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2007-01-28, 11:37 AM
Siren's Betrayal


This is a 74-gun ship of the line, painted completely black. The figurehead has been dubbed “the white queen” by some of the sailors. Her sails are white, heavy silk, trimmed in dark blue. Her standard colors are displayed atop the main mast (Azure, a skeletal sea-dragon argent) for all to see.

Notable Crew (PCs)
Ceika – Ship’s captain.

Jesthik– First mate of the ship. Duties: Acts in Captain’s stead. In the Captain’s absence, his word is law.

Tallak – Hired Mercenary. Duties: Busywork aboard the ship for now. His skills come to bear primarily in fighting and reconnaissance.

Supagoof – Ship’s Cleric. Duites: Care for the ill and the injured. Provide support in battle when necessary or available.

Notable Crew (NPCs):
Elrykk “Rykk” Thompson – Captain of the fore guns, he stands 7 feet tall with broad shoulders. He's keeps a black sash tied around his head across his left eye. Dark scars, reminiscent of claw marks from some large cat show on either side of the cloth, down the left side of his face. As intimidating as he is, he’s one of the kindest souls on the crew, unless you’re on an opposing ship. Fights with a 12’ length of heavy chain primarily, which he carries around, looped over his shoulder like a rope.

Lindin “Lin” Merrdik – Lead rigger on the main mast. He’s a scrawny guy, wiry and thin, but fights like a wolverine if provoked. Ship’s main busy-body, he’s a good source for stories, but gets into everything. Nothing stays a secret for long around Lin. He fights mainly with throwing daggers, from the riggings.

Raymond Hestha “Hess” – Ship’s cook. What they say about food on a ship is true in this case. Hestha’s cooking will have most new crew doubled up over the side after the first few meals, but the benefits are vast in the long run. He’s got a good sense of humor, but don’t insult his cooking (when he can hear you). Otherwise, the food on the ship is a good source for jest, as it isn’t much for taste.

Viitan Russis – Navigator. A sly man, very reserved, but always scheming. A master tactician, Viitan’s strengths lie in assessing the situation and acting accordingly. Fights with wits alone, and has won more battles than most on the ship.

((More to come, almost certainly))

Some notes:
- The officers’ quarters and stateroom of the ship are warded against scryings and detections to ensure the privacy of the officers.
- The hull, powder magazines, sails, and riggings are warded against fire.
- There are currently no women, other than the captain, aboard as crew.

Ship’s Rules:
- Captain’s word is law.
- If you don’t want the captain to know, don’t bring it aboard the ship.
- Don’t insult Hestha’s food within earshot of Hestha.
- If you have a problem with a crewman, settle it with him, one on one. Fists and wits only.
- If the problem is not settled, bring it to an officer’s attention.
- Mutiny is punishable by death.
- Any one is free to contest the captain for rule of the ship. The winner serves as captain, the looser swims for land, regardless how far out to sea we are.

2007-01-28, 11:42 AM
Dawn found Ceika kneeling on the jibboom, looking back over the ship. Proudly displayed on her prow was a new figurehead, far more elaborate than what had graced her before. It was a lady, clad in a pearly dress that seemed to flutter back along the sides of the ship. Her skin was lightly tanned, her hair, like fire, danced in the wind behind her. Her hands were clasped before her, close to her breast, around the hilt of a down-pointing silvery sword. From afar, she was gorgeous, flawless… but as one neared the ship, the stunning detail became more grotesque.

The hem of her billowy dress was raveled and ripped, her flowing sleeves shorn off in tatters. Upon her delicate face, bone showed through the skin in places; one eye was an orb of emerald, the other socket was empty. Her lips were twisted in a cruel sneer, parted to show her ivory teeth. Her fiery eyebrows were drawn together in a scowl. The blade she held pressed against her seemed too sharp to be wooden and it shone with an eerie, cool light; not bright enough to draw attention, only enough to cast almost living shadows through the folds of her dress. Her right hand, wrapped around the hilt of the sword atop her other hand, appeared normal, and was adorned with golden bands on her fingers and wrist. The hand beneath, however, was bone, decorated with macabre vines of black, red, and silvery-blue, entwined as sinew around the bone.

Around her neck, on a golden cord, hung a sea-green stone that glistened in the salt spray. Around her ankles, just visible below the hem of her dress, were thick iron shackles.

Ceika was as still as the figurehead, kneeling upon her perch, overlooking her crew. Several new faces milled about the deck, taking care of the small details, since most everything else is already finished. She smiled grimly and nodded to Raymond Hestha, a short, scruffy man with unkempt gray hair: the ship’s new cook. He returned his version of a friendly smile, showing his few remaining crooked greenish teeth before heading below decks with a crate of food for the galley.

The deck was abuzz with greetings from old friends, each answering the call put out by Captain Ceiblayde. Some of the men had sailed with her before; some had sailed with her allies. Others just needed the work. And they would certainly have it, under her command. Crates lined the shore to be brought aboard, and men scurried up and down the docks as quickly as they could to follow her orders. If there was only one part of Ceika’s reputation that preceded her, it was her intolerance for laziness, or her harsh punishment for it.

Suddenly, she stands, and jumps down to the docks, landing lightly despite the distance. She glances up to the ship’s figurehead, nodding grimly to it as though some dialogue has passed between them, then she heads into the town, her head held high.

2007-01-28, 12:12 PM
From up in the riggings, Jesthik watches Captain Ceiblayde walk towards town, he makes a mental note of the time, and the general direction that she was headed. He then returns to yelling orders to the crew, though some of the orders are not truly needed as the men that the orders are ment for, already know their jobs, and the importance of getting those jobs done as quickly as possible.

He turns sharply and, dropping to the deck, he starts a new inspection to see what tasks have been accomplished, what is still in need of being done, and checking to make sure that the crew are doing as they should be. As he goes through the ship, he nods to those that he has served with in the past, though that seems to be the only difference between how he is currently treating the crew.

2007-01-28, 12:31 PM
A young man watches the crew load up the crates with interest. He seems to be paying very careful attention to this simple act.

2007-01-28, 12:44 PM
*A large man walks down the dock and hoists another crate to his shoulder. He spots the young man a little ways up the shore and pauses curiously.*

Ahoy there, lad? 'Ere somethin we can help ya with?

2007-01-28, 12:46 PM
Just looking. Don't suppose you need another body to help move those crates. I could use the coin.

2007-01-28, 12:49 PM
*The large man chuckles as he sizes the lad up, trying to determine his strength.*

Well, we could always use another arm 'r two, I guess... if you think ye can manage th' load. *he pauses, then continues with a hearty laugh.* but the pay ain't much...

2007-01-28, 12:52 PM
The young man doesn't look overly muscular but looks like he can lift a good size crate. ((Around a 14 str.))

Better than going hungry, or thirsty for that matter. Besides I hate just sitting around. He gives a small smile.

2007-01-28, 12:56 PM
*The man smiles a toothy grin and nods toward the crates.* True 'nough, lad. Come on then, time's a wastin. *With that, the man turns and heads back to the ship with his load, as he's holding up the line standing there talking to the newcommer.*

2007-01-28, 12:59 PM
The young man nods and finds some crates to carry and starts to work. He doesn't say much but keeps his eyes open almost as if he was examing the ship. He takes the crates and carries them where he is told to carry them.

2007-01-28, 01:05 PM
((He will notice that all of the wood of the ship is dyed black, as are most of the ropes nd such. Below decks is dimly lit with shielded lamps, but there is enough light to navigate by. There are enough crates to keep the sailors of the ship and the hired hands busy for most of the day, as the ships holds were emptied for ship repairs.))

Start a new stack with that'n lad. *The large man gestures to a spot further up inside the hold. Most of the other crewmen don't seem to pay any attention to the new face.*

2007-01-28, 01:11 PM
The young man does so. He tries his best to blend in with the rest of the crew and hands. He keeps his eyes open for enterances and exits the ship has, esspecially those that might not be watched to carefully. But he does so while working.

2007-01-28, 01:25 PM
Watching the crew load the ship to make sure that none are slacking, Jesthik looks over the new hand. After he has placed his crate in its place, Jesthik steps out of the shadows.
'Scuse m' lad, got a name? An' is ther su' reas'n ye's lookin the ship o'er? Jesthik asks in a firm tone. Jesthik's appearance seems to make the other hired hands move faster, and the crew to continue with their tasks at hand.

2007-01-28, 01:30 PM
I'm called Eric sir. I just like ships sir. He gives a small smile. Always have.

2007-01-28, 01:36 PM
((Jesthik is acting first mate on this ship, so if the captain isn't on board, his word is law, even over any of my NPCs... just FYI))

2007-01-28, 01:40 PM
((Right, I thought so. Also I edited my post to include my name. Yay now I don't have to type young man.))

2007-01-28, 01:44 PM
The Reaver drops anchor in the middle of the harbor and Salty peers at the ship though a gold spyglass.

2007-01-28, 01:53 PM
'Ell this 'ere's quite a ship. Jesthik says as he looks Eric over more.
I's Firs' mate Jesthik. If'n you's look'n fer mo than jus' ta look at 'em, an' 'elp load 'em, then ye gots ta say so. Sailers don' much cayh fer stow-ways.
Eric would have noticed that there are currently only two ways onto the ship, fore and aft gangplanks, and only two ways beneath deck, those being fore and aft stair ways.

2007-01-28, 01:57 PM
Eric can't help but laugh a bit. No sir they surely don't. Don't worry sir, I'm just trying to get enough coin to pay for my next meal. I'm not looking for a trip. ((What about cannon... um hole thingys.))

2007-01-28, 02:45 PM
((All cannon portholes are locked tight currently as we are in port. It helps to prevent stow-aways, rats, and other strays. Though there are a large number of cannons on this ship.))

'Ell, ye work hard, an' we'll feed ye as well as pay ye. Though this ain' a lax ship, so' back tah loadin. Come find meh afta ye's done, an we'll squa' fr'm ther. Jesthik says. He half turns and takes a step back to allow Eric to go by.

2007-01-28, 02:48 PM
((Right then.))

Eric nods and goes back to work. He works hard and follows any orders that he is given. He shakes his head seeing how well disciplined the crew is.

2007-01-28, 06:33 PM
Tallak walks calmly across the dock and up the fore gangplank, briskly stepping between the hands currently carrying crates onto the ship. Keeping an eye on a well muscled man who appears to be leading the loading teams he steps lightly onto the deck of the Black Ship.

Surveying the deck he immediately knows who commands here, the man is everything the captain described him as and more, his personality is a culpable quality in the air. Jesthik.

Tallak's swords click together as he strides across the deck to where Jesthik is standing. I am Tallak Stormcrow, your captain has bought the service of my sword for the time being, where shall i put it to work?

(Tallak is 5'10" with Raven Black hair and Glacial Blue Eyes, hes wearing leather armour and carries a longsword, a longbow and a brace of seven pistols on his person. Hes got an air of arcane power about him to the people who can sense such things and he seems quite competent in a fight.)

2007-01-28, 06:42 PM
Seeing the new comer walk onto the ship without so much as asking permission to board, Jesthik turns toward the approaching man. Several crew seem to take up positions about the ship just in case a fight insues.

Ye was hired by th' Capt'n ay?! Jesthik more states this more than actually asks it. Wha' be yer proof tha ye was hired by th' Capt'n? He demands in a somewhat quiet, but very strong voice.

2007-01-28, 06:44 PM
Eric watches the new comer and wipes the sweat of his brow. He double checks his dagger. Then he goes back to work.

2007-01-28, 06:47 PM
Tallak produces from beneath his undershirt a ring on a length of thong that Jesthik recognises immediately.
From the hand of the lady Captain herself, given in trust to guard my safe passage. If you still want to dance with me Jesthik we can dance, but it will be you and i alone, and you'll answer to her for it.
Tallak waits calmly for the first mate the respond.

2007-01-28, 07:05 PM
Jesthik glances at the ring for a moment. With a slight hand gesture, the crew relax and resume their respective duties as if nothing had happened out of the ordinary.

'Ell then, Tallak ye say? Welc'm board, go b'low an' pick an em'ty hammock 'n store yer gea'. Until I has further word though, you'll be 'spected ta help out with the work, an' ri' now, tha' be th' load'n o' th' ship. Jesthik halfway waves toward the aft stairs.

Once ye get yer gear stored, 'elp out b'low deck ta get th' cargo inta place, then learn th' ship. It'll likely be 'while b'fore we make lan' gain.

2007-01-28, 07:07 PM
Eric keeps carrying crates somewhat disappointed by the lack of a fight.

2007-01-28, 07:10 PM
Tallak shoots the first mate a wry wolfish grin and a Yes'sir as he spins and stalks towards the aft stair, those who have paused momentarily to witness the exchange watch the muscles in his neck and arms ripple as me moves below decks.

Picking out a Hammock near to the stairs Tallak stows all his weapons underneath, knowing full well he wont need them here.

With that he lightly springs up onto the deck and back down the gang plank easily keeping pace with the burlier sailors as he grasps the next crate in line and hoists it onto his shoulder (17 Str).

Tallak draws up beside the boy Eric for a moment and says If its blood your eyes are hungering for, stay on with the Black Ship and it will find you. before returning to his duties.

2007-01-28, 09:00 PM
Eric nods to Tallak and continues working. He places crate after crate on the ship. His muscles sore not having seen this much work in a long time. But he tries not to slow down.

((Sorry missed your edit Tallak.))

2007-01-28, 09:53 PM
*Ceika walks up the docks and up onto the ship, toting a mostly-full bottle of rum with her. She pauses when she spots the unfamiliar young man working.*

You there... You don't look familiar...

2007-01-28, 09:55 PM
Just a hired hand ma'am. Names Eric.

2007-01-28, 09:59 PM
*she nods slowly, looking him over* (Anything stand out?)

Aye, then, Eric. I'm Captain Ceiblayde. You were hired for haulin? Wasn't aware we were short on hands. Or were you looking for otherwise? They feed you yet? S'only about 10 or so crates left on shore.

