel its mighty waves crashing within your mind and body.
Basic: When wearing light or no armor, you may add your highest mental ability modifier to your AC. This ability does not function if you are helpless, but the AC bonus applies to touch and flat footed AC.
Greater: You gain a swim speed equal to your land speed, and can breathe water as easily as air. Also, whenever an opponent misses you with a melee attack, you may make a 5 ft step.

Aspect of Might
All heroes are strong. You are a paragon of might, shaming even the strongest of men with your sheer, unbridled power.
Basic: Your strength score increases by 2 permanently, and you gain Powerful Build: You are treated as being one size larger than normal whenever it would be beneficial, except for reach.
Greater: You bypass twice as much DR/hardness with Mighty blows, and your Sheer Might ability improves: you are now treated as being that size for all opposed strength checks, regardless of your opponent's size, and you are treated as being that size for determining carrying capacity and encumbrance.
Mythic: Your unsurpassed physical might has given you the ability to surpass even the greatest of defenses. Walls and cities will crumble beneath the might of your fists. You ignore all damage reduction and hardness with all physical attacks. Also, as a standard action you may attempt to utterly demolish an inanimate object. This attack automatically hits, and deals three times normal damage to the object. If the object is a part of a large structure, the damage is also dealt to all sections of the structure within 10ft per Hero level of the point of impact.

Aspect of Life:
Your body is bursting with unbridled life energy, healing your wounds with unbelievable speed.
Basic: You gain fast healing equal to your Hero level divided by two.
Greater: You can reattach or even regrow severed body parts. Holding a lost body part to the stump reattaches it instantly, but it takes 10 minutes to regenerate a lost body part. In addition, you can grant a portion of your fast healing to your allies. As a standard action, you may grant any number of allies fast healing, decreasing your fast healing value by the total amount shared with your allies. This fast healing lasts for one hour, but can be repeated without limit.
Mythic: Your incredible life force has become so great that you have become a fundamental part of the world around you. A force of pure life. When your Immortal Warrior "triggers", you come out of stasis after 1 minute instead of 24 hours. Also, you can, as a standard action, send out a pulse of life energy that heals your allies. This ability works like Mass Heal, with a caster level equal to your Hero level. However, using this ability reduces your fast healing to 1 for ten minutes, during which time this ability cannot be used again.

Aspect of Void
The infinite nothingness of the void claws at your mind, slowly wearing away your sanity, yet granting you bizarre power drawn from the plane of perfect nothingness.
Basic: You

Aspect of Spirit
All around you, you can feel the presence of the innumerable spirits of the world. You call upon them to aid you, granting you the power of the ancients.

Aspect of Light
The purity of elemental light emanates from within your soul.

Aspect of Death
Death is easily one of the least understood parts of reality, but one you understand quite well. You are the balancing hand of fate, the force of cold, unfeeling death.

Aspect of Mind

Aspect of Arcana

Aspect of Knowledge

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Bump and huge edits

Over the last while I've finished writing out most of the class, and I'm working on more martial masteries and Divine Sparks. I aim to have a minimum of twenty of each, to allow for a variety of options.

2014-01-28, 12:33 AM
First mighty blows is over powered against dr/- which tends to be smaller. So I would limit that to 1 per increase, or 6 by level 20.

Martial Masteries could benefit from a archer option or some other ranged combat option. I would also suggest a mounted combat option. From their add a second bonus to each option with a second mastery. I would also consider a skill mastery along the lines of pick a skill, it becomes a class skill add 5 to all rolls of the skill.

For the capstone I would suggest something like. For 5 rounds a day or while pursuing a goal in line with your patron deities ideals. While in pursuit of this idea you may double your move, count 1 attack a turn as a hit or one hit as a crit (vorpal will not trigger), and one hit on you as a miss. You may use this ability for one day while pursuing the the patrons ideal afterward you can not use it for 1 week. (I kind of see this as a dedicated power in intelligent items.)

2014-01-28, 12:47 AM
First things first, thanks for the feedback.

First mighty blows is over powered against dr/- which tends to be smaller. So I would limit that to 1 per increase, or 6 by level 20.

Alright, I'll shift around some numbers. I almost want to make it scale off strength, but that would get out of hand quickly.

Martial Masteries could benefit from a archer option or some other ranged combat option. I would also suggest a mounted combat option. From their add a second bonus to each option with a second mastery. I would also consider a skill mastery along the lines of pick a skill, it becomes a class skill add 5 to all rolls of the skill.

Noted on to-do list for Martial Masteries. Forgot about the possibility of mounted combat. The skill mastery idea is interesting, but I feel it lacks the, for lack of a better term, awesomeness to justify using one of ten ability slots to take it. Of course, that depends on what I come up with for the other abilities

For the capstone I would suggest something like. For 5 rounds a day or while pursuing a goal in line with your patron deities ideals. While in pursuit of this idea you may double your move, count 1 attack a turn as a hit or one hit as a crit (vorpal will not trigger), and one hit on you as a miss. You may use this ability for one day while pursuing the the patrons ideal afterward you can not use it for 1 week. (I kind of see this as a dedicated power in intelligent items.)

That seems interesting, and fitting with the class. I personally feel the need to simplify it a little, but that might just be me. Of course, often when I try to simplify it only makes it more complicated >_<

I won't be working too much on this in the next week, too much madness with school and robots and such for me to be spending a lot of time on this.