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2014-01-27, 10:05 PM
Hello. I'm now here to present some homebrew things i did for my Wayfarer games (Microlite20, but better).


Slave base class
Slaves are everywhere, whether is be the tyrannical ogre or a religion with good intentions. They are usually bought by nobles, in which case theyre sometimes dressed in fine robes, for appearances, but slave traders often have slaves with them. Slaves of low level tend to be either young, or they're cooks and laborers. Slaves of higher level tend to be either experienced sex slaves or gladiators.
Can use of simple weapons, and light shields and armor. They have a +3 bonus to Physical. Once a day, they may go from exhausted to fatigued or from fatigued to normal without resting. They only require half the rest to go recover from exhaustion or fatigue. A slave may choose one narrow subskill (pottery craft might be a subskill of physical) in which they excel. They may add half their class level to any checks made for that skill.
"Resolved" with the help of Roberto Kingsley (https://www.facebook.com/groups/microlite20/permalink/10152003976502771/?stream_ref=2).


Kalabath, the gigantic lamia race. They are fair-haired and have four arms. They are very dexterous. They are noted for their gamblers and navigators. They are well-known for their dangerous poisons. They worship a single hermaphroditic deity who works via assorted servants and messengers. They believe the powers that be are generally distant and uninvolved in their lives. Most religious observation is very disordered and disorganized. They are intimately connected to an important prophecy.
Kalabath gets +2 DEX and AC+1, 1 extra action per turn.

Dark Elves, old inhabitants of underworld. They have brown skin, white or silver hair and eyes whose color is either a variation of red or blue. They aren't evil as old tales details or accuses them. Have been slaves in the past, and they still are hunted as such in some regions of the world.
Maximum age of 210 and adulthood at 15, old at 160.
Favorite language: Franxa (french).
Dark Elves get STR+2 and DEX+2 and -1 to 2 skills.

Dinastos, the race of tiger-people. They have an affinity for mountains. They worship a single goddess who works via assorted servants and messengers. Their government is a representative democracy. They control a mountainous city-state. They came from another world.
Dinastos get DEX +2 and +2 mountain lore and exercises related checks (as Climb and Knowledge).


Fey Wood is a special type of wood found only on forests which Fairy Slaughtering took place; only weapons of this material can be made. When a Fey Wood weapon strikes a creature of the Fairy family, or those with blood connections with Fairy creatures, +2d6 damage is added to the total. It can be found on 3 Stars Ateliers, extracted from Fey Trees with a Know+Mind check (DC 20) plus a Phys+Mind check (12+character's STR bonus) or in Abnormal Reprodutive Ent's lairs.

Ammunition = +100gp
1 handed weapon = +3000gp
2 handed weapon = +6000gp