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2014-01-25, 11:33 AM
Hey guys I am thinking of trying to make my next 4E campaighn simular to the leathality of earlier editions. And also emphasise the out of combat realism.

How about this.


Dying: When you enter dying you die after 3 saving throws as normal. However until you recover you are effected by one of these effects until you recover (After an extended rest).

Critical Hits: Same as dying however only until end of the encounter or until you are healed by a power such as holy word or someone performs a hard healing check on you.

Roll 1D6 to determine where the killing blow happened.

1-2: Legs: You are permently slowed (Duo to limping)
3: Right Arm: Your primary arm is broken, to cast spells or use your main weapon. Take a -2 penalty to attack rolls if you decide to use your off hand to wield your weapon or wand. (Exception to the off hand rule)
4: Right arm:Shield arm is broken, cannot use two handed weapons, use a shield or fight with two weapons.
5: Chest: Most your strength comes from your body therefore you are weakened.
6: Head: You have been badly battered in the head and the pain distracts you. You are dazed.

Short Rest
You cannot spend healing surges, but can catch your breath renewing your encounter powers. Healers can use any encounter powers they had left from the previous encounter. They can also use the encounter healing powers for the next fight early if they want to heal people up.

Extended Rest
You recover healing surges equal to 1+your constitution modifer.

No longer get trained skills. You get 5* the number of skills you would have got. Each skill has 5 ranks with each rank giving a +1 bonus. You can also spend 2 skill points to gain 1 rank in a skill you do not have on your list. Represents that not everything is the same and you might have a fighter who was raised by a wizard and therefore trained in arcana.

Monster hit points cut in half and the damage doubled.

Brute: 12+5*level
Soldier, Skirmisher, Controller:12+4*level

12+2*level (Brutes deal 25% more, encounter powers 50% more)

This should mean at 1st level an Orc Brute has 17 hit points and deals 2D6+10 damage
with his axe and 4D6+12 with his encounter power big smash.

At level 30 the same Orc Brute has 162 hit points and his axe deals 6D12+33. his big smash deals 10D12+41

Critical hits remain the same.

Now what do people think of this is it unbalanced with all the encounter powers and reducing combat to about 4 rounds?