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2014-02-10, 02:58 PM
So recently, me and my family moved to the Netherlands and into a rural area, which means that there are no gaming groups around and half of the people are addicted to Call of Duty(not a take that).

So now I'm forced to play Pathfinder with my little brother, which practically powergames and metagames his way to the finish, has an attention span of a goldfish with ADHD, and forces me to give him obscenely powerful magic items, or else he won't play Pathfinder again.

While I'd glady step over to a proper gaming group, there aren't any around(the nearest gaming group is in Rotterdam, 2 hours with a car, too much hours with a bike). Most of my school buddies aren't interested with Pathfinder, with some even calling it something unflattering.

So how could I get people to play some Pathfinder with me, or if that's impossible, how could I stop my brother from, well, being "That Guy?"

2014-02-10, 03:06 PM
Play online.

2014-02-10, 03:06 PM
So how could I get people to play some Pathfinder with me, or if that's impossible, how could I stop my brother from, well, being "That Guy?"

Wait ~10 years for him to grow up. Keep your fingers crossed.

Meanwhile, introduce friends to RPGs, or play online on forums, IRC, Google Hangouts, over Roll20, OpenRPG, whatever.

2014-02-10, 04:11 PM
Play online.

You could also try CoD. At least you can log off when other players are being jerks.

2014-02-10, 04:46 PM
Check out Roll20. It has a forum for finding other people who want to play online.

Kid Jake
2014-02-10, 05:08 PM
So recently, me and my family moved to the Netherlands and into a rural area, which means that there are no gaming groups around and half of the people are addicted to Call of Duty(not a take that).

I can definitely relate to that. I grew up in the boonies and PnP groups just didn't exist within driving distance; closest thing we ever even came to a gaming shop was a candle maker that used to let her grandson buy/sell Pokémon cards in the back. Took me damn near 15 years just to talk my RL friends into giving it a try and that only came about because I tricked them with the promise of gourmet cooking and whipped out my books when they were too full to run.

You might be able to convince your friends to give it a try by appealing to their interests or relating fun stories from your old games. Alternatively, you might try starting a gaming club at school and posting an open invitation on the bulletin board.

If that's unlikely, lots of people get the rp itch out of their system with PbP games. These boards have a fair number and you find some more at places like here (http://www.roll20.net) or here (http://www.rpgcrossing.com/).

If in the end you're stuck with your brother and that's all there is to it, maybe just indulge him. Hell, overindulge him. He wants to be powerful? Make him a godslayer, give him weapons that can split mountains and armor that's flat immune to mortal attacks. Let him be Kratoes knocking down titans or Hercules rerouting rivers. But make his actual enemies be proportionate. Sure he murders two invading armies before breakfast on a slow day, but the guys he's pissed off? Now THEY'RE scary. They're dragons made out of black holes and swordsmen with blades so keen that they leave wounds in the air. You don't even have to actually ramp things up to ridiculous levels, you just have to make him feel like you have.

Maybe you'll end up liking an epic campaign about a rampaging god-king, or maybe he'll get the power trip out of his system and start wanting something more low key. Regardless, it should be an interesting experience.

2014-02-11, 12:53 AM

Sooo... you mean play a Mythic Tier game with him?

Mr Beer
2014-02-11, 01:00 AM
No game > Bad game

Would not play with a powergamer who ragequits if you don't hand over whatever magic items he demands.

2014-02-11, 05:27 AM
How far away from the border do you live?
Since Germany and Belgium could be possible places to find groups.

Are you dead set on running/playing Pathfinder?
Maybe try out other systems? DSA, DnD instead of PF or something like that.

PbP is an alternative that might get you your "fix".

Try to find groups meeting on a weekend.
In the good old days (actually around 6 years ago) I would even stay overnight at the other players places to play for 2 days. We played mostly dnd 3.5 oneshots and thus meeting up on friday evening, building characters, introducing. playing whole saturday. playing sunday until x then get home.
Maybe you can find something like that? One of our players had to drive nearly 2 hours with a bus to his parents home in Kerkrade and this included the faster way where he ran directly through some fields or such.

Good luck.

The Oni
2014-02-11, 05:44 AM
Sounds like your little brother could benefit from a Canned Potion of Greater Whoopass.

2014-02-11, 06:13 AM
The Netherlands are not the utter wasteland of roleplaying that you present. The issue is that most roleplaying takes place in private groups who are "below the radar".

Most decent-sized towns (like e.g. Den Bosch or Tilburg) have gaming stores that sell roleplaying games and trading card games. While these do not typically facilitate actual roleplaying on their premises, you can meet people there, including roleplayers.

In order to find game stores, I can offer two suggestions:

1. Trading card games in the Netherlands are relatively well organized. www.kvdeckmasters.nl is the biggest Dutch forum for Magic: the Gathering, and it also has a section dedicated to "other (non-Magic) games". While you may not find a roleplaying group there, people on that forum may readily direct you to game stores in towns close to you.

2. There is a gaming hobby association called Ducosim (www.ducosim.nl), which organizes a small gaming convention in Amersfoort once every three months (usually on a Saturday). Their portfolio covers board games, miniature wargames, card games and roleplaying games. You could consider visiting one such convention (which are open to non-members) in order to meet people. (Even if you end up being unsuccessful, you can still play all kinds of games all day.)

Also, if you indicate in which part of the Netherlands you are living, I could give some more specific suggestions, depending on the region. (My guess is somewhere in the south? Because if Rotterdam is closest to you and still two hours off, then the cities of Amsterdam or Utrecht must be further away.)
It also helps if you indicate what age group of players you are looking for.

Firest Kathon
2014-02-11, 12:00 PM
As usual for these request, I suggest the Pathfinder Society events (http://paizo.com/pathfinderSociety/events) page over at paizo.com.

However, in this case, surprisingly all of Pathfinder gaming in the Netherlands seems to take place around Rotterdam (Leiden, Utrecht, Gouda). Strange... :smallconfused: :smallwink:. Anyways, keep an eye on the site, as it is updated with newer events.

2014-02-12, 03:12 PM
all good suggestions above, I could offer maybe asking around at bookstores or libraries for gamers. Maybe some web sites that have gamer contact boards on them and find some one in your area. If your brother is not to young perhaps you could try to teach him how to properly develope a character and explain how RPing is supposed to work.