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White Blade
2007-01-28, 06:22 PM
The Gods were born into nothing, from the remains of an ancient god, maker of all that is (not much admittedly). And they opened their eyes (or other sensory organs) and it began.

2007-01-28, 06:32 PM
Meer-dar cracked his knuckles, his first action of existence. Where was he? Who was he? Meer-dar was the only word burned into his mind. But with it... came pain. Came punishment, came destruction. The God raised his mighty arms, and within his palm a weapon of destruction was granted to him. A bloody maul. A weapon used purely to extend the pain of his soon-to-be massacred enemies. Yet, as of now, he had none! What a travesty! Until he say him. Ithasna.

He could not explain what he felt... just hatred. Pure utter hatred. He wished nothing more than the near destruction of this being... and for his pain to be endless.
"Foul Being, You dare defy me with your presence?!"
His words sounded rightous, as if he believed that this Immortal was a stain within his holy temple!

2007-01-28, 06:42 PM
Slowly, Ithasna's eyes opened. He looked about, a blanket of confusion cast over his mind. Ponderously he stretched his icy gray limbs, and looked down, surveying his body for the first time. He was clad in plate mail, its color a cobalt blue. Whether he had been made with it or had willed it into existence without thinking, he could not tell. He reached behind his back and found a large weapon strapped to him there, which he drew and held before him. It was a great axe of god-like proportions. A chill aura that could freeze a mortal in his tracks hung about it, though Ithasna barely felt it. He realized that a similar aura radiated from his entire body. With a thought, he realized he could make it colder or less so, though no matter what the air around him would have a slightly frigid tinge to it.

Suddenly, he became aware of a shout ringing out in front of him. "Foul Being, you dare defy me with your presence?!" Ithasna looked about for the source of the shout, and his eyes fell upon Meer-Dar. The taint of evil seemed to radiate from the ogrish being. The icy god's face twisted into a snarl of hate. He did not know why, but for some reason, this being inspired boundless hate from the depths of his being.

Ithasna dropped into a fighting stance, his great axe held out before him. "Ha, you call me foul, evil one? I shall remove your blot on existence soon!"

2007-01-28, 06:46 PM

The entity that would later be known as Tip laughed. This would've been regarded by historians as the first laugh ever, but unfortunatly, historians had not yet been create. In fact, neither had history. But Tip intended to create history, and he intended to create it in very interesting ways.

Tip became aware that he existed. It was a strange feeling. For some reason, it made Tip want to laugh again. So he did. He didn't know why, or what it meant, but laughing just made him feel...good. It was like his life finally had a purpose. Well, finally being a relative term, as he had only been born just a few seconds before.

The entity laughed. He felt the need to give—to create. This only desire burned in him, burned and burned, burned so much it made him laugh.

So the entity laughed.

The entity knew it needed to create something. And it had an idea. It would've been generally regarded as a bad idea if anyone else knew of it at the time, but the entity known as Tip was not one who conerned itself with such minor details such as 'good' and 'bad.'

And thus, Tip brought into the world the first knock knock joke. The voice of the entity rang out amidst the void:

"Knock knock!"

"Who's there?"


"Tip who?"

"Tip the god!"

And from that point on, the entity was known as Tip.

2007-01-28, 07:24 PM
Greetings Tip." Valkrath thundered. "I can see that you are the very first joker of the Cosmos." Thunder God smiled. "Allow me to introduce myself. I am Valkrath. The Noble King. The White Archmage and Soul Mystic. I was wondering if I could perhaps have a word with you."

2007-01-28, 07:34 PM
Lar was born as what appeared to be a large fire. this fire took the shape off a flaming man. He didnt know who or what he was, only that he liked the form he was in. He felt power and with this power he willed into existance several smaller objects that looked like his first form, a large fire. he cirled himself with these at a distace of twice his current reach. just then he hears tips joke, he couldnt figure out why but he found it mildly amusing and moved toward the joke. he spotted tip, who just seemed like he would have done something like that. He moved toward and asked "was that, whatever it was that amusing thing was, your doing?"

2007-01-28, 08:40 PM
"So sorry to come so abruptly and leave at such short notice, but I need to go." ::Valkrath leaves and creates a star, he calls the Sun. Then he creates a field of energy called The Warp. With the Warp he manifests into being a sort of field to be used by mortal divine casters outside of the god's priesthood, so that there may be priests without gods. The Warp would also gradually create the conditions needed for life.::

2007-01-28, 08:51 PM
Realizing that having a fight in the empty void would be somewhat difficult, Ithasna created a small are of dull, colorless ground beneath his feet, that extended outward for about fifty feet. The ground was in the shape of a circle, and is completely flat and level. He briefly looked about in a satisfied manner, then turned back to Meer-Dar.

"And this is the arena I shall slay you in. Have at you!"

With this, Ithasna charged Meer-Dar, his great axe held high above his head and a ferocious battle cry upon his lips.

White Blade
2007-01-28, 08:54 PM
(Dude. Killing each other already?)

2007-01-28, 08:59 PM
(Duncan and I planned this out...it'll make sense later.)

2007-01-28, 09:07 PM
Out of the Earth created by Ithasna, a short, muscled being formed. First arms grew from the earth, then a head and legs. What soil remained was shaken loose by the man. Taking the loose earth in his mighty grip, he formed it into a small, perfect sphere, and then shaped for it two heads and long handle, forming for himself a weapon and a tool. He then brought forth from the void a giant forge and bellows, eternally burning to forge metal with. In an instant that lasted forever, he made material and forged it into another perfect sphere, larger than the one he made his hammer from. Into this sphere he placed metals of all sorts, iron and adamantine and mithril and cold iron alike, as well as gold, silver, copper, and platinum. He shaped the landscape as well, though he was unable to fill it, leaving large areas lower than the rest to be filled with water or the like. Standing back from his work, he moved it away from his forge and into the center of the void, and nodded. at his work. Placing the Greathammer at his shoulder, he announced, "I am Grufad, and the world has been created. I leave it to the rest of you, good or evil, anarchic or axiomatic, to fill the rest. Know, however, that I will book no interferance with my creation's well being."

