View Full Version : Cavern Along The Coast [Warrior's Guild Job]

Deus Mortus
2007-01-26, 10:06 PM
You see the mound of a small cave covered with a modly wooden door, it looks like it's barely enough to keep the wind out.

2007-01-26, 10:07 PM
Ekrath appears using his earing of teleportation. He kicks the door

Deus Mortus
2007-01-26, 10:16 PM
Several alarm bells rinkle and a cloud of green smoke appears, you just a cough a bit, but it does limit your sight.

2007-01-26, 10:19 PM
Ekrath takes out his sword and slashes at the door, putting a lot of force behind his blow.

Deus Mortus
2007-01-26, 10:22 PM
The remnants of the door are smashed away and the force of his attack waves away the smoke, behind the smoke are about 50 thugs all armed with large menacing axes, the largest one looks at Elkrath and says, "Not really the smartest one around are you?"

2007-01-26, 10:24 PM
Ekrath smirks
Hmm. Large cluster of low-level thugs. Paladin with somewhere around 8-9 attacks per round. Eat smite evil!
Ekrath begins attacking the thugs, starting with the big one.

Deus Mortus
2007-01-26, 10:28 PM
The big one manages to barely survive the first strike and five others fall, however they start hacking away on you and you quickly find yourself knocked to the ground.

((low level, evil? You presume a lot of things my friend...))

2007-01-26, 10:31 PM
Uggh. Alright new plan. Ring of Fireball!

Deus Mortus
2007-01-26, 10:36 PM
Your fireball scorches away all the bandits, when the smoke clears you see three doors, a normal wooden one, a wooden one with a lock and a hidden rock door that was revieled when some of the fire scorched away the fakerock.

2007-01-26, 10:39 PM
Ekrath opens up the hidden door.

Deus Mortus
2007-01-26, 10:41 PM
Behind the hidden door is a small fire elemental apparantly heating water to heat the cave, it looks at Elkrath, It was either this or get summoned by some insane wizard...

2007-01-26, 10:48 PM
(Ekrath. No L)
Ekrath looks at the elemental.
Umm, you wanna go kill the thug leader with me?

Deus Mortus
2007-01-26, 10:49 PM
Meh sure, why not, so does this make me your wacky and adorable sidekick?

2007-01-26, 10:51 PM
Wacky sure. Adorable... well I know enough pyromaniacs.
Ekrath opens the door with no lock.

Deus Mortus
2007-01-26, 10:54 PM
As you open the door you see the thug leader smiling, he is a large barbarian like man wielding a large metal hammer, what you also notice is a troop of marksmen firing a lot of crossbows all aimed to your face, throat and genitelia, they instantly fire and you are dropped to your knees, you look like pincushion and you bleed everywhere, your armor however was able to save your life, demonstrated by a few dents on your codpiece.

2007-01-26, 10:56 PM
Ekrath uses the Ring of Fireball and then casts Heal on himself.

Deus Mortus
2007-01-26, 10:59 PM
The blood stops flowing, but you still are severely weakened, the ring blasts away most of the archers but a few remain firing another volley onto you meaning you can only approach ducked, the large Thug Leader heaves up his hammer to his shoulder and assumes a battleready position.

((Last warning BTW, next time for the love of god, atleast check the door and examine it, this is a fortress of thugs...))

2007-01-26, 11:04 PM
((Heal would heal me up 150 HP. Just saying))
Ekrath assumes his battle ready position and lashes out at the thug leader with a smite evil (Even if he isn't evil it'll still do some good damage)

Deus Mortus
2007-01-26, 11:08 PM
((Yes, but the small disadvantage is me telling you you need to learn to examine doors, seriously next one will turn you in a frog or something, just saying hey I'm level 40 I am teh uberness won't work with these missions, I want to keep them a tadbit interesting))

The thugleader smashes down his hammer, forcing Ekrath's sword to the ground, you can hear the metal cringe a bit, but it seems unharmed. The thugleader attempts to headbutt Ekrath and the archers draw back, not wanting to hit their leader in friendly fire.

2007-01-26, 11:10 PM
((I'm assuming my sword is not in my hand anymore?)

Ekrath attempt to kick the leader. As the leader is holding the sword down he either gets kicked or removes his hammer from my sword.

edit: where be my elemental?

Deus Mortus
2007-01-26, 11:11 PM
((it's in your hand, just pinned down, if you want you can redo that post))

2007-01-26, 11:13 PM

Deus Mortus
2007-01-26, 11:17 PM
The leader gets kicked in the shoulder, but he barely budges, his hulky frame quite capable of taking a kick like that, the elemental appears next to Akrath, Need any help boss?

2007-01-26, 11:21 PM
Yeah acually if you could get this guy off my sword that'd be great.

Deus Mortus
2007-01-26, 11:22 PM
The small elemental walks over and jumps on the thug leaders hair, setting it ablaze, he quickly puts it out, but the sword is no longer pinned.

2007-01-26, 11:25 PM
Ekrath pulls up the greatsword and swings his blade at the leader, putting a lot of energy into his attack

Deus Mortus
2007-01-26, 11:26 PM
The leader gets a big gash on his torso and stpes back, the archers see their chance and initiate a crossfire, allowing the boss to drink a healing potion.

