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2007-01-27, 12:26 AM
Deep deneath the town in cavern long buried under the accumulating grit of centuries, three figures make their way carefully through catacomb-like rooms filled with smashed amphoras, their quest almost complete. Torchlight flickers off of the lead figure, a tall gaunt looking man, a short stout man, and a black furred quadruped with black bat-like wings bringing up the rear, its eys glowing red in the shadows. They stop at waht appears to be a dead end.

Are you sure you're reading that map right? Asks the fat man leaning over and moving the torch so as to cast more light ont he sheet of parchemtne the other man holds.

*Snort* Of course I am! Big D says it was supposed to be right here. *slaps the map with the back of his hand*

Bet you don't call him big D to his face.

Bet you call him that in bed.

Shut up you two! Is it here or not?


Look it's supposed to be here. Maybe there's a.. a secret door or something. *begins feeling around.*

Well good luck trying to find it, says the fat man sitting down on some rubble. The rubble shifts under his weight and there is a scraping noise as a section of the wall moves aside.

That's using your head!

He used his butt.

Same difference. Look at this place! This is it!

Beyond is a large cavern composed of dark red rock. Stalactites hang from the roof of the cavern and growing, inexplicably, through out the room are black vines bearing glowing purple-red grapes.

The long-lost Vinyard of Eternal Night. the tall man says with reverence.

The SuccuLlama trots around the room, ears twitching at the slightest signs of danger. So what were we to do then? Pick some grapes, right?

Let me check here. Says the fat man after finally struggling back to his feet. He fishes out a crumpled up piece of parchment out of his pocket and unfolds it.

And only when ye shall have great need
Seeketh out my glowing seed.
Eat of the Fruit of Eternal Night.
Only then shall you release my might.

Sounds simple enough we eat the grapes, we release the might. *nabs a grape and tosses one to the tall man.*

Works for me.

But don't you think we should wait until we "have great need?"



*both men pop the grapes into their mouths and instantly they began to twitch and glow. The SuccuLlama scampers back, squinting into the blaze of light where two silhouettes can be seen convulsing in pain. Their shapes begin to transform into horned figures of power. When the light dies down again the Llama stares in awe at the figures before her.


A voice, commanding and regal, the voice of Dionysus fills the chamber.

I give you my avatars upon the prime material: Faunos and Kernunnos!

What is thy bidding my Lord?

Build me an army.

Your will my Lord and God, Dionysus.

Oh shock. *twich* twich*

2007-01-27, 09:52 AM
((Sorry to double post here but I can't type this all up at once, you know. :smallwink: ))

The SuccuLlama bats at the still air in the chamber with her tiny wings as she backs away from the large, imposing satyrs before her. But... um... two is enough right? I don't have to eat a grape too do I? :smalleek: Her ear twitches and she stares around with wide eyes and into all corners of the room.

That will not be necessary. Our Lord Dionysus can only keep up the two at most at any given time.

So... he's controlling you?

He channels through us when he feels the need otherwise out wills are are own.

But... you guys aren't...um... er... well... you don't seem... stupid... anymore.

No. Not so much, my dear Llama. But our basic personalities still infuse the powers we have been given

er... meaning what exactly?

That I'm still scheming and driven by my loins. I think I shall head to the Town in disguise to scope out the female population. See which ones might amuse me. Or that might prove worthy candidates for the cult.

And I'm still angry and want... obedience. *he makes a guesture and the LLama is forced to kneel.*

How... how may I serve you... my lords? :smallmad: *The SuccuLlama sneers, upset at this humiliation.*

You must head to the wilderness and gather up what strength you may seduce or muster from the inhabitants therein. Set up camp in the woods. There you may await my instructions.

Struggling against the invisible power holding her prostrate the SuccuLlama grits her teeth and manages Your will my lord. :smallfurious:

With a dismissive guesture Kernunnos waves them off to their duties. Faunos dons a black cloak with a deep cowl, his size inexplicably diminishing to that of a normal human, his horns shrink to a smaller, more concealable size as well. His green eyes glint mischievieously in the dark of the cowl, catching the light of the glowing subterranean vinyard. With a swirl of his cloak he strides off. The SuccuLlama follows soon after with a scathing glance behind her at Kernunnos.

Alone the massive satyr surveys the vinyard of glowing grapes. Time to make a drink, I think. He guestures and several clumps of grapes crush themselves and instantly ferment into a potent wine which the satyr catches in a silver goblet retrieved from a backpack. And gain more power while those fools run off on their errands. :smallamused: *sips*