2007-01-28, 10:04 PM
((Looks to be around 19 years old. Brown hair, gray eyes. 5'7". Skinny. Wearing a longsleve shirt and tattered pants. And is being scryed on at the moment. He also has the remnant of a black eye and a small cut on his forehead.))

Just the hauling for me ma'am. I just got in town and was looking to get a little coin. As for feeding not yet ma'am.

2007-01-28, 10:09 PM
*She looks him over curiously, nodding to the bruise around his eye* I see... Everything ok? You get into a fight, Eric? *as she's talking she signals for one of the crew to bring up two bowls of stew from the galley.*

2007-01-28, 10:11 PM
Capt'n, e's a dock hand, tha' one o' th' men brought board. Jesthik says as he drops to the deck and heads in the direction of Captain Ceiblayde.

2007-01-28, 10:14 PM
Some guy started destroying stuff in the bar last night. I had to calm him down a bit. As for the eye *he sighs* lets just say I got into a disagrement about my passage to the town here.

2007-01-28, 10:18 PM
*Ceika nods at Jesthik's words as the crewman returns with the food.* Well, report to the docks in the morning for pay. I don't divy gold after dark. * Ceika seems to accept Eric's explanation as she takes one bowl and hands the other to Eric.* Enjoy. You going to have some, Jesthik? *Ceika takes a few bites of the stew.*

((It looks decent enough, but is likely the worst tasting food he's ever tasted. But, it'll fill his stomach if he eats it.))

2007-01-28, 10:20 PM
I'll do that. Thank you. He takes the bowl and takes a bite. He sighs a bit but keeps eating.

2007-01-28, 10:23 PM
*she nods* If you need a place to rest your head, there are some spare hammocks on the top gundeck. You're welcome to sleep there for the night, but once you get your pay you either sign on for the long haul or you hit the beach. Understood?

2007-01-28, 10:26 PM
Well thank you ma'am, that is mighty kind of you. And I understand perfectly.

2007-01-28, 10:36 PM
*She nods approvingly.* Very well. Tenar will show you to a spare hammock. You can leave the bowl on the floor when you're finished. *She waves Tenar over to make sure Erik finds a bed, then she turns to head toward her cabin* Jesthik, get the men on night watch. Let the hired hands know they'll be paid in the morning. You know the drill. *With that, she dissappears into her cabin for the night*

2007-01-28, 10:48 PM
Eric finishes his stew and finds his hammock. He lays on it for a bit staring at the celing. After a few minutes of that he gets up and heads back up onto deck. And down to the dock. Just going for a walk, he says to the night watch.

2007-01-28, 10:49 PM
As ordered, Jesthik informs the crew and dock hands of the orders that pertain to them. Once the crew are set, and the dock hands are off ship, Jesthik heads below to get some food, then retires to his quarters.

2007-01-29, 12:18 AM
Eric comes back aboard the ship. Then he goes and goes down to his hammock he sits on it for awhile thinking some more before finally falling asleep. He mumbles quietly in his sleep.

2007-01-29, 08:20 AM
*At dawn, the ship's bell sounded, calling the hired help to the docks for their pay. Ceika walked down the line, checking the men against her list of those that were supposed to be helping, and turned away those who were trying to weasel their way into getting a day's pay for free. To those who remain, Ceika counts gold coins out of a bag she's carrying, placing an equal amount into each worker's outstretched palm.* A full day's heavy work, 5 gold apiece. Thanks for the help.

2007-01-29, 09:24 AM
Eric smiles as he gets the gold and splits it between 2 pockets. He turns and leaves the ship.

2007-01-30, 12:02 AM
Tallak stands at the rail eating an apple as he watches Eric wander off down the docks, noting the way his body moves... a cutpurse or a housebreaker by my guess he mused to himself. I think he'll be back the next time he gets a shiner on his eye like the one he came in with. Ah well.

Tallak turned and moved to an open less traveled space on the deck stripping off his armour, shirt, quiver, bow and pistols and drew his longsword. Sweeping the blade through the first pass of his morning exercise he felt the comforting snap of his muscles and the cool sea breeze move across his bare skin. Oh, a pirates life for me. He spoke just loud enough for the nearest hands to hear.

2007-02-01, 12:26 AM
Eric stumbles around the docks in a daze soaked to the bone. He falls down and passes out infront of the Black Ship. If anyone looks closely they see dried blood on his shirt, that has been repaired recently from several cuts. He is also bruised pretty badly.

2007-02-01, 05:17 PM
Tallak sighs inwardly and walks to the rail of the Black Ship, looking down over the crumpled form of Eric he loses himself in a moment of remininscence. Gracefully Tallak propels himself from the ships deck to the dock and lifts Eric onto his shoulder, carrying him down into the hold to see if he can get him patched up. He'd talk to the captain about it when she asked him.

2007-02-01, 05:47 PM
Tallak finds no open wounds, just lots of bruising. Eric has an old brand on his right upper arm. He also has a fever.

2007-02-01, 06:12 PM
Ah boyo, your in trouble now. Your on the white queen's ship now and she doesn't like freeloaders. Tallak see's the brand on Eric's arm. Used to be a slave did we?, not much of a life that. Well, lets see you safe i guess. Tallak bounds off to find the ship's healer before the fever takes hold.

2007-02-01, 07:58 PM
Eric stirs a bit in his sleep but doesn't wake up. He shivers in his soaked clothes.

2007-02-01, 08:36 PM
((Haved worked through this with Stormcrow, here's our conversation))

*Lin quietly pads over and taps Tallak on the shoulder.* Cap'n wants to see you. Now.

*With a nod, Tallak stands and heads up to the captain's stateroom, entering and nodding to Ceika, who is seated at the table within. She looks up, staring at Tallak with eyes of ice.* You don't have the right. You're not crew. You're a merc, means to an end. That's all. Where do you get off bringing someone aboard my ship without my say so?

*Tallak meets her icy gaze with his own inner fire.* He'll die if he goes back out there. He can join my company. I'll pay him out of my own wages. He'll be my responsibility.

*she shrugs and dismisses the statement* Then he dies. Keep him if you want, but it'll not be on my ship. Last thing I want around here is a cutpurse. From what I can tell, he doesn't know when to keep his hands out of other's pockets. A thief is going to steal, a murderer, kill, but on board a ship, there's just crew. Who would the thief steal from? Who woud the murderer kill? Crew. I won't take that risk.

Do you often send men to their deaths then captain? It is in my interests to know as one you command as a "means to an end".

*she considers the question for a moment* It's been known to happen. Many have died because of me. I won't deny that. Why? What do you care about the boy? *she meets his gaze cooly*

It'd be a waste of talent. And a waste of life. He's obviously gifted. I'll train him, make him strong. He deserves a shot at life me'thinks. Fast hands can be put to good use at sea, make him see theres another way.

Another way? This ain't a merchant ship, Tallak. *Her eyes narrow* Hope I haven't given you the wrong impressions of us. If you're lookin to turn him to a straight path, perchance you're lookin in the wrong direction. But you're willing to cross me to save his life? Interesting priorities, there.

No path i'm walking is straight captain. I want to break his habit for petty crime and move him on to greater crimes. *Tallak chuckles* I've killed hundreds of men in the past few months, Vile, irredeamable men. Call it a pet project, but i dont over want to see that one die. Thats not to say i'll be soft on him. If he talks down to me i'll break his jaw.

See that you don't. A man, criminal or no, without discipline and restraint is no better than a corpse, and he'll be one shortly if he talks back to me. Keep him out of trouble and out from under foot. He'll be fed, same as the rest of you, but if you want him paid, you pay him. You want the pup, you got him. But if he winds up with something that don't belong to him... I'll take it from his hide frist, then from yours. Understood? *she waits for his acknowledgment then continues* Now, Get out of my stateroom, Tallak. You've a pup to tend to.

2007-02-01, 09:00 PM
Eric slowly opens his eyes and looks around not moving much. He coughs violently before checking to see if his wepons are still on him.

2007-02-01, 09:16 PM
Jesthik watches from the shadows, blue eyes faintly visible as though they cast their own light, unmoving. They slowly close, and then nothing.

2007-02-02, 01:49 PM
Supagoof comes up to the docs. He heads over to the black ship, under an arm he holds a bottle with a deep purple ribbon around it. He stops short of the aft gangplank, and whistles for one of the crew.

2007-02-02, 01:53 PM
*Lin, a skinny, unkempt looking man, drops down from the riggings and peers over the side.* Ye lookin fer somt'in? *His voice is rough, but not rude*

2007-02-02, 02:01 PM
Yeah, permission to come aboard and to speak with your captain. Tell her Supagoof is here to see here.

2007-02-02, 02:05 PM
*Lin nods with a grunt and dissappears for a moment. A few seconds later, he trots back over to the rail and motions for Supagoof to come aboard.* Cap'n says ye can come 'board. I'll tak' ye to her stateroom...

2007-02-02, 02:09 PM
Supagoof nods and heads up the gangplank. Where to then? he asks Lin, and then follows him to the stateroom. Along the way, Supagoof nods to the men aboard. His face shows cheeriness.

2007-02-02, 02:12 PM
*He waits for Supagoof to come aboard then heads for the quarterdeck, slipping down the hallway gracefully. Reaching the Stateroom doors, he knocks once then pushes the door open and motions Supagoof inside, shutting the door behind. Ceika looks up when the doors open, but waits for them to be shut before standing.*

Now there's a face I haven't seen in a good while, yes? How've you been?

*She crosses the distance and offers a handshake, which quickly turns into a hug should he take her hand*

2007-02-02, 02:16 PM
Supagoof sets the bottle he's been carrying aside, and his face erupts into a big smile. He takes Ceika's hand and pulls her towards him and gives her that hug.

It's been far too long Ceika. I've been good, been very good. How have the powers that be been treating you?

2007-02-02, 02:21 PM
*When she pulls away from the hug, she's smiling wider than she has in a while. (He would likely notice the burn scars on her face and hands, which she didn't have before she returned to town this time.) She nods, considering the question.*

The powers that be? Well, we've had our differences, I guess. But they haven't managed to kill me off yet...

*She chuckles to try to add humor to her statement, but there is some pain in her eyes. She quickly changes the subject*

Got a new ship out of the deal, though... Same class as the Warsong was, but far better fortified. What do you think of her?

2007-02-02, 02:31 PM
Supagoof does notice the marks. He ponders for a second where they may have come from, but quickly returns to the conversation to answer.

Yes, I hear through the grapevine about the ship. That's what brings me by as a matter of fact. He says, his face looking down for a second. Well that, and ...this. He interupts himself, and turns to pick up the bottle that he's been carrying.

Every sailer worth his salt, and even those who can't sail at all... he says with a smile to indicate himself...know that it is bad luck to go sailing on a ship that isn't commishioned properly. Be it part of a fleet or otherwise. So I brought you a bottle of Amrosina Cautemeenieu. Legend has that this particular champiagne brings good fortune to ships commishioned with it.

He holds the bottle out in front of Ceika. The label is very old, and the top is sealed with a deep maroon wax.

2007-02-02, 02:39 PM
*she takes the bottle gently and examines it.* This... Where did you... the... Thank you... *she sets the bottle aside and gives him another hug.* That means a lot... And we'll be needing all the fortune we can get, I'm afraid. Things have been... difficult. Maybe this *she glances at the bottle* will give us the edge we need. I know her name, but I've yet to announce it. *She gives him a smug smile and changes the subject again.* Are you still with the law, my friend?

2007-02-02, 02:47 PM
Tell her...Supagoof's brain implores him.

No, no I've retired from the police force. It did everything I set it out to do. This town is safer then it used to be. No, now I run the milk bar, you recall where we had first met Atreyu, back in our legion days. With some help, I manged to make it quite the...restaurant. Supagoof says. You may notice that his moods are eratic, as though he was thinking of multiple things. It is not the same simple bar that Lykan used to blow up, that's for sure. he says with a grin, looking around the statesroom, then directly at Ceika's eyes.

2007-02-02, 02:52 PM
(He would notice the Legion crest displayed on the far wall of the stateroom, as well as several full bookcases and odd treasures.) *She chuckles softly* Well, that's good, at least... I'd hate to think you'd have come here against my counts of piracy. *She nods with a fond smile at mention of the Milk Bar.* Good days, those. Good times with good friends. Seems so long ago, in truth.... *she pauses, noticing his mood switches.* Supagoof? Are you ok?

2007-02-02, 02:56 PM
Supagoof breaks away his look.

No, I would never arrest you Ceika. he winks. And yes, yes, I'm okay....well....Ceika, have you ever wondered what drives a person to do what they do? he says, staring away from her at nothing inparticular.

2007-02-02, 03:01 PM
*She looks at him curiously, considering his question. After a moment of silence, she responds, her voice soft.* Aye... that I do. A person's motives are obscure at best, though, and often overlapping. Rare indeed is the man with only one motive...

2007-02-02, 03:09 PM
True, that would indeed be rare...but, if I may illustrate a point, take the life of a pirate or sailor for example. They are driven by the call of the sea. Even when they find treasure, they return to the sea. When the sea treats them harsh, they still go back to it. Even when the lose all identity of who they were, he looks directly at her with a smirk on his face, the sea still finds them returning. Supagoof sighs.

I've thought long and hard about what drives me. What brings me to this town, what made me start the force, what caused me to revive an old bar and turn it into the most romantic resaurant in the city, and even what made me take on everyone in a battle royale. Would you have any idea what that could be, Ceika? he asks rhetorically.

2007-02-02, 03:13 PM
*She puts a hand on his shoulder and offers a bit of a smile, nodding, but remaining silent, as it doesn't seem that he's actually looking for a response. She would be unsure what to say, even if he were.*

2007-02-02, 03:22 PM
Not too long ago here, I found myself cursed. It was a though I was living in my dreams, screaming at myself to wake up, but unable to do so. One may call it a journey of inner truth, and that it was. It helped me to find the answer to that question. The Kender, in his effort to awaken me, was told by the dream in my head that in order to awaken from the slumber, I needed to find my true love.