2007-01-28, 09:17 PM
Zitask came into being directly after Ithasna had created a meaning of Ground. She looked around and decided this place needed a more, Bloody touch, seeing the two gods battleing, she smiled and realized that this was what she was looking for. As the two gods battled, Zitask walked over to Valkrath and sees his potential. She "walks" over to him. "Hello, I believe my name is 'Zitask'. That was an interesting trick you did. I would like to learn how to create as well, if it's not to hard for you..." Her red dress temporarily frozen in time, since there is no gravity or wind to move it, it hangs about 1-foot away from her Ankles. Zitask grins at her first attempt to fool a creature. She then smiles and puts her hands behind her back, placing her hand upon one of her daggers, should this other creature prove dangerous.

2007-01-28, 09:22 PM
"Zitask." "Should you promise to reciprocate me and not attack my realm I may." This was odd. He knew at an instant Zitask was trouble. He kept an eye on her.

2007-01-28, 09:46 PM
"Have no worries! I will not attack you nor your 'Realm'. I simply wish to create my own world, so I won't have to live off of yours or anyone elses. But, Should the Realm itself attack you, I have no control of it." Zitask obviously has no idea of what a Realm is, she believes it to be a living Creature, like herself.

2007-01-28, 09:49 PM
"Ah. So Zitask, it seems you are a sort of naughty creature. First, perhaps you should concentrate one what you do best in a nice way. Then, you can make things better."

2007-01-28, 09:56 PM

Tip glances over at the other god who asked him a question. "I call it a...mistake!"

And thus, the first joke was dubbed a mistake.

2007-01-28, 09:58 PM
Zitesk closes her eyes and concentrates on a spot next to her, trying to mold the nothingness into something, after a few moments, she creates a Black Long Bow and a Quiver of Arrows. "Not Quite what I hoped for. But I guess it's a start." Zitask Inspects the Bow and places it around her neck, hanging from her shoulder, then she places the quiver upon her belt.

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2007-01-28, 10:04 PM


The entity known as Tip yawned. The entity known as Tip was bored. This made Tip laugh. Really, everything seemed to make Tip laugh. "This thing...I call it...sneezing!"

And thus, the world's first laughter was dubbed as sneezing. Tip sneezed.

2007-01-28, 11:05 PM
Watching his foe simply will matter into existance, the God saught to mimic his foes trickery. Concentrating on his weapon, the head of the maul began to grow to epic porportions! Slowly swinging his weapon overhead, the reaction of the metal hitting the hard ground caused a shockwave towards his charging enemy!

"You have no place here, Scum! This is my dwelling! I will create my kingdom!"

And with that, behind the God, a vast plane of volcanic land burst into vision.

2007-01-29, 11:27 AM
Grufad looked at this display of temper. Hefting his Greathammer, he willed it full of strenght. Tossing it not at Meer-Dar, but instead at the landscape behind him, the hammer smashed shut the worst volcanoes and smoothed the landscape where it needed it. The Greathammer flew back to Grufad, who caught it deftly. "There is no need for such a show of temper. We all must work together, no matter our opinions, or whatever we may create will be flawed and full of strife."

2007-01-29, 04:03 PM
Lar, noticeing the ground and the other gods claiming portions of it as their domain, moves away from tip, he finds funny but strange, to a clear section of ground. using his will he creates an irregular depression in the land. his creations circling him expand and line the depression. he decides to name his creation and the first thing that pops into his head is fire. In the center of his depresion he creates a circle of fire which he sits on. soon he gets bored and decides to watch Meer-dar and Ithasna fight. He sits above the ground on a disc of fire to watch the battle, and also to watch the other gods.

2007-01-29, 09:01 PM
The shockwave caught Ithasna by surprise, knocking him down. Thinking quickly, he threw an icy wind with the force of a gale at Meer-Dar to cover him as he stood up. Leaping to his feet, he glanced over at Meer-Dar and shouted "We will set this another time…" His face dawned with realization, and he added "…half-brother." With this, he ran off, heading northwards.

Eventually Ithasna reached the northernmost portions of the world. It was incredibly cold there, but the cold strengthened him. He realized already that this would be his domain. With a flick of his hand, a rock sprang from the ground, which he sat upon. Ithasna began to think. He couldn't tell how he knew, or why they were related, but Ithasna knew Meer-Dar and himself were half-brothers, of sorts. The thought repulsed him, but he knew that it was the truth.

"If I am to fight him, I must be strong…" Ithasna muttered to himself, lost in thought. "And if I am to be strong, I must expand the influence of that which I rule over. Such as ice and snow."

At this statement, all over the world, storm clouds began to gather.

2007-01-29, 10:10 PM
Finally, animals and plants began to grow. Plants were then eaten by the animals, and so far, the first sentient being was created the Unicorn. The animals all obeyed the magnificent unicorn, and much was good. The forests flourished and prospered, and much was done in the name of happiness.

2007-01-29, 10:37 PM
Grufad saw much happening on the surface, but little underground. So under it he delved, creating the first bipedal creatures: Dwarves and Gnomes, and Duergar and Svirneflbin. He united them with a purpose: strike the earth and iron. Created from the Earth itself, he gave them the knowledge of the Forge. The Duergar and the Svirneflbin, however, were greedy things, and wished the lands Grufad had granted to the Dwarves and Gnomes, and turned the Iron and Adamantine and Mithril to use of war. Grufad, despite all patience, grew weary and angered at this war, but let it play it's course without his intercession except to grant to the dwarves knowledge of how to draw power from him. The gnomes developed a similiar creation, but it was markedly different as it relyed on the power of the Earth, not of any deity. The Duergar and Svirnelfbin eventually lost, and were banished to the lowest parts of the world. This of course, took many ages to truely finish.

2007-01-29, 10:46 PM
Valkrath went to Grufad in peace, hoping to grab his attention. He had an idea. "Grufad, would you allow me to grant your creations access to the Warp?"

2007-01-29, 11:03 PM
"The Warp? I have not heard of such. I may allow, but first I must ask you explain to me what this Warp is," Grufad speaks to Valkrath after his approach.

2007-01-29, 11:12 PM
"The Warp is a source of White Magic that allows a civilization to advance. Your dwarven people can tap into it in order to cast magical spells. Should you take to liking those that don't worship you, I will grant them the power to use spells like a priest if you fail to convert them and still like them after that."

2007-01-30, 12:22 AM
As Meer-dar watched the other gods creations, he birthed his own sentience! Twisted forms of each of the other gods people! The formed into distorted versions of their former selves... they were immune to fire, or at least used to it, as they lived within Meer-dar's volcanic fields.

