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2014-02-01, 12:01 PM
It occurred to me to run a Dark Ages game for Vampire, and model things more on Dracula and Carmilla: Vampires aren't harmed by sunlight, merely weakened. This would leave the characters more free to act and travel and open a wider variety of stories.

Here's what I was thinking rule-wise:

*Most or all disciplines don't work at day. I'm thinking of retaining Potence and Fortitude. I haven't decided whether vampires using Protean can turn back to their normal shape or if they're stuck as a bat or wolf until sunset.

*During the day, dice pools can never exceed a character's Humanity/Via score.

*No sparkling.

*A penalty to Perception rolls in daylight.

*A human Embraced during the day rises as a vampire as the sun sets.

One problem: This does make the third level of Protean significantly less useful. I'm thinking maybe the third level can be used for both Earth Meld and a more powerful version of the Feral Claws.


2014-02-02, 05:55 AM
You could look at Blood & Smoke; admittedly, the thing's for V:tR, but it does have a pair of tables about what sunlight does to Vampires.

Basically, you take damage from sunlight as a function of your Humanity and your Blood Potency; as Blood Potency goes up, you take damage more often, and as Humanity goes down, you take more damage.

2014-02-02, 06:16 AM
another v:tr thing is that earth meld allows you to merge with other things. Stone, concrete, wood, water if you spend an extra 5xp per substance.

2014-02-02, 10:11 AM
I'd say to have all Disciplines not work during daylight to keep the reason why Vampires haven't conquered the world

2014-02-02, 01:40 PM
I'd say to have all Disciplines not work during daylight to keep the reason why Vampires haven't conquered the world

Hmm, good point.

2014-02-02, 04:13 PM
Might be interesting to have Disciplines effectively reduced by 3 during daylight hours, or if you wanted to get tricky, have 3 stages of day; Morning, Noon, Afternoon, with an effective penalties of something like -2, -3, -1, where vampires' disciplines get better or worse as the day progresses.
This would allow powerful old vampires to do some of their powers during the day, but keep players/lower underlings still heavily dependent on Ghouls for Day-time Strength and such.