View Full Version : [PF] Deathtouched Weapon Property [PEACH]

2014-01-30, 04:20 PM
So this is just a random idea I had, it's not meant to be full fledged "ready to go" homebrew. Rather it's an off-the-cuff "I'd love to have this on a particular character" type of idea.

Specifically I was wondering what enhancement bonus a version of the Vicious weapon property that did Negative Energy damage would run? Specifically with the ability to turn the negative energy damage off in situations where it's warranted.

The property, as I have it in my head, would be:

Deathtouched: +2d6 negative energy damage to the target, 1d6 negative energy damage to the wielder. +3 enhancement bonus.

The weapon would be wielded by a vampire most probably, but could be used by any undead that wields a weapon. The idea obviously being that it deals extra damage to the target, but heals the (undead) wielder. It also provides extra weapon security for the wielder since a living opponent who gets a hold of it will actually hurt themselves trying to use it.

That's why instead of a +1 like the Vicious property it's based off of, it's a +3 instead - it's useless (or not very good) for most living characters, but anyone healed by negative energy could find it fairly potent.

Too powerful for a +3? Too weak? Something else I'm missing that I should consider? I'm thinking of putting a caveat in that the weapon specifically needs to hit a living target in order for the negative energy effect to occur, in order to prevent someone from just smacking a dungeon wall until healed. Should I do that? Do I even need to?