White Blade
2007-01-30, 08:45 AM
(I'm gonna assume you gave the mortals souls... Otherwise there will be a long tirade on just how unjust that is.)

Slowly the dead begin to pile up. More and more dead are wandering around the world, rather bored, and unable to effect anything. This causes more then a few of them to go rather insane. Not that it matters of course. Well okay, they might attack say another spirit, but as I said, it is rather boring.

(Dispose/remove the mortals as you will.)

2007-01-30, 09:14 AM
Away in nothingness, a few strands of the ancient god meet, wrapping around each other and forming a small knot. And from that knot, a sentience forms, taking a more humanoid form that slips from the knot.

Drawing from his birth-knot, Slanil draws out threads. As he gathers the threads, he senses the presence of other divine beings.

He began to near the others, bringing his threads together until they formed a long string, with many others branching off it.

2007-01-30, 11:19 AM
((Yeah, the dwarves, gnomes, deugar, and... svif... them deep gnomes have souls))

Grufad nodded at Valkrath. "It could not hurt, and I see no harm. Do as you will." He then turns his attention to the souls, worried, but a plan formulating in his conciousness.

2007-01-30, 12:03 PM
Lar saw the forests as a good place to spread his creation. he made a difrent form of fire which could only burn with fuel. he made sure that this fire didnt burn up all of the forests, so that they could grow back and produce more fuel to burn.

As he was watching the other gods he got jelouse(please excuse my spelling) that the other goods had created mortals, but he also saw room for improvement. He moved back to his area and worked on how to make a better being. he finaly came up with Flames, he created 50 Flames from the fire lineing his border. The Flames had to return to any fire every so often, when their time to get to a fire aproched they would turn from red and orange to yellow and white. if they did not get to a fire in time than they died and a new Flame is born from the fires of Lars area. This new Flame was an entirely new Flame and had no experiances. they look like Lar only on a smaller scale and are intelegent but serve their creator loyaly.

2007-01-30, 04:02 PM
Zitask looked around and saw what the others had made, she became envious. She turned her attention to the world and focused on a spot in the Sky, after many moments, a black form appeared, it had wings, a beak and black feathers, it was a Raven. She looked around and upon the ground, she looked upon the forest and after a few moments, had created a Beast with orange Fur, and Black Stripes, she created only 2 of these creatures, She called it a Tiger. She then focoused all her energy on a single area, far away from the Tigers, she created many creatures with brown fur, antlers and long legs which enabled them to Run fast, she implanted the knowledge to avoid the Tigers. She looked to the other gods that were creating, "There, I have created my beings upon this ground. I call the black one, a Raven, the orange one a Tiger, and the brown ones, Deer, that your beings may feast upon as long as they keep at least 2 alive at all times, so that your food doesn't run out." She turned to Lar and Grufad, "I was wondering, if I may provide a tool with which to help you hunt my own creatures, a Bow, if you will, Like this one." she removes her bow and lets them inspect it if they wish.

2007-01-30, 04:44 PM
After a time, the amount of dead began to overwhelm the Creations of the Gods.

And so, Lirlehlis came into being.

And he thought for the first time. And he saw for the first time. And what he saw was the premature ending of the beginning of Creation. With a furrowed brow, he acted.

And he said to the other Gods, and to Grufad in particular, "Your creations are being wasted. See this energy you have put forth in these creatures only to see it waste away in the end? We must preserve this energy. We must lay these dead things to rest so their energy may be re-used else we Gods lose the whole of our powers too quickly."

"Grufad, pray let me use some of the earth which your people call home in order to lay these dead to rest. Let the earth be enriched by their energy so that those who Are may utilize this energy and bring those who Will Be into being of their own accord. And let this laying to rest be hailed as sacred and let all living creatures understand the honor of the act."

And with these words, all those creatures who lived at that time were given the gift of the Knowledge of Life and Death.

2007-01-30, 05:21 PM
Ithasna wandered the world, smiling with satisfaction as it filled with life. But eventually he came back to the colder regions of the world, which were now covered in snow and ice, and saw that they were bare of life. No plants grew, and no animals made there homes in the icy parts of the world. For a few moments, he wandered why this was. Then he realized that life currently inhabiting the world was not made to survive the extreme cold temperatures of the north.

So, Ithasna looked upon the animals that inhabited the world, and made his own versions of them. These animals were much like those they were based off of, but were adapted to the colds. They also had the instincts to find food and shelter in the cold environment. He also made plants, trees and small weedy plants that were able to survive the strong winds of the area and sustain themselves.

Satisfied, he headed even further north, making for the northernmost area on the world. He decided he would call this area the North Pole and its opposite on the other side of the world the South Pole.

2007-01-30, 05:26 PM
As Slanil's threads grew, they began to fall slowly towards the living beings that had been created. Each thread was visible only to those born of the ancient god, but brought the creations together.

As they approached, they began to twist around the creations and the shades began to shift. There would soon be some whose minds could embrace the thread, allowing them to feel and think as others did, possibly without knowing why. Others would ignore it and live exactly as they had. Still others would learn to resist it, and be unable to connect with others, or be understood.

2007-01-30, 05:45 PM
Lar inspects Zitask's bow and say "i thank you for the gift of this knowledge but i am no woodworking god, i will instead use this knowledge to create bows of fire."

with that he crafted bow like wepons of fire, after Zitask's wepon, and swords of fire, after his own wepon, for the Flames to use. He taught the Flames how to use his border fires to create these wepons themselves. Lar didnt want fire wepons to fall into other gods creatures hands, so he used his powers to make it so the Flames, after creating their own wepons, were bonded to their wepons and when they died and returned to the fire, so did their wepons. Lar named his wepons Flame Wepons.

With these new wepons the Flames hunted Deer every once in a while. though the Flames do not need to eat, they burned the Deer to honor their creator.

Lar also created another ring of First Fire(his name for his first creation) about 3 arm-lengths around his seat of fire.

2007-01-30, 05:54 PM
After a time, the amount of dead began to overwhelm the Creations of the Gods.

And so, Lirlehlis came into being.

Valkrath came to Lirlehlis. "Lirlehlis. I know that you do not favor Good over Evil all of the time. Though I do not come to persuade you to change over to our side, I propose an equitable solution to what may come to be our early problems. I propose that you favor Good over all things right now, because it is in the interest of the universe to have an early beginning in favor of Good. What say you?"

