View Full Version : Day of Defeat/Counterstrike : Warcraft 3 FT mod!

2007-01-25, 12:53 PM
I have been playing a DoD war3ft server for awhile, it is so fun.
Anyone else play it? p.s. DoD is a half life mod, a ww2 fps, and counterstrike is a modern/90s anti-terror fps, both are online only.

It ads a neat rpg element to the FPS action, not to mention, Nazi undead v.s. american human alliance. Which is just sweet when you play it.:smallamused:

I only have 1 DoD war3ft server, if someone else knows one that would help.:smallbiggrin:

p.s. here is me steam account info, i'm lloking for friends:
account name: th3soulreaper
DoD in-game name: warrior_monk721
CS: warrior_monk[721]