View Full Version : Looking for a suitable pic for an NPC

Kol Korran
2014-02-01, 03:09 AM
in the coming session one of the PCs might meet his mentor. I'd like to find a suitable pic for him. A face pic. We often use pcis of actors, but it isn't a must.

Some details:
- The mentor has a wasting curse on him, so it's preferable that he will seems somewhat dieseased/ ill looking, but bearing it well.
- If the pic can confer charisma, compassion, and a resolute nature, all the better,though I know it may be hard.
- Human, around middle age- old but kicking! :smallbiggrin:
- The setting is fantasy (Pathfinder), he wears armor, so that's ok, but really not needed. The face is important.
I've been looking for quite a bit but haven't found anything suitable. Ideas?

2014-02-01, 09:24 AM

This close to what you wanted?

2014-02-01, 10:45 AM
Have you tried looking for pictures from medieval fairs?