Supagoof pauses and shifts his weight.

I waited there in that slumber, because it seemed that I had no way to break the spell. I waited until the hope that my true love would find me vanished. I waited until I realized that I had to wake up and go find my true love.

Supagoof pauses again.

I stopped waiting, and set out in my head to find a way out of the curse. I searched, and thought, and found the answer.

The answer was you, Ceika.

2007-02-02, 03:29 PM
Eric wakes up again and glances around as he tries to figure out how he got here. He slowly sits up and frowns feeling his stolen strength.

2007-02-02, 03:32 PM
*She listens to him as he explains, but seems caught off guard by his final statement. She recovers from her shock fairly well, all things considered, but it is several minutes before she can think of a response.* I... I admit you have me at a bit of a loss, Supagoof... wh... what do you mean? Curse? Dream? I... I don't understand... *She seems as much concerned as surprised.*

2007-02-02, 03:48 PM
I know, I know, it must seem like I just shot you with all the cannons on this ship.

He turns toward her.

Please, let me explain.

I look back at all the things I've done here in this town. I look at why I started the police - to make the town safer, yes, but why. I was with the legion, the legion was already a safe spot to be. But in the back of my mind I knew that if I was going to have a family, I needed a space that was safe for them, and that wasn't going to be with the travels of the legion.

I look to when I helped Kender re-build the bar into the restaruant. Yes, to help revive and old buisness, but why that one? And why did I make it into a place that caters to romance? For profit? - no. Because I hoped that I would be able to get you to walk through the doors, and to reminence with me. Perhaps to share my feeling for you that I had never shared. It was my memory of our first times in this town - when we sold pizza and muffins if you recall.

I never told you how I felt when you were seeing Kyrian. The jealous rage that boiled in my veins. I even went looking for something that may provoke those same feeling in you as they did me, and I found Tink'r Bell. But I never felt about her, the way I felt about you. I also never mentioned how I felt when you went and joined in the navy. How I was lost when you weren't here.

When the curse hit me, I found in my thoughts you, and that is what awoke me. It wasn't the kiss of someone's lips that broke the spell, it was the thought that I'd never be able to profess such a thing to you. I couldn't loose that chance. Fear set in that I may already have. That fear drove my spirit to break the curse.

Supagoof looks at Ceika, keeping his voice calm.

This is much to think about, and I'm not certain how you would respond, but I know I can't let you take off again, into danger, without you knowing the truth. I should have told you sooner. I should have stated my itentions long ago. I'll understand if you want some time.

Supagoof finishes, looking intensely into her eyes, awaiting her response hopefully.

((I think I've knocked Ceika unconscious! Oops!))

2007-02-02, 04:24 PM
*She swallows hard, listening intently to his words, trying to wrap her mind around what he was saying. She felt, more than listened to, the power behind them, the driven emotion. When he finished, she was silent as she tried to put words to her own thoughts.* Supagoof... I... *She pauses, trying to clear her mind.*

There is much you do not know about me. To say such things... without knowing... You said yourself a sailor will return to the sea. That pull, for me, is stronger than you likely know. I cannot leave the sea. Not for more than a few days at most. It's my home...

Not to mention that I don't have the best luck with relationships... *Her voice is strained, as she tries to force the words.* I try to make things work... I really do... but the fact is, they never seem to go the right way... And my stint with the Navy... *she sighs and lowers her head* I doubt you'd think so well of me if you knew the truth.

I admire you... I always have. Your strength, your dedication... you are a just and noble man. An honorable one. Someone like me would do little for that reputation...

And there is something else as well... Something that I have no control over. Can you be certain it is your own feelings you express? *her voice is laden with concern and sadness* Or have you fallen victim to my curse: the curse of the Siren?

Time... yes... perhaps time is needed... time and understanding. There is so much you do not know, so much of my life you do not understand.

((I have to leave, it'll be a few hours before I am back online... can we pick this up then?))

2007-02-02, 04:37 PM
((Alas, I usually only have time during the day for the boards (9-5, M-F) so we can pick this up Monday perhaps?))

You'd be surprised at what I do know, and my determination and understanding. But yes, this is all too soon. It is a great deal to absorb so abruptly.

I will, with your permission, give you some time to think. Understand that I do not act this way because of magics or curses, unless that knife you first "stabbitied" me with was cursed.

He smiles at his laugh comment. Supagoof gives Ceika a final hug, another long look into her eyes, then turns and heads out the door off the ship.

2007-02-02, 08:02 PM
Once Supagoof makes his way off the ship, Jesthik makes his way to the Stateroom. Once there, he knocks a special knock. Once permitted, he enters and secures the door behind him that he and Captain Seablayde might have words about the ship and crew in private.

2007-02-02, 11:17 PM
Eric has a bit of a coughing fit and sits around regaining his strength slowly. Also he figures it probably isn't a good idea to get up and walk around without talking to someone first.

Chaotic Bob
2007-02-03, 12:46 AM
A shadow elemental flies through the wall near Eric.
You can talk to me.

2007-02-03, 12:47 AM
Who are you?

Chaotic Bob
2007-02-03, 12:51 AM
What do I look like? I'm a shadow elemental. I am a friend to Rizzen Seareer, though he as allowed me to wander Town for some time until he is ready to summon me again. I am not the only one of my master's elementals about, most of the others are simply doing preparations for something or another for him. I howvever am just looking for something to do.

2007-02-03, 12:53 AM
Why are you here? Why are you following me?

Chaotic Bob
2007-02-03, 12:56 AM
I am one of many who follow you. I am simply the only one who openly reveals himself. You lead an interesting life, and you were looking bored. I was bored so I decided to attempt to fix both problems with some conversation. Is that alright with you? I can leave if you wish.

2007-02-03, 12:59 AM
Why are you following me?

Chaotic Bob
2007-02-03, 01:01 AM
The shadow elemental floats closer to Eric, assuming that he has grown more comfortable with its presence.
Many who follow you wish you pain. Others death. I simply follow you out of curiosity. As I stated previously, yours is an interesting life and it has my interest.

2007-02-03, 01:05 AM
Dammit. Why do they want to kill me?

Chaotic Bob
2007-02-03, 01:06 AM
I would not know, I do not pry. I leave them to their business and they leave me to mine.

2007-02-03, 01:09 AM
Are they going to attack, soon that is?

Chaotic Bob
2007-02-03, 01:12 AM
No, I would not think so, their master has other....focuses as the moment. You should be safe from their attack for quite some time. As for the other random mishaps yuo seem to find, you will probably still get attacked by those.
The elemental moves in such as way that would suggest that it is laughing.

2007-02-03, 01:13 AM
Yeah thanks. I need to get out of here.

Chaotic Bob
2007-02-03, 01:16 AM
I could help with that if you mean right now.

2007-02-03, 01:18 AM
No thanks though. I need to thank these people before I leave. But I need to get out of here before anything attacks.

Chaotic Bob
2007-02-03, 01:19 AM
Fair enough. Remember you should have some time before you come back on the map. Perhaps we can talk about something less....dreary?

2007-02-03, 01:22 AM
Like what?

Chaotic Bob
2007-02-03, 01:27 AM
Don't ask me please, my life was made to embrace 'dreariness'. You are the being with the interesting life. How about YOU come up with something?

2007-02-03, 01:30 AM
Yeah well I don't have many non dreary subjects either. Sorry. And my life isn't all that interesting. At least the parts I want to talk about.

Chaotic Bob
2007-02-03, 01:37 AM
Perceptions vary with the observer it would seem. I would be willing to listen to anything you wish to discuss, or I could always try to answer more questions for you. Either way, I'm here until I am summoned or you dismiss me.

2007-02-03, 01:40 AM
I think you should probably go before someone finds you. Listen could you maybe warn me before anything attacks?

Chaotic Bob
2007-02-03, 01:41 AM
I am not afraid of being seen, but I shall do as you wish.
Yes, I suppose I can try to give you a warning if I can....
It makes a bowing motion. And begins to float away.
That is all I take it?

2007-02-03, 01:43 AM
Yeah, thanks. I should get some sleep. He lays back down in his hammock thinking and slowly falls asleep.

Chaotic Bob
2007-02-03, 01:45 AM
The elemental bows once more and floats away towards Town.

2007-02-03, 05:57 AM
Tallak phases out of the shadows in the corner Some strange company you keep for a street boy. Hunted by shadows and gangs, beaten savagely on a daily basis... how does one so young have so many enemies? No, in hindsight, don't answer that. Tallak walks across the room and sits on a side of the Cot that Eric occupies. I for one am itching for a bloodletting, so where is this shadow master character holed up and how can we get him off your back eh? Tallak feels a prickling down his spine at the same point that Ceika recieves her proposition. Hmm, that at least is worth a little blood money...

2007-02-03, 01:02 PM
Eric looks up at Tallak. I'm going to have to get used to people walking out of shadows I guess. As for the shadow master I don't... dammit the loony from the bar, of course. Eric sits up in his cot.

Chaotic Bob
2007-02-04, 03:26 PM
A shadow near Eric quivers and a cold breeze blows on his face. A small black pearl rolls out the shadow towards Eric.

2007-02-04, 03:32 PM
Eric raises an eyebrow at the pearl and looks at Tallak. He reaches down and picks it up.

Chaotic Bob
2007-02-04, 03:36 PM
As Eric touches the pearl a voice appears in his mind. Flee! They're coming.
A brief image of many elementals slowly making their way through the docks is shown, oddly enough, many of them are accompanied by what appear to be zombies.

2007-02-04, 03:39 PM
((I wish more people were online, but my desire to move Eric foward overcomes that.))

Sorry man got to go. He grabs his shirt and runs off the ship pulling it on. Thanks for the bed. He yells as he runs of the ship.

2007-02-04, 03:47 PM
Jesthik watches as Eric runs from the ship. He is also watching the slow approach of the shadows. Ye'r safer board th' ship than ye are on land, lad! Jesthik calls after him. Th' likes oh them can nay come o' board th' ship, she's protected from them.

The shadow below decks hears in its mind If'n ye are tryin ta get im hurt, I'll personally haul ye back ta th' shadow plane and leave ye bound there in light. Be away from th' ship, an' only come back once ye have asked proper like. Jesthik continues to watch from the main deck.

2007-02-04, 03:50 PM
Eric yells back, Not your fight! He continues to run obviously not hearing the whole message.

Chaotic Bob
2007-02-04, 03:58 PM
Another pearl rolls out of a shadow towards Jesthik.

2007-02-04, 04:35 PM
Without touching the pearl, it rolls back into the shadows whence it came. If'n yer wish'n ta speak ta me, shade, speak yer piece. I'll nah touch yer pearls. Jesthik mentally says to the shadow.

Chaotic Bob
2007-02-04, 04:57 PM
A shadow elemental floats in looking around carefully.
I see suspicions run deep here. I am not supposed to be here and was communicating through the pearls. I will not return if that is what you wish, but I was simply fulfilling a promise I made to that boy. Now if you have anything to say, then make it quick before I"m noticed missing.

2007-02-04, 05:00 PM
Tallak runs full kilter after Eric, not even pausing as he opens a gate through the side of the hold and leaps the distance between the ship and the dock. Screaming his primal rage he throws himself blade first into the Shade nearest him crying. We choose where and when we fight boy, get back to the Black Ship, or so help me Gods i'll put you down myself. then Jesthik, a little help?

2007-02-04, 05:02 PM
Eric kept running.

2007-02-04, 05:13 PM
Shad'w, be on yer way then. Jes remember, if'n yer goin ta come inta this er' ship, ye still gots'ta ask permission 'fore ye do. Jesthik says.

Jesthik looks around for Eric. Not seeing him in open sight, he looks harder, through the shadows. Seeing him in the sewers, Jesthik turns back to the ship. 'El, guess he's a gona' now. Jesthik walks back aboard the ship. Looking at the shadows that Tallak now faces, he shouts in a strange tongue Back ta th' depths which ye came from, AND NER YE COME BACK AGAIN! The shadows have an intense feeling to return to the shadow plane as commanded (Will save DC 57).

2007-02-04, 05:16 PM
((Um sorry if I didn't give you a chance to respond but I thought you were off line. I'm in the sewers right now. Um... I could bring it back here if DeBunny gives me a post or two, or using some chaotic bob mojo))

Chaotic Bob
2007-02-04, 05:19 PM
((funny that you mention Chaotic Bob actually....))
The elemental shrugs and floats away.

2007-02-04, 09:43 PM
Eric appears on the dock next to the Black Ship. Ahoy there, permision to come aboard?

2007-02-04, 09:47 PM
*Ceika steps over to the railing and casts a glance down at the docks.* That depends... business?

Chaotic Bob
2007-02-04, 09:49 PM
A small shadow elemental quickly flies up and attempts to meld with Eric's shadow. It quietly whispers:
Hiya, I see you're still alive, which is good. You're fun to watch.

2007-02-04, 09:50 PM
I wanted to aplogize for almost dragging you into a mess that ain't yours. He glances at the shadow.

Chaotic Bob
2007-02-04, 09:52 PM
The shadow continues to try to meld.
I'm supposed to be watching you, you remember me don't you? I'm only trying to meld with your shadow so people might ignore me better.

2007-02-04, 09:55 PM
*She glares at the shadow, and the area around the ship gets noticably brighter, but she nods and motions for him to come aboard.* Come on then...

2007-02-04, 09:56 PM
Nothing stops the shadow from melding with his. He heads aboard. And goes up to Cekia, First off I'd like to thank you for helping me out.

2007-02-04, 09:59 PM
You're welcome. *She nods, then her eyes shift to his shadow as her expression darkens.* You, however, were not invited aboard.

2007-02-04, 10:10 PM
Sorry ma'am. He turns to his shadow. Hey you go wait for me off the ship.