2007-01-30, 08:38 PM
Lirlehlis thought on this concept of Good and Evil. Though it was difficult to imagine, he understood that Vakrath stood on one side, the side of Good. Many of the others held similar ideals... and still others held the opposite.

"Vakrath, it is plain to me that you value Life, as I see your Creation, the Unicorn. It is also clear to me that some of the others have, for their own motives, contributed to this same thing." Lirlehlis paused, looking from the Unicorn to the Flames wielding Flame swords, from the beings in Ithasna's cold environ to the Meer-dar's minions, and finally to Grufad's earth dwellers.

"While I have some understanding of what your intent is, I have to disagree. Both Good and Evil have contributed to the Cycle of Life. Above all else, this Cycle is sacred to me and it is what I hope to preserve. I will not stand with you at this time, though I will not stand against you, either."

2007-01-30, 08:51 PM
Over time the Warp created into being a new sentient species. The Manicorn. Humanoid unicorns with long snouts and the body of human beings, although albino. Their magical horns allowed them to use weak spells without having to cast, and they had high proficiency with enchantments and abjurations. Valkrath taught them to elect elders for important decisions effecting the whole community, and pyschological health and sanitation was taught. Manicorns began to build cities with magnificent columns and archways, thus architecture came into being from the people dedicating temples to Valkrath. Philosophies ecspousing innocense, standing against evil and the values of life and living were quite popular. From these came the Paladins.

2007-01-30, 09:44 PM
Grufad turned to Lirlehlis. "Yes, use the souls of the Dwarves, the Duergar, the Gnomes, and the Svirnefblin. Use my earth, and I shall even let you use my Forge if you so require, to allow these lost Souls to enrich the world." After speaking to Lirlehlis, he looked at all the different creatures, and noticed that still little populated the underground. So he delved deep, deeper still, bringing forth mroe creatures. Flying ones, small, similiar to the Raven, but with flaps of skin instead of feathers. He also created great earthworms, creatures many hundreds of meters long, to help aerate soil in large amounts, to keep it fresh forever. Taking Zitask's bow in hand for a moment, he nodded. "Thank you for the knowledge of this, Zitask. Do you wish repayment in any fashion?"

2007-01-30, 10:00 PM
"Lirhlelis. You may use the ordinary plants for your uses in the Underworld(Or whatever you call it) and the insects of my world. This is my payment to you. But no unicorn or manicorn will you take."

2007-01-30, 10:00 PM
"Thank you, Grufad, you are wise."

And so, Lirlehlis taught the earthdwellers and all other sentient beings created by the other Gods the custom of honoring the lives of those who had died and the custom of burying the dead--returning their physical bodies to the earth to aid in the sustenance of the plants which fed on that which was in the earth, which would--in turn--feed the animals and sentient beings.

He taught those sentient beings willing enough to learn how to utilize the earth's soil, now rich with the energy of those who had Been, to bolster the strength of the plants which lived in the soil.

And thus, the first farmers came to be.

As a present to the farmers, those first beings willing to learn, Lirlehlis gave the gift of Rain so that their plants which were well-fed, could also satiate their thirst.

And Lirlehlis turned to Valkrath and said, "As you wish, Valkrath. Thunder God, if you may, help me. Your Creation, the Sun, will help these farmers keep warm and will strengthen their crops. If you would, let your Sun shine on their fields."

2007-01-30, 10:03 PM
"My sun already shines upon all the living as a testament to Life."

2007-01-30, 10:06 PM
"My thanks to you, Valkrath, for your aid. And my thanks to you, Grufad, for your generosity."

2007-01-30, 10:06 PM
Watching all the other gods creating sentient life, Ithasna realized he would soon be left behind if he did not act soon. However, the war god was not much of a creator, not very good at coming up with new designs for creatures. So he looked about for a creature already created to give sentience to. After a while of searching, he came upon a variant of bear that had been altered to survive the cold. He had come to calling it a polar bear. It was to these animals he decided to give sentience to.

First, he gave the bears opposable thumbs on their front paws. As the bears were staring with confusion at these apparently useless stubs, he gave them sentience. The bears developed a language, consisting of growls and roars of varying pitch mixed with words. They then began the business of creating society, separating into tribes and beginning to construct crude tribal dwellings. For creatures with such large digits, they showed remarkable dexterity.

Eventually, two tribes got in to a dispute over a frozen lake that’s icy barrier concealed a great amount of fish. They were preparing for war when Ithasna intervened. "There will be no pointless fighting while I am your god." And so began the indoctrination of the polar bears into the worship of Ithasna. The god's clerics began to spread throughout the race, and soon almost all of them worshipped Ithasna. His clerics preached of the honing of one's strength and of skill in war, but also of protecting the weak and destroying evil. The most preached precept was that no war or fight should begin without a significant, just cause.

After a while, the polar bears, which had come to call themselves the Zijorns, became aware of the other sentient races. They sent emissaries to the dwarves, gnomes, Manicorns, and Flames, though Ithasna prevented them from sending emissaries to Meer-Dar's twisted creations. However, they would probably be completely lost trying to initiate diplomacy, not knowing how to communicate with any of these species.

2007-01-30, 11:56 PM
All the while the other gods and their creations went about with their intentions and existance, little did they know that yet another would be among them. Their very intentions themselves were what was bringing this new being to life and giving it meaning, purpose!

Though still unrecognizable and but an unimportant speck to the other gods which happened to even notice it in the slightest at this point in time, this was certainly not the truth and was instead growing with the addition of each new perspective that came to exist. But certain intentions fed the young god more than others, unfortunately forcing it to depend on it or else it would grow weak and dissolve into nothing unless it was given enough time to come to fruition, only for later on to draw on its soon-to-be self-produced, personal power.

Until then, it was but a seed readying itself to spring forth and bloom into a formidable force with which few would reckon with. For now, though, it is mostly following the gods now known as Grufad and Valkrath.

2007-01-31, 09:36 AM
Bladngan opened his eyes, and turned them to that which was known as the "sun". This sight made him happy, although it blinded him. He felt several objects beginning to form around him. He looked at them. One of them was an oval form with a line stick out, with strings. He picked up the object. "This is a Jorp (lute)!" He "sneezed" and started pulling the strings. Wonderful sounds emitted from the instrument known as a jorp. He began singing of the sun.

