View Full Version : Mabinogi alchemist archetype?

2014-01-28, 12:25 PM
over the years Ive come to have a good fondness for Mabinogi's alchemist set of skills and I would love to find a way to bring it to pathfinder, perhaps as an alchemist archetype if not a full on alternate class. however I dont have any idea where to start or how id go about it. any ideas? heres some links to the basic equipment and abilities. the whole idea behind this class Is taking more the scientific approach to magic of the standard pathfinder alchemist and gearing it more towards outward affecting abilities then ones that affect the self, less apothecary, more mad chemist.

cylinders (used in conjunction with elemental crystals of four classical elements)

Basic summary:

Can anyone offer some pointers of how i could bring this to life in pathfinder?