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2014-02-04, 12:39 AM
This is a Prestige class for another project I am working on over here. (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?t=328147) Suggestions on how to improve this class, or the one on the other thread would be absolutely lovely!

Blood Boiler
"Well, Officer, he said I had an odd shaped head... So I squashed him."
Your devotion to Chaos(and to the deity Rygat) have nabbed you much more power than before, unfortunately it comes at a cost. You have one of the shortest fuzes known to man, beast or dragon.

Becoming A Blood Boiler
Clerics of Rygat(or Chaos) often become Blood Boilers, so too do Card Casters with ties to Rygat.

Alignment: Any Chaotic
Skills: Intimidate 8 ranks, Knowledge(Religion) 8 ranks
Feats: Devoted Servant(Rygat), Power Attack
Spellcasting/Card Casting: Able to cast 3rd level divine spells or Lesser Cards without taking damage.

{table=head]Level|Base Attack Bonus|Fortitude|Reflex|Will|Special|Spells/Cards
1|+1|+2|+0|+2|Rage 1/day|+1 level of Existing Caster/Card Class|
2|+2|+3|+0|+3|Blood Boil 1/day|-|
3|+3|+3|+1|+3|Rage 2/day|+1 Level of Existing Caster/Card Class|
4|+4|+4|+1|+4|Bonus Luck Feat/Domain, Blood Boil 2/day|-|
5|+5|+4|+1|+4|Rage 3/day|+1 Level of Existing Caster/Card Class|
6|+6|+5|+2|+5|Blood Boil 3/day|-|
7|+7|+5|+2|+5|Rage 4/day|+1 Level of Existing Caster/Card Class|
8|+8|+6|+2|+6|Blood Boil 4/day|-|
9|+9|+6|+3|+6|Rage 5/day|+1 Level of Existing Caster/Card Class|
10|+10|+7|+3|+7|Blood Rage!, Bonus Luck Feat/Domain|-|[/table]
Skills: Concentrate(Con), Craft(Int), Handle Animal(Cha), Intimidate(Cha), Jump(Str), Knowledge(Any), Spellcraft(Int), Survival(Wis), UMD(Cha).
Skill Points: 2+Intelligence Modifier
Hit Dice: d10

Class Features:
The Following are Class Features of the Blood Boiler

Weapon and Armor Proficiency: Blood Boilers gain proficiency with Medium armor and Martial Weapons.

Casting/Cards: At each level indicated on the above table you gain benefit of Caster or Card Caster levels for the purposes of Spells per day, maximum spell level and spells known. Or for Maximum Card Power, Cards per level.

Rage(Ex): As Barbarian's Class Feature.

Blood Boil(Su): A Blood Boiler's signature ability is to make their blood run hot with fury, granting them higher levels of power. While in this state a Blood Boiler gains a Spit Attack that deals 1d6 damage per point of Constitution modifier(Max 10), Regeneration 10(Cold) and the Fire Immunity for 1 round/point of Constitution modifier. Your spit attack has a range of 15ft/2 Blood Boiler levels and is a ranged touch attack. Blood Boil cannot be used with Rage.

Bonus Luck Feat/Domain: A Blood Boiler, at each level indicated, gains either one Luck Feat that they meet the prerequisites for, or a Bonus Domain. The Bonus Domain may be chosen by Clerics of Rygat from Rygat's granted domains. The Luck feat may be any Luck feat the player meets the prerequisites for.

Blood Rage!(Ex): A Blood Boiler who reaches Level 10 gains the ability to a number of times per day equal to Constitution Modifier, enter both a Rage and a Blood Boil at the same time. Each time he uses this ability it uses up one use of his Blood Boil ability. While in a Blood Rage he also gains a +5 bonus on Intimidate checks.

Niceroth Rygat
the Bone Breaker
Lesser Deity
Symbol: Flask of Hot Blood
Home Plane: Material
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Portfolio: Chaos, Conquest, Destruction, Slaughter, Vengeance
Worshipers: Barbarians, Card Casters, Bandits, Goblins
Cleric Alignments: CN, CG, CE
Domains: Chaos, Destruction, Strength, War
Favored Weapon: Greatsword

Niceroth Rygat is the God of anarchy, he has an affinity for destruction and slaughter. He appears as an Orc with many scars, blood nearly always seeps from his wounds. In fact, he is such a frightful sight that most men are driven to clawing their own eyes out.

Rygat is the most hateful deity of the Five Card Gods. He teaches his followers an eye for an eye, take what is taken from you. Simplicity of the Blade, it giveth and taketh away, this applies to all in life.

Clergy and Temples
Niceroth's Clerics wear blood red robes with steel undertones. His worshipers brutalize townsfolk when gathered together, they take over villages and erect temples in their deities name. Rygat's worshipers will build temples anywhere they can find. He has many temples.