View Full Version : The Warsmith ((Help & PEACH))

2014-02-01, 10:26 AM
I'll be blunt: I need help. I'm stuck about halfway through this class. I know there's potential, I just need a little more inspiration. Let me tell you what I'm trying to accomplish here.

I wanted to make a melee-focused crafter (as opposed to the artificer which is a spellcaster crafter) and keep him as mundane as possible except for Craft Arms and Armor; basically no overtly magical effects as class abilities, like shooting flames from his smithy hammer. In essence I wanted to make a Tier 2 or at least Tier 3 melee combatant that could still provide a boatload of utility (required to hit that high tier) to the party. The primary ability that gives him that utility, I think, is an ability called Reforge which allows him to, given enough time, switch out the enchantments on a weapon or suit of armor for other enchantments, as long as the item's price doesn't change.

I ask that you guys tell me what kind of abilities you think I should add to this class to fill out the last third of the levels or what alterations I should make to existing abilities.

This is a link to google documents where I've crafted the class:
Feel free to add comments to the document itself. To do this, highlight any existing feature and click comment, then add your thoughts.