View Full Version : Running Expedition to Castle Ravenloft

2007-01-27, 06:07 PM
I received Expedition to Castle Ravenloft for Christmas and i have read through all of it now at least once and i was wondering if anyone had any advice about running it as a campaign before i start planning it.

Specifically i was wondering about the secondary goals of Strahd and what sourcebooks would be good to allow, in particular i was considering getting tome of horror as i've heard it is good and seems to add a bit to the adventure.

2007-01-27, 07:37 PM
Here are a few novels to read to give you some insight into the Lord of Barovia.




Sorry, but I don't know how to post links in neat little words and phrases, but those 3 novels would give you alot of source material and ideas.

2007-01-28, 07:57 AM
"Tome of horror"? Do you mean Heroes of Horror ? EtCR uses stuff from Heroes of Horror and from Libris Mortis, so having both is a really good idea.

I'd definitely consider getting or reading some of the third edition Ravenloft books. They mess up D&D rules something fierce in places, but the fluff text is marvelous. Strahd is described, along with most other Darklords, in Secrets of the Dread Realms.