He looked down, and noticed a world. He began singing and playing about the Flames, the Bears, and the Dwarves, Duergar, Gnomes and Svirfneblin.

His favourite were the gnomes. They did not rely on raw power.

He walked to Grufad. "I wish to grant your beings, known as the "gnomes" the power to dance and play. Will you accept this gift?"

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2007-01-31, 11:19 AM
Grufad look to Bladngan. "You may grant it to all who Ihave created, if you wish. Dwarves, Gnome, Svirneblin, and Duergar alike."

((I'd put more, but i'm at school and lack time. sorry for the short post.))

2007-01-31, 11:45 AM
Grufad look to Bladngan. "You may grant it to all who Ihave created, if you wish. Dwarves, Gnome, Svirneblin, and Duergar alike."

Bladngan thought for a while and began to create.

He granted the gnomes the will and ability to sing and dance and other artistic performances. He also granted the dwarves this, in part, but not much compared to that of the gnomes. But Duergar and Svirfneblin did not get these gifts, as they were dark creatures.

And Bladngan proceeded to explore the rest of this new world, and singing and dancing and composing songs about what he saw.

And he proceeded to create his very own beings. They consisted of humanoid creatures with sharp teeth. Their skin were tanned and their eyes either green and brown or red. Bladngan let these creatures be known as "Musicians".

The first thing these creatures did was to dance. They danced all over the world, through desert and over mountain before settleing in the great forest known as "Musica". These naked high figures danced all over the forest, forwards and backwards, up and down.

The next thing they discovered were singing. Soon, the trees of Musica echoed with the beautiful song of the Musicians.

The last thing they discovered were instruments, the flute, the jorb and many other.

Bladngan "sneezed" at what he had created, and proceeded his own dancing and singing.

2007-01-31, 01:21 PM
The Flames were at one of the deer burnings to their god when a group of Zijorns aproched. the Flames ignored the Zijorns untill the ceremony was over and then turned to face them. They falshed through a series of difrent colors and brightnesses in an obvious attempt to comunicate. when this didnt work one Flame stepped forward and pointed first at Lar, then in the direction of the deer, then at the fire, then at the ashes of the deer. when the bears still looked perplexed one of the Flames ran off to seek the help of Lar.

The Flame found Lar sitting at his seat contemplating new creations. as he aproched Lar he started flashing.

"lord Lar there are strange creatures at our borders, they walk like deer but are bigger, white and dont seem to understand what we are trying to tell them"

Lar say to the Flame"i will go speak with Ithasna"

so Lar seeks out Ithasna. First trying the north pole and searching from there. When he finds Ithasna he says "Ithasna your creatures have met mine but there is a problem, they cant communicate. I haven't figured out how to solve this problem, do you have any ideas?"

2007-01-31, 03:05 PM
Grufad noticed these strange, bear like creatures attempting to contact the Dwarves and Gnomes, as well as the Duegar and Svirfneblin. Going to Ithasna, he spoke, "Ithasna, are these Zijorns, these bear like creatures, yours? My own Dwarves, Gnomes, Duegar, and Svirfneblin cannot understand them, though even the Duegar and Svirfneblin understand that they are attemptign to come in peace."

2007-01-31, 03:26 PM
Bladngan noticed that the other gods' beings began to contact eachother. He decided that this was a good way of spreading the elements of music, dancing and singing, while he could relax himself and do these things himself.

But before doing this, he would have to make the musicians able to communicate with other creatures. Also, he would have to give them diplomatic skills. He would also need to have a place for meeting the other creatures.

So he gave a few of the musicians the ability to learn, and to speak, only with Bladngan and the other musicians for now.

He instructed the few, known as Learners, to learn the other musicians language and thinking themselves.

He then commanded them to build places to live in. And so, the musicians began to sing. They sung the grass from the ground and made them to "houses". But at the first windstrike, the houses fell apart, and the Learners cried because their creations were gone.

They then sung the earth itself from the ground and form it to huts. Until it began to rain, and once again their houses were ruined.

Bladngan saw that his people were in dire need of his help, so he came to them. He danced through the forests, dancing, singing and playing his instruments. Even the sounds of instruments not played filled the forest. The musicians followed him while dancing and singing and playing their own instruments. Bladngan stopped in a large clearing in the forest, right in the middle.

Here he sung and played, while the musicians danced and sung and played instruments in circles around him.

The trees in the clearing slowly began being less stable, until they no longer were a stable mass. These goos, former trees, crawled around the clearing, before lying still. Bladngan stopped playing, so did his beings. The goos slowly started taking the form of small huts, with terraces suitable for dancing.

And there was much rejoice. The musicians started dancing, singing and playing their instruments better than ever, then occupied the huts and danced the whole day.

Bladngan left the musicians for now. He was tired, and for the first time ever, he rested. At the same time, all the musicians became exhausted, and began to fall asleep where they stood.

(OOC: Should you wonder, there are only about 50 musicians right now)

2007-01-31, 04:29 PM
Meer-dar set himself away from the other Gods, only dwelling in a land of his own creation. Unlike that of the other Gods, his home was made of volcanic earth, and filled with horriblly destructive creatures. Thousands of his own creations toiled day in and day out building and adding on to his massive fortress. He was always amongst his people to ensure the fear of punishment worse than death.... Which he demonstrated daily.

His land was protected by three things, endless storms and catustrophic diasters, the lack of food, water, and other nurishment, and his horde as well as their warlord, himself.

2007-01-31, 04:52 PM
Ithasna looked upon the Zijorns as they stood, confused, near the Flames and the underground races. First, to Grufard, he said, "Yes, these creatures are mine. My apologies if they are causing any trouble. I will tell them to come home, if you'd like."

Then, turning to Lar, he said, "What we need is a language that all the races can learn, to make communication easier. But this is not my specialty." For a moment, Ithasna thought about the problem. "Perhaps we should consult Valkrath about this?"

2007-01-31, 05:23 PM
Slanil's attention was grabbed by the sound of the vibrating strings. And soon he sensed a major discord between creations and was thus drawn to the discussion on how to communicate.

His form shifted to a slighter, fairer form as she approached. "Might I suggest a language of images. It may not be the fastest, but can get an idea across."

And as she spoke those words softly, Slanil's hands twisted the multicolored thread together, and soon had the image of a Polar Bear, it's hand raised, staring into a thin layer of ice that a Flame was above.

