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2014-01-30, 09:25 AM
Hello. First post in here and I want some criticism. Its just some stuff to add a little depth to fantasy combat and such in fantasy Unisystem games.
Sorry if a little wordy, I tend to ramble. I was inspired by some stuff from my fathers 2nd Edition AD&D and a new system I have been introduced to, Exalted 1st Edition. In my Unisystem game blunt weapons halve AV.

Introduction and Reasons
These rules only work if armour is changed slightly also. These rules exist so that each weapon has a particular flavour and style to it. It’s also implemented so that a weapons of a similar class are different. Thusly, a European bastard sword is now different to a Katana, a long sword is different to a broadsword. Rules for Flanges on a mace will also be implemented. The overall goal being so that each weapon feels unique to use and have to massive advantage over another. Players in Unisystem games lean to bastard swords, as they do more damage and can be wielded one handed and a shield. So why use a long sword?
New Statistics for Weapons
As well as damage changes (Additional damage before multipliers, after multipliers and additional multipliers) three stats are being used. Though some may be removed if required.
Accuracy Some weapons are more accurate than others. This stat may not be used. As it could quickly be abused with weapon skills, manuvers, aim actions and combat specs/weapon specs.
Speed This stat affects Initiative. A dagger, is faster than a claymore. It may also affect parrying attempts. Such as “The difference between both weapons is added to the users attack or defence roll”.
Penetration Different to a Blunt Weapons flat Halve AV. It could be a flat number for deduction after the AV roll, a reduction in multiplier or a reduction of roll before multiplication.
Stuff for Moar Flavour
Each weapon/Weapon Class gets manuvers. To keep the more powerful capabilities for Special Weapons a suggested way to do it is, “Two core manuvers at Skill level and a number of Manuver points equal to skill level”
Quick, easy to do Weapons, not complete, more example than anything.
Long Sword- A long sword is a long blade which can be used for both slashing and piercing attacks. It has decent range, good on horseback and can be very quick in the hands of a skilled user
Broad Sword- Shorter than the long sword but has a greater width. Can be used for stabbing but is much more effective for slashing attacks.
Damage- Both do a D8. Similar lengths, long sword is longer but broad sword is wider.
Accuracy- The long sword can be used as a precision weapon, so its accuracy is +2. The broadsword, does not get any accuracy
Speed- The long sword is a fast weapon, so it can have +2. A broadsword, with weight and simple strikes can pick up speed quickly, so it can have +1 as it does not contain the elegance of a long sword.
Penetration- A long swords downfall (especially after chainmail) was its low armour piercing capability. It doesn’t have weight enough and continually stabbing gets predictable. A broad sword however has considerable weight to it so its chops right through basic armours. A longsword has no penetration while a broadsword gets a penetration of -3 to -4.

2014-01-30, 10:11 AM
Quick question. Are you trying to be historically accurate, or are you just trying to add some diversity to the system?

If the former, then your comparison of what these swords are is a bit off. If the latter, looks good to me, but I don't know all that much of the unisystem. But I always support adding a bit of complexity for mundanes. The question is, in this system, what is more useful? Accuracy, Penetration, Speed, Damage. Look up how each is rated and plan accordingly.

2014-01-30, 04:43 PM
Ah yes. I wanted to add a little more complexity is all. With the description of the broad sword and stuff was a quick example is all. Also to give each weapon a use. In unisystem there is very little reason to use a long sword. Under the standard rules it has not advantage over a bastard sword and such. If/when I do implement it in my games I will do research on all the weapons so that I am somewhat accurate.