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Totally Guy
2007-01-25, 02:50 PM
Don't you just hate it when one player is on a killing spree destroying everything in their path while you end up throwing 1s and 2s and can't seem to kill anything that comes up?

I was Belkar this time and my opponent was Roy, Roy had got all his good shticks out and Belkar only had a couple, it was really bad as Roy was always a floor ahead and I had no NPC support, eventually Roy got to Xykons lair and Belkar was locked out as he'd not got the Shtick requirements to enter.

It all started to turn around when I drew a broken weapon when there was only one card left in the Xykon battle deck, we both knew it was Xykon, so that battle I smashed Roy's weapon and made him retreat.

On the way up he met me and I started stabbing for bonus damage killing him. I got his starmetal (which was lucky as he'd unequipped it). Then I hung out on floor 3, killing monsters until Roy came back. Then I killed him again, by this point I had access to Xykon and had the advantage of knowing he'd appear in the next new room. 1 turn of Hide 1 turn of Daggers of Doom and he was toast.

It was the sweetest of victories as Roy was still strong, and I'd traded some of my loot for Shticks midgame and I beat him by 1 point.

2007-01-25, 10:40 PM
not only a good victory story but also played in character :)