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2014-01-29, 05:31 PM
Meant for use with Dreamscarred Press's Paths of War supplement. I may make a 3.5 compatible version in the future.

As long as there has been magic, warriors have cursed opponents who wield it, denying them victory with near-impunity. In spite of a life-time of training, a single spell could turn victory into defeat. The Spellreaver martial discipline was forged in order to level the playing field, and once more put the fear of the blade into those who would use magic. Its disciples are those who would seek to combat magic-users; although there are those in its ranks who despise all spellcasters, not all shun arcanely skilled allies. Spellreaver's associated skill is Spellcraft, and its weapon groups are light blades, heavy blades and bows.

1st Level
Discern Resistance: Counter - Make Spellcraft check in place of save vs. spells
Ward Piercing Strike: Strike - Negate Deflection bonus to AC.

2nd Level
Disenchanting Edge: Strike - Make a Spellcraft check: on a successful hit, end one spell affecting target.
Disrupting Aura: Stance - Increase DC for targets you threaten to cast defensively .

3rd Level
Nemesis Blade: Boost - For one round, your weapons deal Force damage.
Spellbreaker: Strike - Make one attack. If it hits, opponent cannot cast spell for one round.

4th Level
Greater Disenchanting Edge: Strike - Make a Spellcraft check: on a successful hit, deal 4d6 additional damage and end multiple spell effects on the target.
Resonating Strike: Strike - Make a Spellcraft check vs opponents AC: If successful, attack deals an extra 1d6 damage for every spell effect active on target.
Spell Armor: Stance - Gain Spell Resistance equal to 10 + your ranks in Spellcraft.

5th Level
Spell Parry: Counter - When an opponent cast a spell on you, make a Spellcraft check. If successful, spell effects original caster.
Spell Seize: Strike - Make one attack. If hit, opponent loses 1d4 spell slots.

6th Level
Void Dance: Stance - Create an Antimagic Field around you.

7th Level:

8th Level:

9th Level:

2014-01-29, 05:36 PM
Maneuvers By Level:

Level 1:
Discern Resistance
Spellreaver (Counter)
Level 1
Initiation Action: Immediate
Range: Personal
Target: You
Duration: Instant

By analyzing the spell being cast, the Spellreaver disciple gets a better chance at avoiding its effects. This counter lets the disciple make a Spellcraft check in place of a single saving throw vs. a spell, spell-like ability, or supernatural ability.

Ward-Piercing Strike
Spellreaver (Stance)

2014-01-30, 11:32 PM
It's good to see ToB-style work. Just a few thoughts so far from skimming your work.

I think Disrupting Aura should be a level 1 stance, depending on the numbers.

Disenchanting edge is too low in maneuver level. Should at least be a third level maneuver.

Discern Resistance is too good for a level 1 maneuver. It also should not apply to supernatural attacks. SU is not spells.

Spellbreaker is way too good, especially for a third level maneuver. Well, okay, it depends...on how easily maneuvers can be recovered. You shut down a spellcaster for an entire round. No save. That's potent.

Resonating Strike is probably too weak unless you have an ally stacking debuffs on the enemy. Rarely will someone have 4 or more buffs on.

Spell Armor is laughable. SR check is 1d20 + Caster Level. Your max ranks in Spellcraft = your level, so a level 7 character using the stance would resist spellcaster who is one level lower a whopping 0% of the time.

2014-01-31, 12:45 AM
I may swap Resonance Strike with Spellbreaker.