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2007-01-26, 06:19 PM
I saw a thread on here a while ago concerning the game doukutu/cave story. Someone said something about he was playing it in hell?

Well anyways, i just nearly beat the game. I cant beat the 4 bosses in a row at the end. I get the last guy down to 25% but then it just all goes wrong. Im using the sword and i passed up the chance to get the snake gun. Is that the best gun in the game. I missed the version 1.0 jet pack. I missed finding the littles husband but i now realize hes in the graveyard. I missed the treasure chest on the side of the floating island... I never got the machine gun, i missed hell.

So im starting over. I dont want huge spoilers... but i do wanna know if i missed a lot or.... if theres something i missed. I dont wanna know how i just want to know if theres a lot of other things in the game that will help me beat the last boss.

Its a lot of rambling but thanks in advance :smallbiggrin:

2007-01-28, 05:00 PM
There's a clue on how to go down the path to get the True Ending just before the 4-part final boss, but it's very vague. It sounds like you need to do something, but it's actually what you don't do that determines whether you go down the Normal Path or the Hell Path.

Here's the first step, if you want it:
Don't pick up the Booster v.8. Get through the entire labyrinth without it.

And once you start down it, keep your eyes open. You should have no problem completing all of the other requirements if you search every nook and cranny you pass; important items will be there that weren't there before.

Oh, and be sure to come full circle back to that clue at the very end.