It does so.

2007-02-04, 10:13 PM
*She nods her approval.* A ship has rules, Eric... Nobody on board without my permission. This is not the first time that rule was broken because of you, though not necessarily by you. I'll hear you out. What was this all about?

2007-02-04, 10:16 PM
Sorry again for any trouble I caused you, I truely didn't mean to. Apparently do to being in the wrong place at the wrong time someone has taken offense to me being alive. I just wanted to come by to thank you for all your help and to let you know I plan on repaying you if I make it through this mess.

2007-02-04, 10:22 PM
*She nods again, smiling slightly.* You are welcome, Eric. It's not easy, life on the streets... You owe me nothing, but I do hope things work out for you. There's more than one person on this ship willing to help you back to your feet, should you need the hand.

2007-02-04, 10:27 PM
He smiles back, Thank you ma'am, but your wrong, I owe you, I've know many who would have let me die on the dock and for that I plan on paying you back.

2007-02-04, 10:35 PM
Well, seems you're stubborn... I'll give you that much credit. I do as I see fit. You do as ye see fit, then, pup, and we'll go from there. A word to the wise, though... it's not usually a good idea to be tellin the captain of a ship that they're wrong. Seems most captains are a bit touchy like that. *She winks.* If that's all, then?

((sorry to cut things short, but I've got an early morning tomorrow, so I'm signing off for the night.))

2007-02-04, 10:37 PM
((No problem.))

He grins at her. Sorry ma'am I'll keep that in mind. And yeah I better get going. Goodnight ma'am. He turns to leave the ship.

2007-02-04, 10:39 PM
'Night, pup. *She watches him leave with an amused look on her face, making sure he's back onto the docks before heading back to her cabin for the night.*

2007-02-04, 10:42 PM
He walks onto the docks and the shadow pops back into his and he heads on his way keeping a wary eye out.

2007-02-05, 10:44 AM
Supagoof walks onto the docks. He heads up to Ceika's ship, hands trembling.

You did the right thing, It was right to tell her. Now it is up to the fates and future to see where this heads.

He whistles as he did before to get the attention of a one of the crew.

2007-02-05, 10:48 AM
*There is a return whistle from the riggings, and Lin leans out against the ropes, greeting Supagoof with a crooked smile.* Ye lookin fer th' Cap'n, I sup'se?

2007-02-05, 10:50 AM
Yes sir. Is she about?

2007-02-05, 10:58 AM
*He grins and looks up to the aft mast, then gives a shrill whistle. Responding to the call, the redhead peeks up over the top sail. A few gestures and whistles later, Ceika looks down at the docks and waves, then dissappears behind the sail again, only to reappear below it a few moments after. She makes her way to the deck quickly, and calls to him from the quarterdeck as she jogs over to the railing.* Ahoy! Come on up!

2007-02-05, 11:00 AM
Supagoof heads up onto the deck. For a moment he is lost in thought just looking at her, but regains his head shortly.

G'morning Captain. Care to continue our chat?

2007-02-05, 11:02 AM
*She looks slightly nervous, but nods.* 'Morning. I... suppose. Here or elsewhere?

2007-02-05, 11:06 AM
Not that I don't trust your crew, but I think they would sooner slit my throat should I make you appear upset or uneasy. Care to take a walk along the shore? Supagoof says, looking at the crew milling about. He is certain that some of them are keeping a close eye on him, though he dismisses it as paranoia.

2007-02-05, 11:11 AM
*She chuckles softly at his observation, or at the validity of it, and nods* Sure. Just give me a moment. *She turns and heads for her stateroom, returning a few moments later, wearing a worn necklace with a cracked blue-green stone hanging from it. She heads for the aft gangplank, motioning for Supagoof to follow if he wasn't already.*

((To the beach thread, then?))

2007-02-05, 11:12 AM

Supagoof heads off the ship with Ceika.

2007-02-05, 03:45 PM
*Ceika walks briskly up the docks and back onto her ship, setting about some of the daily tasks.*

2007-02-05, 03:48 PM
Supagoof follows Ceika onto the ship. Some of the crew eye him suspisciously. They can tell that he has no sea legs by the way his body remains rigid instead of swaying with the tides.

2007-02-05, 04:05 PM
*Ceika thinks of something and pulls Supagoof aside for a moment, whispering* Oh, and whatever you do, don't tell the crew you were a lawman. It... wouldn't be a good idea. Bring you the wrong kind of popularity, if you know what I mean.

*She nods to him and returns to her work.*

2007-02-05, 04:16 PM
Supagoof thinks for a second, then whispers to Ceika.Do you have a cook or a healer?

Lin, who watched Supagoof come on board, notices him standing around. He slides down the rope.
Well, what 'ave we 'ere eh? Yah new, yah comin' on b'ard?

Supagoof nods yes.

Ah, well don't ye go bout thinkin a bottle o' champaigne 'ill cut the mustar' wit' the res' o us? Whaddya be doin'?

Supagoof gives Ceika a glance wondering how he should answer.

2007-02-05, 04:27 PM
*Ceika glares at the rigger.* Enough, Lin. Back t'work! Ye'll not be harrassin folks I bring aboard! Ev'n if they are a bi' shakey on the waves. *Lin looks at her but doesn't hesitate to get his hands busy about his task, though he still watches Supagoof with a curious eye. She nods at Supagoof's question.* A cook we have. His name's Raymond Hestha, but he goes by Hestha or Hess. An you're probably more skilled than he, in fact an owlbear's likely more skilled with a pan than that'n, but I keep him around for a reason. I'll not have any complaints about the food, either. I eat the same meals that the crew does. But as for a healer... well... we did have Sunya, but... she didn't make it. So, if ye want the job, you're welcome to it. I can have Rykk show you below. There are some empty hammocks on the second deck, but if you're servin as ship's doc, there's a hammock in the infirmary for ye.

*She whistles for Rykk, who lumbers up, a beast of a man. He's got a black sash tied around his head, dark scars sowing on either side of it, across his left eye. He salutes to Ceika.* Take him below... show him around. Help him get settled. He's our new healer. *she nods toward Supagoof.*

Aye, Ma'am. *Rykk grunts, intending Supagoof to follow, and heads below*

((Heading out... be back later))

2007-02-05, 04:37 PM
((edit: ^ Gotcha))

Might as well put my cleric skills to good use, since I'm a bit rusty with a sword and scabbard. I'll take up residence in the infirmary. Supagoof raises his hands in salute, then follows Rykk down below.

Rykk shows him the infirmary.

Ye can settle in ere. Pray that ye fare bettah then our last healer, bless her soul. Dunno how Captain talked ya into it. Spose she didn' tell ya the tale of what happened to Sunya, did she? Spose it's bettah that way tho'. Don' let it scare ya off.

Rykk gives Supagoof the general what's and who's of the ship and introduces him to most of the crew. One of them asks Supagoof why he's losing his teeth and if Supagoof can help. After a quick look...

I think the tobacco you chew is causing the problem. You need to lay off it, or else you won't have any teeth.

I'se soonah take a long walk off a short pier then give up my chew. No tanks. Fish ain't that hard to chews anyway. Unless Raymond cooks it...hee hee heh hee...

Well, don't say I didn't warn you.

After introduction and setup, Supagoof leaves the ship and heads into town to take care of some business. When he returns, he is carrying some pouches, his shield, and a mace sized hammer. He heads below to stow away his gear.


2007-02-05, 05:42 PM
Tallak and Jesthik make short work of the strangeness on the docks and Tallak makes his way back to onto the ship. Having been assigned no duties and hating to be idle, he sets about learning the work of Lin. Tallaks natural flexibility and dexterity making this job one he is suited to.

It is from this perch that he sees the man from earlier days return not once but twice, belongings in tow. The plot thickens. He mutters under his breath.

2007-02-06, 10:20 AM
Supagoof steps out onto the deck as the morning breaks on the horizon. A nauseating feeling in his stomach, he heads immediately for the side rail.
Oy. Do I need to find my sea legs. He looks over the side, and spot the shoreline, slowly rising and falling.That's not helping...

Not gonna be sick, are yah? a familiar voice behind him asks. Turning around, Supagoof sees that it is Rykk, the crewman that had helped him last not.

No, no. Just getting used to the settings. Supagoof says, his face as pale as a ghost.

Well, it'll come to yah with some time. Jus' so yah know, a lil grub migh help yah wit it. Let's go see if Hess 'as got sumtin' cooked up.

Supagoof follow Rykk into the galley, where a large man is cutting up the remnants of some fish. At first it looks as though he is separating the meat from the bones, but he sweeps the two piles with the blade of his knife into the frying pan. Hess sees the two come in.

Jus' a few tics and breakfas ill be served. Hess says with a grin, holding the frying pan up.

Hess, lemme introduce yah to the new landlubber in trainin'. This ere's Supagoof, the new cleric the cap'n brought on?

Did she now? Well tha's good thinkin'. Pleasure to make yer aquaintenance der Supagoof, or can I call ya Goof for short? he says holding out his hand.

Call me anything you like, just not late for dinner. Supagoof says with a chuckle, shaking Hess's hand.

Oh, I shan't be doin that, *har* *har*. Hess replies, laughing at Supagoof's quip. He wipes his nose with his hand then goes back to cooking.

In a few moments, Supagoof is eating breakfast. He is careful to keep his face from grimacing too much as chews through. He is not certain if he felt more or less sick afterward, but food is food and he'll have to learn to accept it.

2007-02-06, 10:29 AM
((For reference, Hestha's cooking is the worse food you'll ever eat... But there's a reason, and he does it on purpose. Eating his food for a month will basically grant you the feat "Cast Iron Stomach" which makes you pretty much immune to food poisoning, and will allow you to survive eating less and worse food. Very handy on a ship. But not many people keep the first few meals down long...))

*Ceika walks the deck in the morning light, a grim expression on her face. Her skin seems a bit more pale than normal, and there is a slight bloodstain on her coatsleeve. She's got a dark glass bottle tied to her belt. She speaks softly to herself, casting her eyes to the the horizon where the blood-red clouds part for the blue streaks of sky.* Today's the day... Can't be keepin a ship nameless for too long. Ill omens though...

2007-02-06, 10:57 AM
((^ Gotcha))

*gurgle* Supagoof's insides lurch as he finishes the meal. He rushes topside as fast as possible, hand clasped over his mouth. *gurgle* His insides explode, and a small bit comes up his throat into his mouth. As he opens the door on deck, he runs toward the rail. *gurgle* Not soon enough, the pressure inside begins to push through his nostrils. As he reaches the rail, the breakfast is short lived as it spews out the very same way it went in, over the edge and into the water below.

Lin drops down from the riggings, laughing. He kicks a mop and bucket over to Supagoof.

Clean it up mate! he says.

Supagoof wipes his face off with a napkin he kept in his pocket. Then looking at the bucket, and then at the mess on the side of the ship, his insides lunge again. After one more bout, he sits by the rail, pale one again. Oh boy... After a moment to catch his breath, he slowly gets up. Best get to it. Can't show that I won't pull my share. He grabs the mop and starts to clean up his mess. Some around him smirkin', others wondering if he'll make it, as they haven't even left port yet.

2007-02-06, 11:13 AM
*Rykk trots up to the top deck, not masking his amusement well.* I did say food'd help, didn't I? It's jus' too bad tha' Hestha's cookin *he looks around to make sure the cook isn't within earshot* don' quite qualify as food.

*He walks over to Supagoof and corsses his arms.* Firs' bit's gonna be th' worst... the sooner ye get used to the ship's movement an' th'... food, the better off ye'll be.

*Ceika watches in silence from the quarterdeck. A priate crew isn't often kid to newcommers, but it's for the best... if a person couldn't cut the days in port, it'd be best not to take them out to sea. Then again, he only failed his constatution check after eating Hestha's cooking, so that really couldn't be held against him. Some of the seasoned crew still fell victim to Hestha's atrocities at times.* Back t'work, Lin! The ratlines are worn, an' I still don't see a suitable nest up there for our crow!

*Lin gives a startled look at the Captain, not realizing she had been watching, and scurried off to continue his work, muttering something beneath his breath.*

2007-02-06, 11:52 AM
I'll get used to it I'm sure. Supagoof says to Rykk. I've been through worse, though it has been awhile.

Is 'at so? Rykk smiles mischeviouly. Tell us about it Goof.

Supagoof begins to describe his time in the Legion and the war with the house of Narf. The crew don't stop what they are doing, but listen as he goes along. He leaves out the details about the good the Legion would do, and expands on the items that really gather the crews attentions, such as the fights, the stabbings, the long treks over land and the waiting of forces to gather before attacking castles and other such strongholds. Some of the crew question him.

The Legion eh, wasn't the captain part of a legion or sumtin?

Yep, that's where I met the captain. Fight along side her many times during the Legion's movement. Never saw anyone on land with as quick a blade.

Yah won't find anyone on sea either....
Hear 'ere!
So, Goof, what ever happened to the Legion?

I don't know. The emperor went missing, and little was heard of them after that.

Nobody to take his place?

Well, there was a second in command.... Supagoof indiscreetly looks at Ceika's direction as he says this,...but I don't believe the Legion and they fit to well. Anyway, enough of that, and if I mop any more here I'm gonna wash the black right off. We can't have that. What else can I do?

The crew, who had been toiling at their duties without thinking while working, give Supagoof the tasks of cleaning the cannonballs, with instruction to make sure the Order insignia on them is polished clean off.

2007-02-06, 01:02 PM
*Rykk noticed Supagoof's discreet glance, and followed it, but a frown from the captain keept him silenced.*

((First post updated with a lot of info.))

2007-02-06, 04:08 PM
Supagoof finishes with polishing one of the cannonballs. It's appearance is that of a smooth ball bearing. 1 down, about a dozen more to go.., he thinks looking at the pile of them. It's at that moment that two of the crew come carrying a crate full of them

Got 'bout 10 more crates in the holds, and 'nother dozen or so round the cannons.