2007-01-31, 05:57 PM
Ithasna nodded. "A language of images would do, for now. But how will they be able to use this language?" He gestures towards the Zijorns and Flames as he says this.

2007-01-31, 06:19 PM
"I agree, and i also have the same question as Ithasna."

while Lar and the other gods are talking the flames are still trying to communicate with gestures.

2007-01-31, 06:47 PM
Grufad hmmed deep in his throat. "This would be good, but in the long run I fear it insufficient, and perhaps easily misunderstood."

2007-01-31, 07:11 PM
Valkrath appeared. "Perhaps a language of telepathy? Allow me to demonstrate." ::Valkrath speaks to everyone there.:: "Do you hear me?"

2007-01-31, 07:41 PM
"Yes a telepathic language could work"

2007-01-31, 08:08 PM
Though not nearly ready for its main purpose, the nearly undetectable speck recieved enough of a jolt to its.........metabolism, for lack of a better term, to send out a message to all those around it, caused by the language barrier problem of which no one had an ultimate solution for. No, that isn't correct. The massive amount of gender-specific dieties gave the growing god the influence to be like them. He sent a message. In it was the concept of allowing others willingly accepting others into their cultures and in some cases, allowing intimacy (not that kind, you sickos!) to further acts of love which would lead to spiritual understanding. Athough even this answer was not the best one to confront this confusion, at least now became another option which was added to the cluster at present time.

2007-02-01, 10:29 PM
Valkrath went back to the Sun. The Warp and the Sun merged together, creating a powerful source of energy which gave birth to a society of humans. Humanity now channeled energy directly from the sun as a result of this, and the society now had a few thousand citizens. They were situated only a few hundred miles away from the Manicorns, and they had already met the Unicorns by now. Humanity, now known as the Chin, had developed a religion surrounding the gods of Culture, Wisdom, and the cycles of Life and Death. For now, the Chin had a culture dedicated to preserving life, learning maturity and resourcefulness, and cultivating the arts of manners and courtesy.

2007-02-01, 11:58 PM
Out of nothingness, a humanoid form emerged. With the sound of steel being drawn from a scabbard, Dios emerged into being, clad in shining bronze armor. Looking upon creation with his blue eyes, he had no desire to bring other life into being.

Looking around, he decided that floating in void would not do. With a wave of his hand, he conjured around him a grand hall, at one end of which was his majestic throne. But there was no one else present.

Stepping back out and looking upon the world, his ears detected the clash of battle. Down on the planet, a war was raging. He descended onto the planet, spotting a group of soldiers trapped on a hill. The enemy was closing in in great numbers, and the huddled men held their weapons tight and cursed at the fact that their prayers for salvation fell on deaf ears. But he was impressed at the fact that they were not afraid. By their dress and standards, he realized they were from a mercenary company.

Appearing suddenly, in his glory, above the hill, he set the surprised enemies to a rout, leaving only the shocked mercenaries standing on the hill, looking upwards to him in his glory. He spoke to them then.

"Brave Warriors. Your courage in the face of overwhelming numbers has impressed me. Take up my name, Dios, and go into every battle with the same bravery. For brave deeds, and brave deaths, you will be rewarded."

And so they went from that hill as his first worshipers, spreading his name wherever they fought, and began to earn a fearful reputation as men of bravery, savagery, and prowess.

2007-02-02, 06:53 PM
Ithasna wandered off, leaving the other gods to take care of the language problem. Eventually, he came upon humanity. He watched them from afar, intrigued. After a while, he left, with an idea for later in the back of his head. The god headed to the North Pole, creation on his mind.

With the basic design of the humans in mind, Ithasna began to create. A race of beings were made, that resembled humans, but much, much bigger. There skin was an icy white, and they were generally strong folk. Ithasna called them the frost giants. He smiled, pleased with his new creation.

However, the frost giants would not prove as easy to control as the Zijorns. They were willful, chaotic creatures, and some did not want to worship Ithasna. A large group of them, calling themselves the True Frost Giants, fled into the mountains. They were a hateful group, believing themselves superior to the other races and any frost giant not among them. They began to cause trouble, coming down from their mountains to raid the sentient races.

2007-02-03, 07:58 AM
Bladngan woke from his long sleep. He discovered that his creations had woken up much earlier.

He saw that they had in few days made superior advancement. They had, for a start, made their own currency. It was a dark wooden coin depicting Bladngan the day they saw him the first time, while he learned them how to build huts.

They had also evolved their own text, though not for writing messages, but for writing songs and music. The musicians would eventually have words for every single tune on every instrument invented yet.

They had also invented a couple of new instruments, like, for example, drums. Furthermore, they used their new currency to trade these instruments, and he saw that some of his people specialized in "singing" instruments out of the trees.

He smiled, he was happy. His people was evolved.

Suddenly, from the edge of the clearing in which the musicians had settled, came gigantic humanoid creatures. Their skin was icy white, and they were muscular. There were five of these beings. All the musicians in the town stopped what they were doing, to come out and look at these new creatures. Bladngan sensed something in his village and looked upon the world. He saw the frost giants and the musicians looking at each other, surprised. All of sudden the most forward frost giant picked up a musician and threw him away. The other frost giants crushed a building, and searched the ruins, while the musicians fled into the forest, screaming. The frost giants apparently found nothing of interest and fled in the same direction they came.

The musicians silently came back to the village, and saw the destroyed building, and the musician the giants had thrown.

The stood silently, looking at him. Why was he just laying there? They did not understand. Bladngan also wondered why and how the musicians could be sleeping, after having been thrown.

The other musicians let the thrown one lay there, thinking he might just be sleeping, and thus not disturbing him.

Bladngan was angry. It was clear that these brutal, gigantic beings was the work of Ithasna.

And thus Bladngan went to Ithasna in the cold north.

"What is this, Ithasna? Why are your people attacking the musicians and destroying their buildings? Have they no respect for happiness and song?" he asked.

2007-02-03, 06:21 PM
After a few years had gone by, The Deer had multiplied and had covered a large portion of the plains and Forests near the Flames and Dwarves. The Tigers had also multiplied, Their numbers had become a problem among the creatures of the world. Zitask had been thinking over these years, finnaly, she decided to share her ideas with the other gods. She told all the Gods to meet her above the northern pole of the of the world. "Fellow Gods, I have been thinking about the world we have created and provided for. I have been wondering, why can't we show ourselves to our lesser creatures? We could share our knowledge with them, help them against the growing threat of the Tigers. Even help them build civilizations. I would like Valkrath to help resach this idea, using The Warp, and the creatures using their mythology to help." Zitask looked around to see the reactions of the Gods.

