View Full Version : 40th Anniversary

2014-01-26, 11:37 AM
I heard in a podcast that today marks the 40th anniversary of the beginning of D&D. How are you celebrating?

Lord of Shadows
2014-01-26, 12:11 PM
We are having a "pot luck," everyone is bringing food, and not just snacks like usual but real, honest to goodness, food. And I have some old-schoolishness planned for the adventure today.

If anyone is wondering what this is about, check Jon Peterson's "Playing at the World" blog here (http://playingattheworld.blogspot.com/2013/12/when-dungeons-dragons-turns-40.html) and here (http://playingattheworld.blogspot.com/2014/01/history-of-d-in-12-treasures.html).

I can only find one anniversary-related sale, Pelgrane Press has a deal on its 13th Age PDF over at RPGNow.

Joe the Rat
2014-01-26, 01:46 PM
Sadly, both of my weekend games were on hold due to two different DMs (my online game, local Dads & Daughters) dealing with moves.

I may coax the family into a nice friendly game of Dungeon! in lieu of a proper game.

2014-01-26, 02:59 PM
Lasagna, ice cream and booze with my girlfriend. No games, though. That will have to wait until Wednesday.

2014-01-26, 04:13 PM
Making up a character for a new game of Pathfinder.

2014-01-26, 08:42 PM
While I'm not playing the current rule set, I really am very appreciative of the game (even curious about the new edition coming out soon.) It's been a part of my life since I got the Red Box 1st edition some time in the early 80's.
It's influenced so many things and interests, made me a number of like-minded friends, and inspired my wife creatively in her writing and artwork!
No "celebrations" today but next weekend I play in my Pathfinder campaign. The weekend after is a gaming convention. All things that might not be in my life if not for D&D. Thanks Gygax/Arneson!