*sigh* Supagoof wipes the sweat off his brow. He then gets up and removes his cape, chainmail, and shirt to cool off. On his arm, there is a tattoo of a thunderbolt. His body is not muscular compared to the other pirates, but shows signs of once being so. He sits down and sets back to his task, this time not working on perfection, but more towards making sure each one is usable and in order without the "Order". He begins to hum a tune as he works. It is a slower tune, with a jazzy swing to it.

2007-02-06, 05:16 PM
Tallak listens from the rigging as Supagoof tells is tale of the Legion and the countless battles and sieges he took part in with some interest. He made a mental note to sit beside the man at the next meal and see what he could make of his character.

2007-02-06, 06:49 PM
Jesthik makes his rounds around the ship, checking on the crew. He nods to Tallak as he walks by, as well as to a few other of the crew. Upon finding Supagoof in the hold working on the cannonballs, he pauses. Ye was in th' Legion, eh?! It seems like more of a statement than a question, but he looks to Supagoof for an answer.

2007-02-06, 10:58 PM
Supagoof looks up at Jesthik, and realizing this is the first mate from desciprtion, he stands and salutes.

Yes sir. I was with the legion for a good time. I take it you've heard of them?

He stands at attention until otherwise directed.

2007-02-07, 06:35 AM
Firs' don' ere salu' me! Sec'n, yea, I'sa hear'd o' them fr'm talk'n ta th' Capt'n. Thir', At Rest! Jesthiks voice is barely over a whisper, but Supagoof can easily hear what is said. Anyone else trying to listen in would be hard pressed to hear anything at all from what he said.

Be careful ye don' overstep yer place on thi' 'ere ship. If'n ye's got a problem, le' me know. As Capt'n brough' ye on as 'ealer ta replace our las', less she tells me oth'r wise, ye'll be r'port'n ta me. Jesthik pauses, looking down at all of the cannonballs that are now clean, and all the others that have been stacked up.

Ye is r'liev'd from this 'ere pos'! Go ge' sum'tin from de galley, then get sum res', yer gona need it.

2007-02-07, 09:48 AM
Supagoof drops his hand. Aye sir, understood. Jesthik's tone of voice commands respect, even at just a whisper. I can see why Ceika has him at first mate. Supagoof thinks while listening to Jesthik talk. After the conversation, Supagoof heads down to the galley, Hestha grins when he enters.

Roun' two eh? he says, taking a ladle full of something and putting it into a bowl. Supagoof's nose hairs burn at the smell of the stew, but he manages to put it down and keep it down this time. After letting the meal settle, Supagoof heads to the infirmary quarters and tries lying in the hammock. The swaying of which is comforting. It make the rocking of the ship less noticable. Supagoof falls asleep quickly.


Supagoof’s wakes some time later, refreshed. He put’s his gear on, and heads out the infirmary to stretch his legs. A bucket of bilge spills on him as he opens the door.

Three pirates stand around laughing. Welcome aboard mate! One says with another laugh and a grin. His name is Roacha, and he is the largest of the three. There’s a glint in his eye as he smirks at Supagoof. The other two are known as Demoul and Stetz.

Nice. I needed a shower. Far better then having your mother bathe me. Supagoof replies.

You don’ say nuttin about me mudda! Roacha snaps back.

Care to make me? Supagoof says while thinking Perhaps it’s not the best idea to go against one of the crew when so new to the ship, but it’s far better then to let him walk all over me.

Fancy challengin’ me eh? You should see the cap’n not round to save your sorry land-lubbin ass.

Then what’s stopping ya? Supagoof says , wiping the bilge off his face.

Roacha pulls out his sword. Supagoof sighs and pulls out his warhammer.

Don’t you go cheatin’ usin no fancy magics and stuff.

I’m a healer. My “magics” are not much good in a fight.

Yer gonna need a healer when I’m done wit you…Roacha says, and charges at Supagoof. Swinging the sword high. Supagoof parries the sword and steps to the left, pushing Roacha past him. The tip of Roacha’s sword catches Supagoof shoulder, and blood squirts out. Supagoof winces at the pain. Roacha swirls around.

Tha’ hammer’s not gonna help you much…Roacha says and charges Supagoof again.

You’re right! Supagoof says, and throws the hammer down at Roacha’s feet. The pointed end catches Roacha’s boot and goes through into the deck. Roacha falls forward unable to stop his motion. He hits the deck and the sword flys out of his hand. Supagoof steps toward him and kicks the sword away, while Roacha pulls his boot free.

That was a dumb move. Roacha says getting up. Supagoof puts up his fists, and motions for Roacha to attack again.

A boxin’ match eh? We’ll see how yer jaw feels after my arms get done pummelin it. Roacha says. From years at swinging from the ropes, Roacha’s arms are chiseled and pure muscle. Supagoof, on the other hand, hadn’t been in a fight for some time. The two square off, and Roacha throws an uppercut right at Supagoof’s chin.


Supagoof reels for a bit. That was a solid hit. He throws a few punches back at the pirate, but Roacha’s agility gets the best of him, and he doesn’t land a one. Roacha sends another to Supagoof’s kidneys.

*oof* All right focus old man. What was it we’d say on the force, yeah. It helps to know what your target is after, as most of them remain short sighted and fight only towards that. Use it to your advantage. Supagoof recalls. He steps back from Roacha, and leans his head forward. It works, as Roacha charges ahead, swinging his punch wide at Supagoof’s head. Supagoof leans lower, then sweeps the leg. Roacha trips over it and tumbles into a wall. Supagoof turns and prepares for the next attack.

Roacha turns around, flustered. He get’s up and charges at Supagoof once again. Supagoof leaps and catches a rafter, bringing his foot up with a kick to Roacha’s chest. The pirate is sent reeling back, clutching his chest. Supagoof drops back down.

Roacha looks at the other two crew-mates, and gives a quick nod. Stetz and Demoul reach forward and grab Supagoof’s arms, pinning him. Roacha gets up and places two quick punches into Supagoof’s stomach. Supagoof winces. Yer bettah than I thought, but you need to work on keepin’ and eye on your surroudin’s. Roacha says as he steps towards Supagoof menacingly.

So should you. Rykk says, stepping around from a corner. You should know better then to turn a figh’ into three on one Roacha, specially against a cleric. Lucky you Supagoof has honor enough to not use magic to save ‘imself.

Stetz and Demoul let go of Supagoof, who drops to his knees and coughs up a little blood.

Aw Rykk, we wuz jus havin a little fun, we wouldn’ hur’ him too much. Would we boyz? Roacha asks the other two. Demoul and Stetz both shake their heads yes.

You try that agin, and I’ll see that you’re havin’ fun hangin from the yard arm. Capice?

Yeah, we gotz you. Quin says as he and the other sulk off.

Rykk heads over to Supagoof and helps him up. Don’ worry bout them. They’re jus worried that you’ll get a promotion for they do is all, with your ties to the cap’n.

Promoted to what, chief healer? Supagoof says. A soft glow emits from his hand as he holds it to his chest to heal himself.

Right, well jus’ cuz I realize that, doesn’t mean they do. Step softly Supagoof. Don’t try to impress ‘em with tales of fightin’ in the legion, les you want more after yah.

Good advice, I’ll be sure to take it.

Well then, I’m off. Rykk says, heading back around the corner where he came from.

Supagoof grabs his warhammer, slides it into his belt, then heads topside

2007-02-07, 01:53 PM
Supagoof would pass Ceika as he heads topside, as she trots down the stairs to find out what the commotion is about. It's not too hard to assume that it's the new guy that was being challenged, so she heads toward the infirmary. Since she saw supagoof, and he didn't seem too bad off, her thought was to find out who the casualties were. She rounds a corner to find Rykk leaning up against the wall, waiting for her. After a brief consultation with Rykk, Ceika's expression sours.

Get'em topside, Rykk. All three of'em. She spins on her heels and heads topside herself to make the preparations, while the hefty gunner went to find the offenders.

Reaching the top of the hatchway, Ceika headed straight for her quarters, only to reappear moments later without her coat, and with a crimson velvet bag on her belt. Seeing this, those who had sailed with her before froze, waiting. Knowing what was coming, Lin crept cautiously around in the riggings, searching for a better view as Ceika cleared some barrels out from in front of a metal grating.

Rykk lumbered up the stairs to the hatchway, two men being ushered along before him and one dragged behind, by the ankle, clawing at the stairs. We wusn't gonna do nuttin! It wuz all fer fun! He glanced nervously at crewmen as he was dragged forward, silently pleading for one of them to intervene, but none did. Seeing nobody else, he shot a final begging look at Supagoof. Before the cleric can say anything one way or another, Rykk haules Roacha to his feet, almost throwing him into the grating.

Roacha staggers forward, catching himself on the grating next to the captain. He barely has the chance to look up beforehe finds his hands lashed to the rough metal. He jerks violently against the ropes, but years of lessons such as these have taught Ceika how to make sure they're secure. Once Roacha has been secured, the other two are urged forward. Knowing the punishment will be far worse if they protest, they grimly take the position beside Roacha. Ceika binds their hands in a like fashion.

A ship's got rules. You three broke mine. If there are fights, they are one on one ONLY. Not three on one. Her voice is frigid as she addresses Roacha, Demoul, and Stetz. Low on the main mast, Lin strains his neck to see as Ceika reaches into the bag at her side to produce the twisted handle of the black cat-o-nine. She sizes up the three men, determining the number of lashes each will receive. Coming to a conclusion, she starts with Demoul.

Demoul grinds his teeth as the first and second strokes hit home, slicing through his shirt and leaving thin lines of blood across his back. His arms shake as he holds himself up for the thrid lash, then the fourth. To keep himself from crying out in pain, he bit down on his tongue, and blood that trickled from his lips and down the front of his shirt. With the fifth lash, he closed his eyes and sank to his knees. Ceika nodded resolutely and stepped over behind Stetz.

Stetz was not as disciplined as Demoul, and screamed out in agony with the second lash. An icy fire flashed in Ceika's eyes, and the third stroke, falling harder and faster than the previous two, brough Stetz to his knees, still screaming. Two more followed before she turned away from the whimpering, bloody form.

Stetz may not have known better, Roacha, but you did. I've no patience for disobedience. The words had barely left her mouth when the whip bit deep into his back the first time. Roacha strained against the ropes, holding back his cries as the cat cleaved through his flesh again and again, shredding his shirt and rending flesh from bone. His color began to fade from loss of blood and the sheer level of pain, but he kept his eyes open and managed to stay on his feet for each of the fifteen lashes he received.

Ceika stood over the three of them, an expression of sadistic pleasure briefly flickering across her features. With an effortless motion, she coiled the blood-soaked cat and tucked it away. She looked around at the crew who stood, mouth agape, watching her every move. Silence reigned for a few uneasy moments before Ceika spun on her heels stalked back to her cabin, leaving the three men bound to the iron grating, calling over her shoulder. Back t'work, NOW!

2007-02-07, 04:56 PM
Jesthik, standing off to one side, watches the events unfold. His expression does not change at all. The icy stare leveled at the three offenders holding. When Captain Ceiblayde stops and starts walking away is when he finally moves. He walks slowly toward the three. At the order from Captain Ceiblayde, he glances around to see if the crew listen. Most do without hesitation. A few, new sailors to the crew, stand, lax jawed, watching, and not reacting to the order given.

Capt'n said back t'work, NOW, tha' means MOVE!! His voice actually rising to a near yell has the remaining men turn to see who caused it, then apon realizing that they have been ordered by both the Captain, and the first mate, the scramble to their posts to start doing their respective duties.

The crew continue to steal glances back toward the three, but continue with tasks well after they are through. Sometimes being proded by other to change to a new task.

Jesthik walks near the three men. In a low tone, he speaks to them. Th' Capt'n has rules fer a reas'n boys. If'n ye feels li' doin tha' again, I'd sugges' tha' ye fin' anoth'r worl' ta do it on. Bu' I's nah thinkin tha you'll be able ta do tha again on this ship, 'er again.

Jesthik steps away from the three. Leave 'em hang fer a bit! He orders.

2007-02-08, 02:06 AM
Supagoof makes a quick note to himself. Rules were not meant to be broken, and the punishments severe. He then heads back to the infirmary, to prep the kelp/aloe mixture to aid in the healing of the three. They paid the price, now they need to get back to full strength, but not with a spell. A lesson needs to be learned, and a slower healing will be certainly drive the cap'ns point home. That thought along with the humility the three will face when they come to see him, bring a smile to Supagoof's face.

2007-02-08, 10:01 AM
Ceika steps out from under the quarterdeck and walks briskly to the three, who stand, shivering, their backs exposed to the elements. She walks to the two accomplices and draws he dagger, nimbly slicing the ropes from their wrists. Stetz's arms fall limp at his side as he rests uncomfortably, his face against the grating. Demoul, ever disciplined, straghtens his arms and forces his feet beneath him. He slowly turns to face the captain.

Aye, Ma'am?

Get below. Get warm and clean yourself up. You might want to see the cleric for a patch-up, then get back to work. Take Stetz with you.

Aye, Ma'am.

Ceika resheathes her dagger and heads below to grab some food. Demoul roughly picks up Stetz and drapes him over his shoulder, then heads below as well, every movement sending jolts of pain through his back. Belowdecks, he drops Stetz, who is still unconscious, into his hammock then pulls off the damaged shirt, gathers up a clean one and limps stiffly toward the infirmary.

2007-02-08, 10:40 AM
A soft knock is heard on the infirmary door.

Come in. Supagoof says.

Demoul enters the infirmary, he eyes focusing on anything other then Supagoof.

Supagoof...can ya...do ya...cap'n sez to see ya about the lashin'.

Certainly. Come and have a seat, let's take a look at them.

The gashes in Demoul's back are deep. The sea air had already begun to cauterize some of the wounds. Others still had a trickle of blood flowing through them.