2007-02-03, 08:09 PM
Ithasna turned to Bladngan. "I am sorry, but those creatures are difficult to control. They are chaotic and willful, and some of them, as you have seen, are evil." Ithasna sighed with regret. "What a terrible waste...my apologies about what they've done. I'm going to have to look in to a way of stopping their destructiveness.."

2007-02-03, 09:48 PM
A huge crystal appeared in nothingness. It was a perfect cube turned on its point, sparkling with all the colors of the rainbow. Then, all at once, it shattered, sending shards far and wide across the land. From the inside of the crystal emerged Pax.

Pax realized immediately that the crystals were in some way part of him. Looking down, he saw that there were huge shards embedded near the settlements of the mortals, and one huge crystal mountain directly underneath the noonday sun. He then realized that to teach others to master their inner selves, he must first find others to teach. Since he felt attuned to the crystals, he walked the world stepping from crystal to crystal, finding mortals to instruct. And it was right.

But something was not right. Though some studied and honed their bodies to be fine weapons and some mastered the way of enforcing their will on the world, none knew both. Pax needed a race to embody his teachings. So he created his own new life. Where clusters of crystals landed in rocks, the rocks took on life, and these new creatures which Pax named Mindborn all felt an affinity with the way of will through the crystals embedded in their flesh. So Pax gathered them together by the great crystal mountain which he named Mind's Razor, and set to teaching them.

2007-02-04, 11:43 AM
Lar turns to the other gods helping him solve the language problem.

"it would seem other creatures need a universal language, but i will leave you other gods to create it, Im no language god"

with that he turned and went back to his land. When he got there he saw the aproching frost giants, he waited to see what the Flames would do. The giants aproched and the flames tried their flashing visual language. the giants ignored that and tried to pick up a Flame. but they were to hot for the giants to pick up so the giant that tried to pick up the Flame swung the tree he was carrying at the Flame. the tree caught on fire but the flame was dead(not that it matters horribly, because when they die they are "reborn") the other Flames were angered and attacked the giants, the bows and swords burned the giants, who were hurt even more because they were from colder reagions. The giants turned and ran with the flames shooting their bows untill the giants were out of range.

Lar knew that this was the cold gods doing, but as he aproched he heard Ithasna explaining what happend to Bladngan. he turned back to his area and decided that his Flames needed more defense, so he made another 50 flames (total of 100). he also gave them the power to craft First Fire into more than wepons.

so the Flames created small dome shaped houses of First Fire and a Fires Fire currency that was based on the color and brightness of the coin.

2007-02-04, 04:05 PM
Ithasna turned to Bladngan. "I am sorry, but those creatures are difficult to control. They are chaotic and willful, and some of them, as you have seen, are evil." Ithasna sighed with regret. "What a terrible waste...my apologies about what they've done. I'm going to have to look in to a way of stopping their destructiveness.."

"An excuse was what I came for... But it would be regretfully if I would need to learn them warfare, somehow."

And thus, he went home to his people, the musicians. He saw that they had made a guild dedicated to making their dancing perfect.

But sorrow overwhelmed him when he saw the musician, which he knew was dead, but which his people did not. He sighed. He wished he could teach his people to reproduce, but he did not posses the powers to do so.

But soon he noticed something. The winds from the north pole had come to this part of the world. The musicians started to become slower, and they would stay inside most of the time.

He turned to Slanil

"Slanil, can you teach my people to weave clothes to protect them from the cold?"

(MusScribe, Slanil is the god of weaving, right?)

2007-02-05, 11:27 AM
Lirlehlis looked down upon all of the new forms of life that the busy gods had created. And he witnessed, too, the deaths of the musicians and the Flame at the hands of the frost giants.

Feeling the bewilderment of the musicians and pain of their creator, Bladngan, Lirlehlis spoke with Bladngan and said, "Bladngan, you understand that some of your creations have died, and you mourn. And I sense your musicians do not understand this concept of death. Let me teach them, so they may understand and increase their knowledge. It will be a painful knowledge, but in time it will help your musicians."

And so Lirlehlis went to Bladngan's musicians and gave them the knowledge of Life and Death which he had imparted on so many of the other creations already. And the musicians were sad. With this new emotion, Bladngan's musicians created some of the most beautiful music ever to be heard up to that point. And the music helped to ease their pain and remember the musicians who had died. The power of the music was such that Lirlehlis wondered at the musicians' ability to evoke such emotion and was much impressed by Bladngan's creations.

Then, Lirlehlis looked to the Chin. He noticed many of them worshipping the concepts of Life and Death and felt... pride. Their understanding of the value of Life and sanctity of Death gave him hope and also gave him the desire to continue his work. He had much respect for the god, Valkrath.

2007-02-05, 01:45 PM
"I thank you Lirlehlis, for teaching my people what to do and how to recognize the dead."

2007-02-17, 01:29 PM
Pax had taught his people well. They were very skilled in all three of the battle manifestations of inner control. But there was still one problem: He had had no new recruits of other races in years.
"What must I do to spread my teaching?" Pax asked the foremost telepath of his students, a gnome named Morgeth, one of the few non-mindborn among Pax's followers.
"Many are impressed only by battle. But there is nothing I have seen that is worth fighting."
"There is a god, Dios, who represents all that is chaotic and pointless violence. I hereby declare Holy War to remove this blot of chaos who defiles battle. You are declare Master Sight, Morgeth. I shall start a council of masters who will carry out this war."
This, Pax did. He appointed a mindborn monk Master Fist, a duergar swordsage Master Blade, and a mindborn shaper psion Master Mind. He created a crystal pathway near the hall of Dios, and the legions of Pax moved like a huge wolf-pack toward the halls of chaos's warriors.
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2007-02-17, 03:51 PM
(([Dr. Frankenstein]It's ALIVE![/Dr. Frankenstein]))

Looking out from his halls, Dios saw the hordes pour out from the crystal path. Smelling battle in the winds, he called out to his warriors.

"Courageous men of battle! A foolish god has declared war upon me! Come to where they attack, and push them back in my name! Blessings upon all who fight in this war!"

And his warriors came from far and wide, and the shouts of battle rang out from the fields where men fought and died for bravery and glory.

