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2007-01-26, 09:41 PM
Assassins extensions

Special attacks:
Throttle: Rip cord unfurls from the symbiote's spinnaret and wraps around the throat of the target DC20 save to break free if useing bladed weapon to cut DC save +dex modifier to cut with save or you cut your juggular vain and choke on your own blood

First time sorry for the roughness I only have the monster manual
so if you people could give me some tips and tell me the actual stats and the rule for suffocation and difficulty of saves!
Other wise I'm DOOMED:smalleek:

2007-01-26, 09:49 PM
minutes old and already third on the list

2007-01-26, 10:55 PM
come on will anybody say any thing?

2007-01-26, 11:09 PM
Maybe if you gave us more to go on.

You have 3 possible elements in your title

Symbiotes, Bio-Golems (whatever they are) and Intelligent Items.

If you'd like help with the mechanics of something, take a little time and write the background and vision of what you're thinking about. Even without any of the books you should come up with a more clear idea of what you're trying to create\say.


2007-01-26, 11:43 PM
Bio-golems are an alternate to symbiotes and can evolve as in a bio-golem arm would not only replace the arm but it would give him a new arsenal of weapons like it could devoure the life of someone or be able to absorb spells and rederect it back at a target in a lesser form.
Now the way the assassin extension is supposed to be used

As Venth truged to his post the nigh invisible snare hanging was from the rafter and as he passed he became ensnared strangled by a silent invisible enemy he reached for his sword to cut the cord form his throat and in his panicked haste slit his own throat and died silently as his lungs filled with his life blood...

There is that good enough?:smalltongue:

2007-01-27, 12:02 AM
Arms of the surgeon:

These gangly arms with eight delicate fingers with a single eye set in the palm are mounted on your shoulders as you watch needles slide out of every finger on the right hand as on the left grabs the scalpel out of the bag of various insterments."As the soldier fell the war surgeons bio arms psudo-muscles pumped out the last of the poison out of its tubes and replaced it with a cocktail of various painkillers and proseded to cut out the various ranged weapons"

2007-01-27, 12:21 AM
Why in the eternal eye of Set will no one say anything well will I have to kill to get replies?!

2007-01-27, 12:25 AM
They sound interesting, but I don't know the rules for symbiotic creatures in D&D, or bio-golems, so I can't really comment.

2007-01-27, 12:35 AM
I made up Bio-golems
they are a beings inteligence bound to a item and that inteligence will help and advise no mater what

2007-01-27, 12:35 AM
Akf be back in 10 min

2007-01-27, 12:43 AM
If you have access to d20 Cyberscape, that stuff sounds a bit like wetware. If you have Fiend Folio and/or the Eberron Campaign Setting, those would be helpful for getting ideas as to more complete stats on the symbiotes.
Lacking those, though, I suggest you go raid the SRDs (System Reference Documents) for its material. I haven't perused them in their entirety, but the SRDs ought to help you with getting a better idea as to what you're trying to do. You could go read the d20 Modern's SRDs, scroll down to the section on d20 Future, and read what they have on cybernetics. Use your DM Intuition on what pieces to make/incorporate into a bio-golem and what to leave out - but magic can go a long way towards replacing technology.
Primary difference between a bio-golem and cyberware, methinks, would be that you can't sunder a bio-golem, they don't take the additional damage from electricity, and they probably aren't as hard - but they'll still have separate hit points and hit dice of their own if I read you right. Aberration is the creature type I'd suggest for those. You'll definitely want to look up the information about magic item ego scores. Mental ability scores and whatnot could prob'bly come straight from the intelligent magic item tables. If you want them to grow, you might want to think about developing a prestige class that improves on them or have them mooch experience points off of the character who has them - 10% sounds roughly reasonable.
Lastly, it'd probably be handy if those things had some statistics of their own. As a general rule of thumb, something that's alive has hit dice. If I'm gathering correctly, these things are like symbionts, just a lot more invasive and permanent.

2007-01-27, 12:57 AM
Oh they can be hard think of a bio that has 10 warriors in it with a collective conciouse that is potentialy the smartest being in the world with the magic pooled and many different addaptions compared to wetwireing Phag! It has limited inteligence and storage with servos as power when a a 100 year old gorgons eye can power cities! so they are somewhat alike but with a huge diferarence

2007-01-27, 12:59 AM
Now I'm going to game on DOW(AGD)

2007-01-27, 01:10 AM
I was referring to hardness. It's a quality of items - critters have damage reduction, generally speaking - that reduces the amount of damage they take.
I know bio-golems are significantly different from cyberware - in their flavor text (that is to say, in their descriptions, appearances, and general place in the world). Mechanically (that is to say, in game terms), they're probably quite similar. The primary difference, so far as I know, is that they're actually creatures more or less separate from the host (separate hit points, but attached to the host's body). One of my approaches with coming up with things is to avoid reinventing the wheel when I could just adapt flavor text and tweak mechanics a little bit to get the desired effect, thus my pointing you at cybernetics and intelligent magic items.

2007-01-28, 10:57 AM
Re:Arms of the Surgeon
as you can see from above they come out of your shoulders and have eight fingers and on the left it has injection needles hidden in the wrist until they slide out of the fingers and the right splits apart and becomes the the assistant that gives the tools.
The arms have a hardness of 15 and 30 hit points with a Int of 15 and with every person with medical knowledge that dies with it the int goes up 1, eight fingers give you +2 dex and the ability to hold weapons one size catogory larger counts as medium armor and you cannot use it without a small medical knowledge(10 ranks) requires exotic proficency it gives a +15 to all heal checks

Red naga venom
Market price: 210gp
Craft DC: 16
A vial of venom can be thrown up 40 feet, releasing a small cloud of toxins forcing all creatures in the target square to succeed in DC 15 fortitude save against poison or take 1d6+2 points of strenght damage. The poisonous cloud dissipates in one round.

finaly done

2007-01-28, 11:53 AM
The Organ of Pan:
This is a organ that juts out of your back and grants you mighty sonic energy but deforms you horridly(-10 speed and -3Cha) and grants you a Sonic Harpoon: It is a ranged touch attack that is 60 ft long and 6d6 damage you can do this every 2 rounds
BOOM:You channel the harpoon at the ground walls and it explodes dealing 2d6 piercing damage to all within 10 feet of the effect counts as a sonic harpoon so it can only be used every 2 rounds.

2007-01-29, 05:10 AM
Interesting stuff, symbiotic weapons are cool. I like the stranglehold one and the Organ of Pan. Arms of the Surgeon sound really creepy, and I don't think I understand what they are used for...

2007-01-29, 06:29 AM
Some nice ideas here. I actually ran a game where a player saturated some body parts in magic to the point where they could live, assemble into a body, and assimilate any new 'parts' it comes across.

Also, keep in mind that this isn't a chat room. Often your topic will go unanswered for a while. Posting multiple times in a row is discouraged, unless it has been some length of time and you have something to say that is radically different from the previous post. Just use edit otherwise.