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2014-02-05, 09:15 PM
I'm running an Age of Worms campaign. Its somewhat Western-themed, and the Wind Dukes will likely play a somewhat significant role. To that end, I'd like to have some ideas about the seven Wandering Dukes, who left the great War on Chaos to find the fabled Rod of Law.

I'm using the Time Lords of Doctor Who as inspiration for the Wind Dukes, as well as the Sidereals of Exalted. Other references are welcome.

The ones we know about are Qadeej, who struck down the demon Miska the Wolf-Spider, and Icosial, who was killed by Miska before Qadeej struck the final blow. The others are


I've decided Icosial was a great archer and warrior, and Qadeej was more of a pacifist and a scientist, similar to The Doctor.

Other than that, I haven't decided. I'd like them all to have epithets - Like 'The Doctor' 'the Master' etc.

Canon information, as well as entirely made up stuff, are equally welcome