Dios gave all who came to fight access to his armory, wherein could be found an everlasting supply of arms.

But Dios realized that many of his followers came from far away, and would take time to reach the fields of battle, and that the forces of Pax were there already. So he forged out of bronze strong as steel a hundred giant metal warriors, with the strength of ten men each. He gave unto each of these golems a sword and sheild, and gave them animation, and placed them at his halls as sentries, to defend against any who would oppose his devotion to battle.

2007-02-18, 08:23 AM
Zitask had kept secret contact with each of the Races, from this, came the Assassin profession. The assassins became Mercanaries for both sides of the Conflict between Pax and Dios. Since Zitask had been in existance since the dawn of time, she had the Knowledge about how to wage a secret war, that she could influence from both sides, even though she wasn't friendly with either one. She had also learned how to see through her minions eyes, she could see everything the Tigers' saw, the Deer, and even those who had dedicated their life to serving her. She could now Spy on everything that happened in the world. Her influence had spread to every race and culture in the world, the promise of power had lured in those who wanted more, powerful, roles in life into her service.

Once the battle begins, or once they make contact with one another, Zitask will go into hiding and will be pulled into a trance, so that she may use her abilities.

2007-02-18, 10:54 AM
Meer-dar's army horde was large to say the least. All he had done since the dawn of time, while his enemies spent it talking of language and peace, the War God had built a fortress, and an army. Now covering all of his own land, Meer-dar watched with glee, hoping that someone would have the brains to bring him into the conflict. He would not come without invitation. It was rude.

2007-02-18, 11:54 AM
Valkrath continued to teach the Chin wisdom. The priests and mystics of the nation of Chin were prospering, and he hoped to make an example of an extraordinary ancient Empire with them.

2007-02-18, 02:41 PM
Fool. My soldiers of mind can shatter those golems.
"Emerald Dragon masters to the front! Harriers, avoid the golems!"
The small army pauses as the slowest troops move to the front. The Emerald Dragons are the vanguard, followed by the psions as heavy artillery, guarded by Sapphire Heart masters. Stone Body and Diamond Mind masters made up the flanks, while Ruby Wind and Amber Claws harried the enemy in small groups and Opal Mirror masters guarded the rear. Pax himself strode at the front of the army's main body.

(OOC: I've renamed the six schools available to swordsages: Emerald Dragon = Stone Dragon, Sapphire Heart = Iron Heart, Stone Body = Monk, Diamond Mind = Diamond Mind, Ruby Wind = Desert Wind, Amber Claws = Tiger Claw, and Opal Mirror = Setting Sun.
I was planning on this from the beginning, originally it would have been against Meer-Dar and have started much later.)

2007-02-28, 10:39 PM
((Sorry, it actually totally slipped my mind that you posted.:smalleek:))

Emerging from his hall, Dios marched at the head of his gathering army into battle. His forces were even then still outnumbered, but their ranks were swelling fast, and the bravery and tenacity of his warriors made them a match even for the psionically-powered warriors of the enemy. Charging into battle, Dios sought out his opponent Pax for single combat, a wordless, chaotic battle cry ringing out from his lips and thundering for miles around.

2007-03-05, 05:25 PM
Pax smiled as he watched as the flood of Dios's chaotic warriors crashed on the dam that was the Emerald Dragons. The Dragons formed a jagged formation, zig-zagging like the edge of a saw, marching forward to crush their enemies in the inner point of the V shape. The harriers crash inward from the sides, trying to push the horde toward charging the battle line to add force to the penetrating charge.

Then Pax heard Dios's screech, barely describable as a battle cry but clearly the sound of a god out for blood. Which suited him just fine.

He halts at the front of his battle lines, motioning toward his front line. A dent in the lines forms as two sides of a "V" gradually turn into a square, with walls on the back side and half the floor made of crystal rising quickly from the ground as Pax holds the breach against the mortal barbarians.
As it finishes growing and the sides also grow crystal walls, he steps back into the cavity and assumes a readied stance. He hurls a challenge to Dios: "Want a fight, Dios? Come and get one. Unless you want to surrender, of course. That would be understandable, because your horde certainly can't beat a true army of masters."

(OOC: For the effect of the Dragon formation v. barbarian charge, see Battle of Watling Street (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Battle_of_Watling_Street))

2007-03-06, 12:47 AM
((Yeah, but in that case each Roman soldier was already better than each barbarian, which helped. Dios' followers are highly skilled, hardy barbarians who know no fear.))

The two armies meet with a thunderous crash. Dios' barbarians rush headlong into the fray, grinning madly as they attack the enemy with murderous intensity. Wielding all manner of weaponry, they fight until their weapons are broken, then leap at the enemy soldiers and engage them in hand-to-hand combat to kill them and take their weapons. Hulking barbarians lash out with an ogre's strength and become whirling tornadoes of death. Mad sorcerers dash about the battlefield, dealing death with spells and giggling with murderous pleasure.

A sizable company of mercenary cavalry, enraged at having arrived late to the battle, crest a hill to the left flank of Pax's forces and charge headlong, lances extended.

Dios holds his gleaming bronze sword high, his muscles rippling as he leaps into direct combat with Pax.
"You will find more masters among my followers than you at first think, fool. Now, let us see how you match up for a true warrior in single combat!"
Holding his shield out, Dios swings his sword, aiming to cut Pax diagonally across the chest.

2007-03-22, 05:15 PM
Alope opened his eyes and wondered, for he was strong,and the air gave him comfort. He looked down at his body, and saw that he was nothing, just a ripple in the air. he looked up and saw that a storm was raging above him.
He drew the clouds to him and made a body, or more correctly armor, hanging on the air...no, him.Alope wore chain-mail on cloudstuff. he called down the power of the sky, which manifested itself as lightning. he shaped the power into a fitting form, a spiked ball and chain, and a fan of cloudstuff. he cried out giving voice to the sky. then he melted away, to observe the world.

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Anonymous Man
2008-10-03, 05:35 PM
Morlinor opened his eyes and saw the war between Dios and Pax, the war which had summoned him into existence. He appeared as an empty suit of black gentleman's clothes, and a top hat. But he knew that he was not yet ready to ease his purpose, that of death. So Morlinor first sought out Lerlehlis, and spoke with him. Lerlehlis, I propose an alliance, for it seems our purposes are similar.