Allright, I'm going to clean out a few, but the one down the center is going to need stitches. You're gonna want to bite down on this. Supagoof says, holding out a wooden dowel wrapped in leather. Stetz takes it and looks at it curiously. Supagoof then opens a bottle of rum, takes a swig, hands to Demoul to drink, then runs some down the back of the pirate into the wounds. The rum cleans the wounds out. He pours some rum into a small glass.He then grabs a needle, and thread and rinses them in the glass. Bite down now. Supagoof says as he takes the needle and begins to sew the wound shut. The process is slow, but Demoul's tolerance holds firm. Soon the wound has stopped bleeding. Supagoof covers the lashes with the mixture of kelp and aloe, then runs long strips of cloth on them. Using a mixture of sap, he makes the cloth strips stay in place.

All patched up. Was it just you, or did the cap'n release all three of ya?

Stetz is sleepin' it off righ' now.

Well, let's go find him before infection sets in or he loses too much blood.

I'll show ya the ways...an Supagoof - Demoul says, looking him in the face for the first time...sorry. No 'ard feelin's eh?

Apology accepted Demoul. We's crew, so no, no hard feelings...

T'anks. Demoul smiles a little, then leads Supagoof to go find Stetz. Supagoof wakes him, and patches him up as well. It seems Ceika's hand was a little lighter on Stetz, as the wounds are not quite so deep. This is good, as Stetz winces rather easily compared to Demoul.

2007-02-08, 07:48 PM
Jesthik, still topside, stays busy, and keeps the crew busy as well. Only once does Jesthik have to remind them that only the Captain will be the one to release Roacha from his bindings. Les'n ye's ta be want'n ta join im up ther, ye bes' be leav'n well alone lads. Now ge' ba' ta work.

Jesthik makes his rounds around the ship to make sure that everything is in its proper place.

Upon walking by Demoul, Jesthik looks him over. Ye shou' know better'n to mix wit de likes o' Roacha. E's trouble! An I thought ye was smarter th'n tha.

Demoul slowly looks up. Upon realizing who is speaking to him, he lurches to his feet. Pologies Sir, didn' know t'was you. He said it t'was jus goin ta be standerd nitiation board th' ship, Sir, nut'n serious, he jus when a bit far, an

Jesthik cuts him off from finishing. THERE WILL BE NO initiating of crew on this ship Demoul! His tone sharp, though still barely above a whisper. Ye should know tha' kin' o' treatmen' should ner' happen! An' ta follow 'im was worse! Ye shoulda come ta me or Rykk when he started talk'n li' tha. Ye understand why ye got yer punishmen'?! Jesthiks voice still quiet, but very sharp.

... Aye Sir! It won't happen again Sir! Demoul answers after a pause to see if Jesthik was going to say more.

Get s'm res', yer goin ta be needin it fer th' morrow. Jesthik orders. An remember ta sleep on your stomack, er ye'll be worse tha' ye are now. He says a bit less sharply. Dismissed!

Demoul nods. Aye, Sir, will be ready fer th morrow Sir. Even with his back still hurting, he proceeds to check on Stetz before going and laying down to get some rest for himself.

Jesthik shakes his head as he watches, then turns and heads towards the infirmary. Once there he steps inside and looks around for Supagoof.

2007-02-08, 08:54 PM
Supagoof heads back to the infirmary after treating Stetz. He cleans up the mess, putting the cork back into the rum and placing it, along with the other utensils, back into a cupboard. He goes into a meditative state to refresh his spells, the little that he used.


After some time spent in the meditative state, Supagoof re-awakens. He heads to the galley to get some food, then promptly to the rail of the deck.

I hope this doesn't become tradition...

Meh too der laddie. Less the cap'n gonna name it the black ship wit o side o cleric vomit...an I be 'ard pressed to sail unda that name. says a familiar voice, dropping down from the riggins. Lin walks over to Supagoof, and hands him a canteen. 'ere, try some of this, 'elps it stay down.

Supagoof takes a gulp of the liquid, which burns the entire way down. He clenches his eyes as the burning passes. WOW, that's got a kick.

Aye, me own spec'l blend. Hey, can you look at this fer me? Lin asks as he takes his canteen back, holding out hif left hand. There's a spot where the calloused skin had cracked through, leaving raw flesh.

Thought me hands were used to the ropes, buh I slipped a lil when the ...he nods in Roacha's direction...'ere takin' place.

Yeah, I see. Supagoof says, glancing at Roacha, then turning back he looks at the hand more closely. After inspection, he takes from his pouch some more of the mixture he used on Stetz and Demoul's lashes yesterday. He covers the wound, and wraps it tightly using some cloth and sap. I'd knot the bandage shut, but that would just impare your ability to run up and down the rigging the way you do. The sap keeps the cloth in place, without having the bump of a knot. See me anytime it starts coming loose.

Aye, that's smart. I shall do lad, iffin it comes loose. Dis feel's good, I'se guessin' yer' not so bad a heal'r afta all. Lin says, hopping back onto the rigging.

Supagoof gives him a nod as he climbs back up the ropes. Then he stands on the deck, lost in thought.


After some time, Supagoof leaves the ship, and heads back into town.

Beymar Emiralk
2007-02-09, 03:13 PM
Two haflings on a unicyle roll by the ship. They stop and look at the pirates swinging from the riggings.

Oy! That would be fun.

Yeah, but only if we want to juggle our heads.

Juggle heads, but everyone knows you can't get ahead on a pirate ship.((ba dum kssh))


The two continue to roll along after making their bad joke. Emiralk, who is on top, start juggling again.

2007-02-09, 03:32 PM
Supagoof comes back to the ship. He's carrying a crate with him. He sets the crate on the deck, then goes to talk to Rykk standing nearby. Rykks smiles when he answers. Supagoof then takes the crate and heads below into the holds. When done placing it there, he appears from the holds with two bottles, which he then takes to the infirmary. On the side of the bottle is marked - Morgan's Spiced Rum.


After some time Supagoof returns to the ships deck. He strecteches his arms, and heads for portside, when a sickening sight catches his eye. Dear Zeus, don't tell me he hasn't been let down yet. Supagoof thinks. He heads over to Roacha, still tied on the rack. Roacha's body is limp. The wounds in his back are glazed over, the dried blood forming salt crusted patches on each lash. To heck with this....Supagoof gets out his pouch and cleanses the wounds. After clearing the salt/blood from Roacha back, Supagoof places his hand on Roacha back. A soft glow emits from them, and the wounds begin the heal. Roacha awakens briefly during this time. Tanks..... but his strength is gone, and consciousness eludes him. He's dehydrated. He won't last much longer here. Supagoof begins to untie the knots, but it takes some time for each one. Other crew begin to look around, wondering if Supagoof has permission to remove Roacha, and if not, what the captain will do to him for disobeying. After Supagoof unties the last knot, Roacha crumples to the ground. Supagoof picks him up, and carries him slowly down to the infirmary. Once there, he sets up a drip, to slowly put fresh water into Roacha's mouth. The pirate remains passed out.

2007-02-13, 09:02 AM
((Rocha's the one still tied, by the way... Demoul and Stetz are already healed.))

*Ceika watches from the shadows with a frown as Supagoof takes the prisoner from his bindings, but says nothing. Her look is dissapproving at best, with her eyes narrowed and her arms crossed. Still, she remains silent. When Supagoof has taken Rocha below, Ceika returns to her chambers, heading below by her personal stairs. She lets Supagoof work on the gravely injured sailor, watching in silence from the doorway.*

2007-02-13, 10:18 AM
Supagoof keeps working on Roacha. The pirate has a fever. An infection has set in. Supagoof knows that even the cure wounds magic does not go far to cure an illness. He takes a damp cloth and places it on the pirates head to help keep the fever down.

2007-02-13, 10:29 AM
*After watching for several hours, Ceika clears her throat to get the healer's attention.*

2007-02-13, 10:33 AM
Supagoof turns with a startle.

Hello Cei...Captain. I figured I'd see you soon enough.

2007-02-13, 10:37 AM
*She looks far less than pleased, her glare colder than the winter winds.* What's the meaning of this?

2007-02-13, 10:42 AM
He was dying. I will not have death on my hands.

Take it as disobedience or what have you, but my job is to keep the crew alive and healthy. Just as you do what you do to keep the ship running right, I shall do what I can to keep the crew running. Supagoof replies with a tone of defiance in his voice.

I know full well what this means, and I accept that. he whispers.

2007-02-13, 10:44 AM
Jesthik walks out of his quarters onto top deck. Upon seeing that Rocha is no longer strapped to the rack, he walks over to the nearest crew mate. Who cut 'em down? Jesthik says in a an inquisitive manner, demanding an answer. T'was it Capt'n?

Nay, Sir, t'was de healer, Supagoof, Sir Brakthis answers. He nods and steps back a step, not sure what will happen next. B'lieve 'e took him b'low, Sir, to the infirmary.

Jesthik nods. Very well. Now get ba' ta work, we's still got's a few thin's gotta be done 'fore we ship out. Get to! Jesthik orders. Once the crew are moving again, Jesthik makes a quick note of who all are on top deck, and which ones where standing around. He then heads below deck, heading towards the infirmary himself at a fast walk.

Upon reaching the infirmary, Jesthik opens the door and steps in. Supagoof, I hear'd an odd rum'r tha, ... Jesthik pauses, while taking in what he see's before him in the infirmary. Did ye nay hear th' orda giv'n bout tha sail'r, Supagoof? He's ta be lef' on th' rack til Capt'n cut 'em down! Jesthik's tone is dry, and the expression on his face shows that he is upset with the situation.

2007-02-13, 10:50 AM
*Ceika's icy eyes narrow further, her tone cutting.* He was serving his punishment. Your job is to tend the people I say to tend, not to take pity on my prisoners! There is no room for compassion on a pirate ship... especially not toward a traitor. *The cracked stone around her neck shines with a sickly light and she closes her eyes, clenching her fists at her sides, fighting her own demons. When she opens them again, her eyes are more sorrowful than hateful, more pained than angry, but there is still a deadly fire in them.*

You let me know when he's healthy. *She turns to go.* Or you let me know when he's dead. *With her back to Supagoof, she lingers in the doorway.*

2007-02-13, 10:51 AM
Yes sir, I heard the order. As I was just telling the captain here, I choose to cut him down. He was dying, and sometimes rules need to be broken in order to save a life....even his. Supagoof says, looking over at Roacha whose has now started turning in be due to the fever.

And rules are what they are, and I'm well aware of the results for my breaking of them. Supagoof says, holding out his hands. He'll be allright once the fever breaks.

2007-02-13, 11:02 AM
*Ceika turns back around.* Supagoof, you haven't a clue of the results. If you think that *she nods toward Rocha* is the worst I will do... *She lets her voice trail off and sighs slightly.* Then you've a nice rosey imagination... I'd like t'live in a world like that.

2007-02-13, 11:07 AM
Supagoof, if'n I don' hual ye both ta the rack now, we'll have us a revolt, an we ain' even lef' docks yet! The Capt'ns word, an Her officers words are ta be strictly followed. THIS ain't th' orda! Tis a pirate ship, an' ye bes' get use ta it, if'n ye wish ta stay! Jesthik's eyes have turned black, and his voice is flat. It is more felt than heard.

2007-02-13, 11:10 AM
I know it's not the worst you can do, but I do know the confidence of the crew is not something you can let someone like me unsettle, and you know that too. If I get away with it, what's to stop the next member of the crew who gets a bright idea?


I will already reap the benefit of the crew's trust for helping one of them against your order. Don't allow me to become that chink in your armor by not holding me to the same standard you hold them too. Set the example.

I'm ready.

2007-02-13, 11:18 AM
*Her eyes narrow again, her shoulders stiffen visibly.* Do NOT tell me what to or what not to do! You'll reap no such benefit if yer dead, an' I've the likes t'kill ye myself, for yer insolence! *As she gives into her rage, her speech becomes less refined, and her entire demeanor seems to change.* Jesthik! Th'ealer 'ere can serve out the rest of Rocha's punishment... from the beginning! *With a whirl of gray fabric, she spins and storms back toward the stairs.*

2007-02-13, 11:23 AM
Aye Capt'n Jesthik steps towards Supagoof. Placing a hand on his shoulder, everything goes black. Supagoof finds himself on the top deck by the rack. His entire body would feel like it had just been turned inside out, then corrected in a split second. Front 'er back? He asks in a harsh tone.

2007-02-13, 11:26 AM
Tis harder on you, I'm sure. For that, I'm sorry. Supagoof thinks as the captain storms away.

He goes out when Jesthik touches him. As he regains his senses, he hears the question.


2007-02-13, 11:57 AM
((Jesthik had to go, so I'll take it from here.))

Jesthik sneers at the answer but secures Supagoof to the grating, facing outward. Suit yerself. Tha's brave... bu' stupid. He lashes Supagoof's forearms down as well as his wrists and ankles. The crew begin to murmur nervously as they watch, realizing now that the captain hadn't ordered the prisoner's release.

Ceika strode silently back onto deck, without her coat, her arms bared to the elements, the velvet bag again at her side. A hush fell over the crew as she stepped over to Supagoof, squaring up in front of him. There was no trace of sadness in her stioc expression, only a tightly controlled rage, veiled thinly behind a wall of ice. She didn't offer any words, just kept her eyes locked on his as the cat was loosed.

The first stroke sliced his shirt open, baring his chest and leaving a thin trail of blood in its wake. It was a light stroke, though, and only stung a bit. Ceika clenched her fist tightly around the cat's handle, her knuckles turning white as she did. For a moment she paused, struggling to maintain her composure, but it was only a slight delay before the whip came down again, slicing deeply into his chest. She raised the whip again, but stopped and lowered it. Right... almost forgot... Taking a metal clip out of her belt pouch, she walked over and snapped it shut on Supagoof's ear.

