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2014-01-30, 03:05 PM
My friend and his son are interested in jumping into the world of D&D and since I'm the only one they know that plays, I've been tasked with giving them a short intro. What I'm in need is of a short adventure idea that can be completed within one session. Ideally it will showcase combat, skills, and role playing. The system doesn't matter, what I'm more interested in is the story. I can substitute creatures and rules easily.

Thanks in advance.

Kol Korran
2014-01-30, 04:14 PM
Some Ideas:
The haunted mansion scenario:
The is a haunted mansion at the end of town. The PCs go there (Maybe because someone got lost there, or there is hidden treasure, or clues for something they seek). The place has the following areas:
The grounds: These may have some simple guarding animal/ beast, or some sort of a puzzle/ skill effect (A mist which make them lose way, a small maze of plants) Or such. Quite basic, to get in the mood.

The house itself. I suggest making getting into it somewhat of a challenge- possibly open/ force a door, find a secret entrance or key word, climb the wall, and so on. I suggest an opening in upper story, basement and 1-2 at ground level. Give them the notion of choice, thinking things, and effect.
- The house should be fairly easy to navigate, and I suggest it is basically a mystery scene, with something/ someone trying to hinder the party, or perhaps help it. Some ideas:
- For combat: possibly simple undead, or morel likely- animated furniture and the like.
- For roleplay: If there is an antagonist, it might communicate with the party through communication tunnels through the walls. It could be hidden in basement, a hidden room, or the attic. But it could sounds to be everywhere, and may masquerade perhaps as someone else. You could also add a ghost of someone who died here, but is not at peace, or a talking pet (easy in a magical world), or perhaps some trapped fey?
- Skills can deal with perception, getting into places, using knowledge skills abotu clues they learn and more. You should build this around the specific skills of your PCs.
- Remember the 3 clue rules (http://thealexandrian.net/wordpress/1118/roleplaying-games/three-clue-rule) for the mysteries. It wil lsave you from the party getting stuck.

Finally, the twist/ big reveal: The party finds out something surprising (hopefully), and need to take some action to stop it. Cue in interesting last fight. Add to it some unexpected elements, and you're done.

If you liek it, we might be able to build it further together.

2014-01-30, 05:15 PM
paizo has a small free adventure path as goblins

2014-01-30, 05:17 PM
One of my favorites involves the party riding into a town at dusk, where the villagers are quickly battening down the hatches and rushing home. Shortly after they arrive, it begins to rain. There is only one inn in town (it is called the "Loftlight" and is two-storied in my version) and it is run by a firm but kindly man. He offers room in his stables for their horses. His half-orc 'bouncer' will not let the party into the inn without first checking their weapons at the door... where they are locked and secured away, because of how jumpy folks are as of late. They explain that people and livestock are being attacked during the nights and that the roads are not safe.

A mysterious rider comes in and drops a false campaign hook (meant to be a distraction for the players) and claims that he will be riding out early in the morning. During the night, however, there is a noise outside the inn and, upon inspection, they see the innkeeper and the bouncer leading their horses and that of the stranger down the rainy street towards a barn on the outskirts of town. If they follow, they will find that both of the men are actually werewolves and are feasting on the horses.

Fight ensues... la te da... campaign complete.

Firest Kathon
2014-01-31, 12:02 PM
I liked the PFS scenario "The Confirmation" (http://paizo.com/products/btpy92ci?Pathfinder-Society-Scenario-5-08-The-Confirmation), which is explicitely designed as an introductionary adventure to PFS.

While We Be Goblins is a really great adventure, I feel it becomes even better if you know some of the lore around goblins (and possibly encountered a few as an adventurer), so it might not be that great for absolute RPG beginners.