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2014-02-05, 03:18 PM
So a friend is going to try it out I am a first level Barbarian an help with building it.

Edit: Weapon I'm thinking Halberd, but honestly I don't have time to read all the stuff on it before the game so just which feat, race, and specialties do you suggest

2014-02-05, 04:37 PM
Just play the recommended quick start. It gives you a recommended background. You'll start out with a maul but you could get rid of that for a halberd at your earliest convenience.

Barbarians get to add their constitution modifier to their armor class so pick a race that gets strength or constitution as a bonus attribute. Humans are good in this case since they get +1 to all attributes.

2014-02-08, 01:03 AM
I wish I knew more about D&D Next. I really want to try it out.
Hopefully it will fix some of the problems that 4e had and maybe even be more awesome than Pathfinder!

2014-02-08, 07:41 AM
I like what I've seen so far. It was elegant and I think it will make the ridiculous numbers which come up in 3.5 after you optimize a character impossible to pull off. I just hope they won't screw it up.