2007-02-13, 12:11 PM
Supagoof gritted his teeth in agony. The whip was a sharp as a blade, and cut cleanly upon his chest. A throbbing in his head emerged, as his body reacted to the sudden loss of blood and the sharp pain. Ceika was precise. She reared her hand back and swung again. This cut was deeper. Supagoof felt the tug and tear against his muscles as the whip pulled through. She stopped after two lashes, then came over pinning a metal object on his ear. Supagoof felt the magic power within him dissapate. That wasn't needed. I wouldn't dis-obey again by healing myself here, in front of the crew. I respect you too much for that. He thought, looking forlorn as she returned to place to finish the lashings.

2007-02-13, 12:30 PM
Ceika loomed in front of him, cat held tightly. She struck again, changing the direction of the lash so it cut him across the middle. Another blow quickly followed, slicing clean to a rib, showing flashes of white bone beneath his flesh. She reached the count of ten lashes before she paused again to let the pain set in, before continuing.


*The whip cracked, punctuating each word as she finished off his lashings.*








The cat's last attack was the fiercest, the whip biting deep into his blood-soaked skin. The deck beneath his feet was slick with the crimson liquid already.

Ceika bundled the cat-o-nine and tucked it away with steadfast grace, though her own skin was speckled with Supagoof's blood from the backlash of the whip. She looked around to the faces of the crew, daring any one of them to say a word.

When satisfied that she had made her point, she spoke to the crew briefly. Leave him. Another quick glance around sealed the deal, and she turned to Jesthik. Kill any man who approaches him. No questions. Jesthik responded with a nod and folded his arms where he stood. Ceika lingered closeby, watching her new prisoner as well.

2007-02-13, 12:47 PM
Supagoof clenched his eyes with every lash. He feels the whip bore into his chest. It licks the rib bone clean in one shot *will*, the cracks it in another *not*, then goes through the rib on *be*, finally touching at the exposed heart of Supagoof *TOLERATED!*. A visible scar on the heart of the healer is seen for a brief second, before the insides fall back towards place when the muscles relax. Blood covers the deck around his feet. Supagoof loses consciouness, as his body goes limp. He is barely breathing.....

2007-02-13, 01:16 PM
Ceika watches his limp form for a moment before she heads below decks, mentally cursing him. Fighting against her anger, she forces herself to calm down, as anger leads to irrational behavior. Focusing her thoughts, she monitors Supagoof's life force as it weakens, and she shakes her head sadly. She cleans herself up a bit and puts her jacket back on, all the while monitoring her prisoner. As his breathing slows, Ceika focuses on him, trying to stabalize his life force with her own, weakening her own energy to suppliment his, healing some of his internal wounds to keep him alive. The only change that anyone topdeck might notice in the prisoner is that his breathing seems steadier and less labored. He remains unconscious, but can hear Ceika's voice in his mind.

Rest... heal... but don't try that again. Next time... I will kill you.

2007-02-13, 09:41 PM
Tallak rides a rope from the rigging to the deck and looks past the stoic Jesthik to the broken form of Supagoof. Jesthik's eyes tell him that getting a closer look while satisfying to his curioisity will also be deadly. So he bounces nimbly around to an adventageous position and takes up a careful watch.

2007-02-13, 11:31 PM
Jesthik stands, watching Supagoof. His eyes still completely black, one hand lightly grasping a flint-lock pistol just within eyesight to the careful observer. There seem to be no shadows around Supagoof, instead they have strangely collected around the main mast as if banished from anywhere near Jesthik or Supagoof.

Anytime anyone gets even as close to Supagoof as Jesthik is, he starts to draw the flint-lock. Never is there a word uttered from Jesthik.

2007-02-15, 03:13 PM
Roacha awakens from his illness induced slumber.

Wha? Who? Where am I? he says, lifting his head and looking around. Seeing no one, he thinks. Oh, dis be da 'firmary. Wh't en I doin' 'ere? Last ting I'se see is a bright light, brighter den da sun. God's mus be pityin' a soul like min' fer sure. He feels his back, the lashing marks gone, just some redness remains. How is zat happen? He puts on his boots, and heads out into the hall. He heads down to the bunks, and spots Stetz and Demoul.

Hey boyz, sorry 'bout that. I didn' think the cap'n had it in her. She seemed to be goin' sof, lettin' dat der landlubber on board. Though' we could gets 'way wit it.

Soft? SOFT?!? Stetz replies. We only held him for a few seconds, and we have scars to show for it. You'd be dead if it wasn't for him too. You don't recall him breakin' orders and draggin you down to the infirmary? Healed you up quite nice too, 'spect. We still have the wounds, but you, looks like you were hardly scratched! Soft? Sheesh. He know his stuff, magic and what not, and that's the reason he's here, why en the cap'n wanted 'em. Sure, he's not used to the big blue, but he's braver then you think, I'll giv' em that.

Oh, how's that?

Stood up to the captain he did. Demoul chimes in. Went against her word cause you were 'bout to die you were. Fever settin' in ta ya, needin' water, you was in bad shape. Took yer punishment to boot fer it. Though I think he got the wrong end of the bargain he did. Never seend the cap'n so angry. She broke his ribs wit that cat tail o' hers. Should be YOU showing yer ribs off as 'xample, not 'em. Only ting he done worng was spare yer rotten life. I'se only hopin he survives.

He did, did he? Roacha said with a surprised look.

Yeah, he did. Now 'scuse us, we have duties to tend too. You bes' get yers done too. Pull your own weigh' round here. An don't come lookin to us fer favor no more, we ain't helpin' you 'gain, ever. *spit*

Stetz and Demoul head of for their duties, leaving a very bewildered Roacha left. Roacha regains his composure, the shouts. Fin', I don' need ya. I don' need anybody.....

He turns and heads up to deck. He sees Supagoof still tied to the rack, barely moving, head hangin' down, but when he steps closer to take a look, he catches the movement of Jesthik hand near his flintlock. Roacha new better then this, so he turns and goes the other direction, contemplating all the events that have transpired.

Supagoof drifts in and out of consciouness. Every time he felt his life force leaving him, it came back. While on the rack, his mind would switch between a torrent struggle of dreams and reality. In slumber, he would see a haunting nightmare over and over again. The ship being over-taken, the pirates being captured by some mercenaries. One in dark black leather, with hair darker then coal and a smile that sent chills to the bone. A person with brilliant red hair is being hung from the mast. Just as the noose was about to draw tight, a bright light comes, and Supagoof awakens. While he was awake, he would begin his prayers. He go through them over and over again, to keep the focus off the pain, until he fell back into sleep, back into the nightmare. The cycle continues...

2007-02-15, 10:50 PM
Roacha feels what he thinks is a breeze pass across his raw back but that can't be the case inside the hold he spins to find Tallak standing behind him. His thick dark hair casting a shadow over his face and making the mercenary look positively ominous. Nobility is all well and good Tallak whispers as he takes a step towards Roacha with a wicked hooked knife in hand But if that one dies then honour dictates that i take your life on the end of this blade, one to one, following the captains rules. Roacha stiffens at this obvious threat and spits back Hah, I donna' fear yu. Yu's a little man fa' from iz 'ome.
Tallak tilted his head to the side as whispers Aye as true as that may be, the blood of an albatros christened me... with that he walks out of the hold leaving an angry and confused Roacha to his thoughts.

2007-02-16, 11:34 AM
As Roacha's day passes on the ship, Tallak, Stetz, and Demoul aren't the only pirates giving him the cold shoulder. Rykk bumps him hard when he walks by him, and Lin turns the other direction when Roacha asks for help. Even Hess gives him a smaller portion then usual, which actually wasn't so bad he thought. A seething feeling begins to grow within the pirate. Feeling unwanted, he begins to have thoughts as to why. I'se didn't do nuttin wrong, twas his choice not mine to cut me down. Tha' darn git, goin' and gettin' himsef all bloodied, and fer wh't. I didn' ask him too. We'se were only havin' fun, he wouldn' have been hurt. Serve's em right for stickin' his neck out like that. He'd only have a few bruis' if'n we'd got 'way wit it, but nooo'. Someon' had to cry to cap'n. Someone had to be all helpy and such. Arrr, crap ,I don' need dis. Roacha slams down the crate he was working with, and storms off the ship, in to town, he gives the black ship one final glance before he disappears into the streets.

2007-02-16, 02:07 PM
Roacha returns some time later with a smirk on his face. He heads back to work, this time not minding the bumps and sneers of the other pirates.

2007-02-19, 03:19 PM
Ceika walks out from under the quarterdeck, and looks over the situation. With a grim nod to Jesthik, Ceika releived him of his post and steped over to the injured cleric. His eyes were closed and his skin was pale and dry, but he was still breathing. She cut his binds loose and lifted him off of the grating, carrying him down below. There was nobody in the infirmary when she entered, and she shut and barred the door behind her, after gently laying Supagoof into a hammock.

She takes a seat across the room, and continues channeling her energy through him.

2007-02-19, 03:29 PM
Supagoof awakens with a start.


He tries to clutch his hands to his chest, but nearly a week of no movement has left them unable to move. Only his neck has feeling in it, so he lifts his head and looks around the room.

Hello, cap'n. Didn't think you'd be the first person I'd see off the rack...

2007-02-19, 03:40 PM
An' why's that? It is my ship, after all...

She stands and walks over, picking up a waterskin along the way. She places a hand on his chest and his muscles warm and begin tingling as her energy courses through them. When finished, her color has paled slightly, but Supagoof should have some control over his muscles again, though he'll still be very sore. She unclips the metal ring from his ear and tucks it back into her pouch, then offers him the waterskin.

2007-02-19, 03:59 PM
Feeling some feeling return to the numbness of his arms, and the magic return to his body, Supagoof takes the flask from Ceika and takes a sip.

Thanks. No, I didn't expect to see you here, because I didn't believe I would warrant any more "personal attention" from the captain. Though I thank you, I felt your presence.

He smiles lightly as he sits up in the hammock. The feeling of pins and needles run through his legs and body. His head begins spinning, so he clasps his hands on it. As he does so, he sees that her color is lighter then usual.

You okay?

2007-02-19, 04:09 PM
Ceika reaches out to steady him.

You're... welcome. I'm not going to allow a decent man to die on my watch. I may be a pirate... but not everything is as simple as that. One word of caution, though. You'll get no loyalty from these men, at least most of'em, by kindness and honor. They know one kind of loyalty only... and that's through fear. They'd jus' as soon slit your throat as shake your hand. Sunya didn't understand that, and it got her killed. I don't want to loose a second healer that way.

She smiles weakly in response to his question.

I'll be fine. Just proof that no good deed goes unpunished, is all.

2007-02-19, 04:21 PM
Yes, that's true.

Aye. I understand about the crew. Y'know, not all of us are loyal through fear. Fear does lead to...many things. (Insert Yoda and star wars quote here.) He stands up for a moment, then quicly takes a seat on a stool. He removes from one of the cupboard, a small blue vial, and takes a sip.

I'll be okay now. Don't worry about me. And don't you have a ship to name?

2007-02-19, 04:48 PM
She smiles slightly, and nods.

Aye, that I do... Though we'll be drinkin from that bottle you gave us, not breakin it open. She winks. There's better use for good alcohol than smashinit on the bow of a ship. Anyway, this ship calls for a slightly different christening. You'll come up to join us, won't you?

Without waiting for an answer, she unbars the door and swings it open, shooing sailors out of her way as she heads back up topside. She dissappears beneath the quarterdeck to grab some necessary equipment, which includes a dark glass bottle. Reappearing on the deck, she nods to Lin, who acts on her unspoken orders and sets off to ring the ship's bell.


The bell tolls, echoing the call through the docks and down the beach, as Ceika steps lightly down the aft gangplank and up to the bow of the ship, and waits for her crew to respond.

((I'll give it a little while before I post the scene... For one, I need to type it out. For two... I'd like to see if El Jaspero could be here))

__________________________________________________ _______

As the crew gathers around, Ceika realizes that there is one still who probably would not heed the call, and trots off into town.

__________________________________________________ _______

She returns a few minutes later to the docks.

2007-02-19, 08:32 PM
Jesthik moves off the ship after Captain Ceika Ceiblayde toward the docks. His eyes having returned to their normal cool sea blue. He keeps an eye out for the different crew as they run for a dockside formation gathering. He also watches for unknown faces that may try to gather into the group to slip on later.

As ord'd Capt'n, mos' de crew shou' be ere', we'sa ready fer ye ta pr'ceed. Jesthik takes a place just a bit away from her.

2007-02-19, 08:35 PM
Ceika looks around, waiting for the last few stragglers to edge their way into the crowd of sailors.

El Jaspero, the Pirate King
2007-02-19, 08:37 PM
El J bounds down the dock and heads over to shake Jesthik's hand. "A pleasure as always, Jesthik." He looks up at the ship. "She's in much better shape than the last time I saw her; you've done well."

2007-02-19, 08:41 PM
Ceika looks around, meeting eyes with her officers and her crew as they gather on the docks around the ship, then turns her gaze to the figurehead, the white queen who graces their hull. It is as though some silent dialogue has transpired between the two as Ceika stands in silence, her eyes fixed in place on the figure. When she speaks, though, her words are not meant for that lady on the bow, but for those who surround her, answering her call to the sea.

Some of you have sailed under my command before. Some of you have not. You have all been informed of the rules, and by now, I’m sure you understand the punishment for breaking them.

Her gaze settles on Rocha, and her eyes narrow slightly, but she doesn’t hesitate long.

If more lessons are needed, rest assured that they will be delivered swiftly and harshly. I will not tolerate my rules being broken so long as I am alive to captain the ship. All of you have answered the call I sent out, for one reason or another, and I leave your motives to yourself. A word of caution, though: I know everything that goes on aboard my ship, so if there’s ever anything you don’t want me finding out about, leave it at the docks, and pray to whatever god suits your fancy.

You have sweated and toiled, and some of you have bled, aboard this ship already… Long has she rested in the harbor unnamed. Tonight... that changes.

