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Remian Emberton
2014-02-04, 02:17 PM
Having spent a lot of time looking through Paizoís Advanced Race Guide, I realized there was a gap that needed to be filled. That gap was a large sized race. In the race building rules there are options to make a large sized race, but for whatever reason Paizo didnít make one. So Iíve decided to fill the gap and create a number of large races, complete with racial archetypes, spells, and spells.

This is the first one I've built, called the Maotikei. On this thread I'm only going to post the basic stats, but if you want to look at my blog to see the custom archetypes, spells, etc., then the link to it is here:

I'd love any feedback you guys have, or any suggestions for some future Large Sized races that I'm working on.

Ability Score Racial Traits: The Maotikei are strong and sturdy, but gruff and aloof. They gain +2 Constitution, +2 Strength, and -2 Charisma.

Type: Maotikei are monstrous humanoids.

Size: Maotikei are large sized and as such gain a +2 size bonus to Strength (this is in addition to the racial bonus), and a -2 size penalty to Dexterity. Maotikei also take a -1 size penalty to AC, -1 size penalty on attack rolls, and a +1 bonus to combat maneuver bonuses and CMB, and a -4 size penalty on Stealth checks. As a large creature, Maotikei take up a space that is 10 feet by 10 feet and have a reach of 5 feet.

Speed: Maotikei move at a speed of 20 feet, but are never slowed due to armor or encumberance.

Natural Armor: Maotikei have incredibly tough, rigid skin that grants a +1 Natural Armor bonus.

Senses: Maotikei have darkvision 60 feet.

Light Sensitivity: Maotikei are dazzled in areas of bright light.

Languages:Maotikei begin speaking Maotikei. Those with high intelligence scores can choose from the following languages: Giant, Common, Terran, and Dwarven.