2007-01-26, 11:29 PM
Ekrath casts heal on himself and turns to the elemental
Anyway you could light their wooden bows on fire?
He then rushes towards the leader and unleashes a volley of attacks.

Deus Mortus
2007-01-26, 11:32 PM
The elemtental sprays some fire at the bows and their strings are easily burned up, you cut up the leader good, but it doesn't seem to stop him, eh heaves up his hammer and tries to hit you, you dodge but you can feel the ground tremble as the hammer connects to the ground.

2007-01-26, 11:33 PM
Ekrath attacks again and tries to disarm the leader.

Deus Mortus
2007-01-26, 11:35 PM
The leader catches the force of the Ekrath's blade and simply pushes, Ekrath flies back a few meters.

2007-01-26, 11:41 PM
Alright screw this. Ring of Fireball.

Deus Mortus
2007-01-26, 11:45 PM
The leader smashes back the fireball with his hammer, sending it straight to Ekrath.

2007-01-26, 11:49 PM
((Okay now you're just being silly))
Ekrath casts create water to make 40 gallons of water pour down on the fireball. During the smoke and steam, he puts on his ring of invisibility and sneaks behind the leader and trys to stab him.

Deus Mortus
2007-01-26, 11:55 PM
((It's a puzzle, small hint who is the only one capable of hurting the leader so far?))

You drop in quite a heavy attack, but it seems like it doesn't even affect the leader as he turns around and slams you back.

2007-01-26, 11:59 PM
((Himself. Am I right?))
Ekrath jumps back and puts his ring back on, rendering him invisible. He then proceeds to run around the leader

Deus Mortus
2007-01-27, 12:01 AM
((Think harder...))

The leader slams his hammer to the ground and you fall backwards.

2007-01-27, 12:02 AM
((The elemental?))
Ekrath calls over the elemental
Burn right through his armor!

Deus Mortus
2007-01-27, 12:04 AM
The small elemental hops on the back of the leader and the leader cries out in pain as he drops the hammer, the second he drops the hammer he shrivels down and now only seems a small thin man, the kind of person you could just blow away if you sneezed.

2007-01-27, 12:05 AM
Ekrath sees his chance and slashes at the leader.

Deus Mortus
2007-01-27, 12:07 AM
The man is cut in two and the archers quickly flee.

((I have to go soon))

2007-01-27, 12:09 AM
((Got it))
Ekrath picks up the hammer and examines it.

Deus Mortus
2007-01-27, 12:14 AM
The hammer buzzes with magic and you quickly identify it as "The Hammer of Vengeance".

((One time a day you gain +10 to strength, con and dex it ends when an opponent of your choosing is either dead or when you loose physical contact with the hammer, however you can only attack that person while the effect is activated, loosing physical contact with the hammer while the ability is still under effect gives you -5 to strength, con and dex.

I have to go now, so we'll have to finish it another time.))

2007-01-27, 12:15 AM
Ekrath motions for the elemental to follow and he examines the door with the lock.

Deus Mortus
2007-01-27, 10:17 AM
When you look closer it isn't made of wood, but a large metal door covered with wood, it looks solid.

2007-01-27, 11:55 AM
Ekrath stands back and blasts a fireball from his ring through the door.

Deus Mortus
2007-01-27, 01:10 PM
The fireball only scorches the door a bit, but it still stands as strong as before.

2007-01-27, 01:14 PM
Ekrath takes the hammer and tries to smash the door with it.

Deus Mortus
2007-01-27, 01:15 PM
The door budges a bit, but not enough, a red rune burns on the handle, apparently you need to touch it to activate the ability.

((You can choose the door as your opponent))

2007-01-27, 01:16 PM
Ekrath touches the rune and tries to bash the door in after choosing it as his opponent.

Deus Mortus
2007-01-27, 01:30 PM
He door almost vaporizes under the power of the hammer and behind it, you see a desk and a man sitting next to it, he seems overdressed for a thug. He stands up and opens his mouth to say something, but when he sees the hammer he instantly shuts up and sits down.

2007-01-27, 01:31 PM
Ekrath looks at him
Who are you?

Deus Mortus
2007-01-27, 01:33 PM
I..uhm..I am nixxus.

2007-01-27, 01:37 PM
What exactly is a Nixxus? What do you do here?

Deus Mortus
2007-01-27, 01:51 PM
Nixxus is my name good sir, the thugs here kidnapped me for a ransom, if you were to escort me back to a safe town, I would gladly pay you 250 gold for it.

2007-01-27, 01:52 PM
Alright. Follow me

With that Ekrath begins to head out, accompanied by the elemental and Nixxus.

Deus Mortus
2007-01-27, 01:58 PM
You find no more resistance and when you enter the town Nixxus gives you 250 gold and quickly runs off.

2007-01-27, 02:01 PM
((So this thread is pretty much over.))

Deus Mortus
2007-01-27, 02:03 PM
((Yeah return to the warriors guild))