2007-02-19, 08:51 PM
Aye, tis a pleasure ta see ye again as well, Capt'n Jaspero. Tis a fine day fer such as this, an' a fine day fer her ta be named. Jesthik responds to Captain El Jaspero in a low tone as not to disrupt the proceedings.

At the words of the captain about lessons, Jesthik again looks through the crew and focuses on those he feels may cause problems in the future for the ship. He does not ponder on Rocha long, figuring as he has learned an important lesson through this.

2007-02-19, 08:56 PM
Eric watches the going on's from on top of a building in the docks.

El Jaspero, the Pirate King
2007-02-19, 08:57 PM
The Pirate King looks on with eager anticipation.

2007-02-19, 08:57 PM
Ceika strode calmly up and down the docks as she spoke, her voice carrying easily over the normal din. There was a coldness to her, a subtle anger in her tone that was not to be taken lightly.

The new ship is sturdy, her walls reinforced, her braces thick. She’s also fast. The cut of her sails and the curves of her flanks will give her an advantage in even the slightest winds. And with 74 guns, ranging from 8 pounders to 32 pounders, she packs a hell of a punch. All these things are a great help, indeed. But I’ve seen a single ship with nary a cannon aboard her take out a fully armed galleon. I’ve seen a handful of men sink a clipper and live to spread the word. And everything I’ve seen tells me there’s more to a ship’s success than just her abilities and her crew.

There’s something more, that drives her spirit, that sets the stage for her to dance. It’s been my experience that the name a ship receives has a lot to do with that ambiance, which is why it is so crucial to choose a suitable name. A ship’s name forms its personality, defines its spirit, breathes life into its legend. I have sailed these waters with two other ships. Many seamen and land-lovers alike learned to fear the sweet Siren’s Calling. Many men’s hearts were filled with dread when the drums of the Warsong reached their ears. Now… now the world will know the call of a different cause. Borne from treachery, lies, deceit and dishonor, bred in the very bowls of hell, tempting fate, not once, not twice, but three times upon the sea…

She paused, turning her eyes to the figure upon the blackened bow.

It is time for the world, for the Order, to know the scorn of the Siren’s Betrayal!

In one swift motion she lifted the bottle and hurled it at the prow. The glass shattered on impact, and the thick liquid splashed against the hull, running down the black wood and the ornate figurehead, leaving sticky trails as the warm blood slid down the wood and dripped into the water.

El Jaspero, the Pirate King
2007-02-19, 09:01 PM
El J smiles and nods, remembering that he and Ceika took part in several of the actions she's listed. His face darkens as her speech turns, and a worried look comes over his face at the sight of fresh blood running down the ship's prow into the water.

I've never seen the like...I fear what sort of omen this could be.

He applauds and turns to Jesthik. "An interesting choice of names, eh?"

2007-02-19, 09:07 PM
Jesthik slightly turns to face Captain El Jaspero. Its fer a reas'n Capt'n, an' I b'lieve it ta be very fitting. Jesthik's appearance has turned a bit more stoic as Captain Ceika Ceiblayde makes her speach to the crew.

Jesthik watches the figurehead as though he expects her to move and look back at him. Reas'n nough indeed! He states.

El Jaspero, the Pirate King
2007-02-19, 09:09 PM
El J nods. "No arguments there, mate. None at all."

2007-02-19, 09:12 PM
Tallak watches in well veiled awe from the Deck of the Siren's Betrayal, he isn't crew so the summons to the docks pointedly did not include him. He feels what he swears is a shiver go through the deck as the blood rolls down over the figure head. Finally He breathes in the the wind I might get to do what i'm payed to. More out of habit than fear he scans his eyes over the surrounding rooftops and spots Eric perched high above the city, happy to see the boy alive but wanting to show respect for his abilities Tallak doesnt aknowledge that he has seen him.

2007-02-19, 09:15 PM
Having said her part, Ceika nodded Rykk, who was watching from the quarterdeck. He returned the nod and disappeared from view. A few moments later, the aft guns roared to life, sending a volley of shot out into the bay.

Now, there’s a fine meal awaiting crew and guests, complete with the best rum in the hold! Come on, boys! Tonight, we celebrate!

El Jaspero, the Pirate King
2007-02-19, 09:16 PM
The Pirate King strides across the docks, smiling warmly. He takes Ceika's hand and grins. "Congratulations, Captain Ceiblayde. May Siren's Betrayal serve you well and long." He claps her on the shoulder and pulls her close for a hug; only the keenly observant might see him whisper something in her ear.

2007-02-19, 09:19 PM
Standing at the edge of the docks is a silent figure, merely watching the proceedings. At the close, he nods in approval, and stands watching to see what else may happen.

2007-02-19, 09:21 PM
Tallak heads below decks swiping a bottle of Rum on his way past the galley and heading to his Hammock. He doesnt feel like spending his last hours of drinking for the next few months surounded by cut throats and revelers. Alone in his corner of the hold he hums the begining of an ancient rhyme "Martyr Albatrosi".

2007-02-19, 09:27 PM
Ceika's eyes are drawn to the docks, to the figure lingering just at the fringe of the shadows. She stares at the form for a few moments, then her expression softens into a slight smile, and she nods. She motions to her ship, extending a silent invitation.

El Jaspero, the Pirate King
2007-02-19, 09:31 PM
It seems that El J and Ceika are having a huddled, intense discussion.

2007-02-19, 09:36 PM
Captain Madaeran nods in reply, and slowly starts out the docks toward were Ceika is standing. He offers his hand as he approaches, but waits for a break in the conversation. Captain Jaspero, it's been awhile since I've seen you. He pauses and turns back toward Ceika. One hand out for a hand shake, and the other arm slightly out as if he expects more. And Ceika, ... It's good to see you with a ship again. My blessing be with you in your travels.

El Jaspero, the Pirate King
2007-02-19, 09:46 PM
El J breaks off from whsipering in Ceika's ear and offers Madaeran his hand. "Captain, a pleasure to see you again. What brings you to the Town on this happy evening?"

2007-02-19, 09:49 PM
Ceika and El Jaspero part from their discussion and Ceika turns to the visiting captain. She smiles slightly as she goes to take his hand, then steps forward and hugs him.

Thank you, Cap'n... it's good to see you.

Some movement catches Ceika's eye and she turns and scans the horizon for something, her eyes coming to rest on the form on the dockhouse roof. She raises one hand to her eyes, as though that will help her part the shadows, then she waves the person nearer, beckoning the figure out to the docks. She turns back to Captain MaDaeran, nodding to the docks.

Wharf rat. She says with a wink.

2007-02-19, 09:49 PM
At the sight of Captain MaDaeran, Jesthik moves quickly back toward the ship. Bosun Jabrith, d'we ha' all aboard needed ta be under sail fer sev'r'l months oh so?! Jesthik looks at the Bosun daring him to give an answer in the negative. His eyes have started to retake on a blackened state.

Aye, Sir, loaded and ready to go. We've got plenty of extra sails, ropes, food, fresh water, fruit, extr Jabrith is cut off by Jesthik suddenly.

Fine, I'll s'pect a full r'port in me quart'rs in a half, an make sure thar's plenty fer the party t'nite 's well. Jesthik turns and heads into his quarters.

2007-02-19, 09:53 PM
Eric sees the wave and thinks for a second. Then he remembers the word feast and climbs carefully down the building and moves towards the Siren's Betrayal. Ahoy there Ma'am. Nice to see you again. He moves slowly, sometimes a grimace of pain comes over his face but he quickly covers it up.

2007-02-19, 09:54 PM
Captain MaDaeran receives the hug from Ceika, and takes El Jaspero's hand in a shake as though he was expecting it all. Good to see you too, feeling better than last we met I see! As for why I'm in port, Jaspero, I heard on the waves that a favorite captain I new was performing an important rite upon a refitted ship.

El Jaspero, the Pirate King
2007-02-19, 09:58 PM
The Pirate King smiles broadly. "Your timing couldn't be better, Captain MaDaeran." He eyes the dark red slick running down the ship's prow. "An important rite indeed."

2007-02-19, 09:59 PM
Ceika notices him wince in pain and focuses some of her energies on him, trying to take the edge off. She tries to get a feel for the extent of his injuries, but says nothing of them. He would feel a cool energy spread through his body, soothing some of his pain.

Ahoy Eric! Still alive, I see, eh? Come, there's a party to be had!

When he gets within easy whisperin distance, she finishes: And Hestha's proving his true talents tonight.

The scent of seasoned meats and baking breads get stronger as Eric approaches the ship.

2007-02-19, 10:04 PM
His wounds a severe he should probably not be up and about at the moment. He notices the soothing of the pain and raises an eyebrow. I try ma'am. Congrat's on the cristening, never seen one like it. And I can smell that, smells good.

2007-02-19, 10:08 PM
Thanks... She's a special ship... cant be doing the same old thing as everyone else. You will join in the celebration, aye?

Ceika grins, then pulls a flask from her belt and takes a small swig from it. She offers it to Eric, measuring his reaction.

((It's a very strong and somewhat alcoholic healing potion. Even a small drink should have him feeling pretty good.))

2007-02-19, 10:11 PM
I won't turn down that offer. He takes the flask and takes a swig, but his wounds don't get any better. Thanks.

2007-02-19, 10:14 PM
She nods and tucks the flask back on her belt. Chow's on belowdecks, if you're hungry... and we've got a cleric if you're hurt. And plenty of spare hammocks, so, welcome back.

She smiles and motions for him to head below to tend to one or more of the things she listed.

2007-02-19, 10:17 PM
Thanks Ma'am. He heads belowdeck and finds some food.

El Jaspero, the Pirate King
2007-02-19, 10:20 PM
El J shakes a few hands, but soon makes his way back to Ceika. "Captain, I must beg your forgiveness, but I must be away. Agneta will be needing her lullaby before long. Many, many congratulations to you and your new Siren. May she serve you long and well. Very long."

2007-02-19, 10:22 PM
Ceika nods and offers a hand, with the other slightly extended, very reminiscent of Captain MaDaeran's offer earlier.

And I must tend to the festivities. Thank you for coming by... it's appreciated.

Renegade Paladin
2007-02-19, 10:25 PM
Gaheris walked down the pier and looked up at the deck of the Betrayal, seeing if there was a crewman in sight to ask about the Pirate King.

El Jaspero, the Pirate King
2007-02-19, 10:25 PM
He takes her hand, then pulls her into a fond, firm embrace. "I wouldn't have missed it, you know that. Congratulations, Captain." He hugs her again, then makes his way up the docks and back into Town, waving to the innumerable sailors and deckhands calling greetings to him.

2007-02-19, 10:32 PM
Captain MaDaeran turns to Ceika. Well, it looks like you have plenty of friends, a new ship, and from the sounds of it, a purpose for all of this. If that purpose is true by the sea, then you have my support. As for this party, if you need a tune added to it, and maybe some dancing for the night, I can aid in that respect, ... for this night, then we must be heading back out. But if there is anything that you need from me, ... well, you know how to let me know.

Captain MaDaeran offers a second hug to her.

Renegade Paladin
2007-02-19, 10:38 PM
Gaheris caught sight of Jaspero as he left the dock area, headed up into town. He sighed and turned to follow.

2007-02-19, 11:58 PM
Eric gets a large plate of food and sits around listening to the laughter and stories of the sailors. He feels a bit out of place not being part of the crew.

Eric sits around after he is done eating listening to the sailors. He considers the Captains offer of a hammock but decides it probably isn't the best idea. He stands and says his goodbyes to the captain and heads off the ship.

2007-02-20, 11:19 AM
Supagoof having watched the christening and enjoyed in telling and listening to tales during the feast, heads to the infirmary quarters. He falls into a deep sleep, driven by fatigue of the rack, and the insanity of nightmares. Tonight, the nightmare escapes him for some time as his mind is shut down for exhaustion, but once the mind catches up....the rain start falling again, and a familiar scene plays out again.

2007-02-20, 05:32 PM
Once the festivities have died down, and the extra people have left the ship, Jesthik gets the men to work cleaning up the ship, and preparing to get her under way. Since there is no telling when they will need to be under sail, Jesthik keeps the crew moving hard.

2007-02-22, 01:24 PM
Supagoof wakes from his rest. Refreshed with the sleep, but still troubled by his dreams, he goes and tries to eat breakfast, then finds himself standing on the deck, near the rail, focusing on keeping breakfast down and on what the future may hold.

2007-02-25, 09:46 PM
Tallak walks up beside Supagoof as he stands at the rail and says Stays down easier than seawater at least cocking him a lopsided grin Was a good thing you did there healer, real honorable like. I for one will be keeping an eye out for you from this point onwards. Tallak offers Supagoof his right hand Tallak Varg Stormcrow, of Tallak's Batalion. Most recently and presently in the employ of Captain Ceika.

2007-02-26, 10:28 AM
Supagoof takes Tallak's hand. Supagoof, former legionary or protection, also presently in the employ of Captain Ceika.

I suppose it was honorable, though I have found the honor will most likely get you trouble on this ship. He shifts his weight, and Tallak can see an slight expression of discomfort in Supagoof's face. Turning back to the sea,
I appreciate the gesture. That too is honorable, and in the end, it's pretty much all we'll have left, isn't it?

2007-02-26, 05:01 PM
Tallak sighs then says Honor is the last refuge of debauched men. We who have done things in our lives, in the service of our causes that we regret, those who cannot find solace in a god. We tally these against out honourable actions to sleep a little better at night. Then suddenly his face deadpans and he says Watch out for Roacha, he's planning something me'thinks. I'll take care of him when the time comes. But be careful. With that he's away up the mast as fast as most men run.

2007-02-27, 10:13 AM
I'll keep that in mind. Supagoof says as Tallak switfy shimmies up the mast. Glancing over at Roacha, the pirate is hard at work, but not hard enough to shoot Supagoof an evil smile when he catches him glancing. Supagoof frowns, then turns back to look at the sea.
*sigh* What did yourself get into, old man?
After some time, Supagoof retires to his quarters.