View Full Version : Real Easy Fighter Fix [Feat, Silly, PEACH]

2014-01-29, 02:22 PM
Fighter levels: Every character has a "Fighter level" equal to half their BAB.

Born Fighter [Fighter]
You are a born, trained psycho killer.
Prerequisites: BAB +1, must be taken on or before the first level of the chosen class.
Benefit: Select a class with full BAB; add half your levels in that class to your Fighter level.

2014-01-29, 08:46 PM
Lemme make sure I've got this correct...

So everyone basically gets all fighter goodies, bonus feats and all, equal to half their level, and if they take this new feat and go 20 levels in that, they have a fighter level equal to their class level?

If so...
I don't think it's so much fixing fighter as much as it is making it utterly redundant.

Though the idea has some merit, if only to give more feats to the feat starved, though it could VERY easily get ludicrous rather quickly.

Also, "born killer" doesn't quite seem right. Maybe something like "Military mind" or "born for battle"

2014-01-30, 08:44 PM
Where is the blue text?

While interesting, and something I've certainly never seen or thought of doing, this doesn't fix the fighter, this just makes every character dip in something like Barbarian 2 or something.